• Student Quarantine / Frequently Asked Questions

    Information on this page will be updated as needed based on new information as it becomes available.

    What do the new CDC quarantine protocols mean for my students?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revised its guidelines for individuals who may have been exposed to the coronavirus. The Tennessee Health Department and the Knox County Health Department have also adopted these new quarantine protocols. This means that our students and staff will now only be required to quarantine for a minimum of 10 days; however, parents will still have the option to keep their child home for 14 days. Additionally, students and staff may return to the school building after seven days with a negative COVID test taken after the fifth day of quarantine.

    If your student was quarantined prior to this new guidance and you would like for your child to return after the 10th day, please call your student’s school.

    What does quarantine mean?

    Quarantine is used to keep close contacts of infected individuals (within six feet of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period) away from people who have not been exposed in order to slow the spread of the disease. Students who have been exposed may become infectious at any time within 14 days of their last exposure to an individual with COVID-19. Household contacts of COVID-19 positive individuals may be required to quarantine for a longer period of time, depending upon the circumstances.

    If your child must quarantine, it means your child should stay home and stay away from people, to the extent possible. If your child must leave home, they should wear a cloth face covering or mask, remain at least six feet from others and, if seeking medical care, notify the facility prior to their arrival that they are currently in quarantine for COVID-19.

    I’ve been contacted by a school nurse or the Knox County Health Department with news that my child has been quarantined from school. What are my next steps?

    If your child has been identified as a close contact for COIVD-19 exposure and must quarantine, you will get a phone call to come pick up your child from school. You will also receive an exposure letter that includes a return-to-school date. During the quarantine, your child will not be allowed on school campuses and will not be allowed to participate in sports or extracurricular activities. Your child’s principal/teacher will communicate expectations for online learning during this time.

    How will my child receive instruction while quarantined?

    All students must sign in and complete assignments provided to them through KCS online platforms, including Canvas and Microsoft Teams.

    Who do I contact if I am having difficulty supporting online learning for my quarantined student?

    If parents or guardians are having difficulty supporting your student during online learning, you are encouraged to reach out to your child's teacher first. Depending upon the need, there is support from the IT department help line at (865) 594-8410, the school guidance counselor, the EdTech liaison at the school, the school principal, and others. The teacher can begin the process to offer support once the specific need is identified.

    Who do I contact if I need help with Internet access at my home?

    In order to best use your laptop, it is very important that your home has access to the. A customer service line for assisting families with accessing affordable Internet services at home can be reached at (865) 594-4484. Additionally, our Internet at home flyer has a list of service providers that may be available in your area.

    As a parent, how do I get support for Canvas?

    You can find information about Chromebooks, Microsoft Teams, and Canvas at knoxschools.org/techhelp. Click on “I’m a parent / guardian” to find an introductory flier and slide presentation, along with a series of videos about topics including monitoring your child’s learning and remote learning tips for parents.

    That page also includes a troubleshooting document with common problems related to Canvas and possible solutions.

    What steps must be taken before bringing my child back to school after the quarantine period has ended? 

    If your child has been quarantined, you should receive an exposure letter from their school or from the Tennessee Department of Health with a date that they can return to school. Your student should bring that letter with them on their first day back after the quarantine period.

    Will my child be counted absent during the quarantine period? 

    Attendance will be taken daily during the quarantine. This will be confirmed when your child signs into the district’s online platforms and completes assignments provided to them.

    If my child is quarantined because of a potential exposure to COVID-19, can my other children who live in the house still attend school?

    If a student is quarantined because of a potential exposure, their siblings who live in the same house can still attend school. However, if a student tests positive for COVID-19, other members of their household must also quarantine. 

    My special-education student has been quarantined, how will I receive information about their specific needs? 

    Your child’s case manager will reach out with additional information related to their instruction during the quarantine period.

    My ELL student has been quarantined, how will I receive information about their specific needs? 

    Your child’s case manager will reach out with additional information related to their instruction during the quarantine period.