• If This, Then That: Technology Troubleshooting

    Common Problems

    Possible Solutions

    Do not see the class course card in the Canvas dashboard

    Contact the teacher to make sure that the student is a member of the class (via the People section of their course). If not, the teacher will need to add student using their s####@student.knoxschools.org and select email address). Student will need to accept invitation.

    If the student is a member and cannot see card view, change view.


    Do not see the class course card in the Canvas dashboard

    Check to ensure you are using Card view on the Dashboard.


    Google doc submissions in Canvas are not viewable by the teacher

    Check share settings on the Google document to ensure your teacher can view the document or click.

    Change Link to Knox County Schools, so that anyone in KCS with the link can view or edit.


    Grades in Canvas do not match what is in Aspen

    Aspen is the official grade book for KCS. Just as some assignments completed in class may be entered in the grade book and some may only be for feedback, not all Canvas assignments are entered in Aspen nor are all Aspen grades a Canvas assignment.


    Cannot see videos or documents shared from Google, in Canvas


    Get a green screen while in a Microsoft Teams meeting

    There is a possible weak internet signal for the student. Student may move closer to router or a place in the home with a stronger signal.


    Cannot see the Teacher on Teams meetings

    Students should check for connectivity issues and try to log out and log back in.

    Student can Pin the Teacher.


    Logging into a Teams meeting as a Guest

    Only students should be logging into Microsoft Teams. Please do not use other accounts to log in.

    If students are logged in as a guest, please check to ensure you are logged into Teams through the web app under the student.knoxschools.org bookmark.

    Check with your teacher to ensure you are a member of the Team.


    Clicking on chat on the left instead of from the tool bar in Teams meetings

    Students need to log into conversation associated with that meeting.


    Cannot see all of the tool bar

    The tool bar adjusts to the size of the screen. Students can either expand the screen or select the ellipsis (three dots) to see all the options.


    Needs closed captions in Teams meetings

    Captions are only available when using the Google Play Teams app. If you require caption support, make sure your teacher is aware so that he/she can make sure you are assigned a newer (not blue) Chromebook so you can use the Play store application.

    Closed Captions Instructions.


    Cannot hear sound in teacher’s shared content in Team meetings

    Check to be sure that your volume is turned up. Inform your teacher that you cannot hear.


    Cannot log into Canvas, Google, or Microsoft Teams

    Contact teacher to request a password reset.

    Contact teacher to ensure that student is a member of the course(s) and the course(s) are activated.


    Connection issues

    1. On the Chromebook login as the student.
    2. Click the time at the bottom right.
    3. Click on the gear icon (settings).
    4. Click Network on the left.
    5. Click Wi-Fi.
    6. Click the triangle that points to the right for your Wi-Fi.
    7. Open the Network tab (half way down the page).
    8. Change Name Servers from “Automatic name servers” to “Google name servers”.

    If you have two wi-fi networks (2g and 5g, for example) in your home, then you may need to go through these instructions for both networks.


    Not able to connect or stay connected

    Check internet connection at home; sit near router at home, turn-off other devices that are being streamed at the same time (Netflix, etc).