• July 9, 2020

    Dear KCS families,

    Earlier this year, the Board of Education approved a 1:1 plan that will make a Chromebook computer available to every KCS student, starting in August. 

    This initiative was made possible by federal funding provided through the CARES Act, and I’m very excited about the opportunities it will provide to enhance our work of teaching and learning.  

    Information regarding device deployment can be found on our website, www.knoxschools.org/chromebooks, and you will receive additional details later this month.

    Beginning on July 17, Chromebook registration forms will be available online, and paper forms will be available at schools beginning on July 24. Once that form is submitted, each student’s base school will contact them with details about how and when the devices will be distributed. The Chromebooks will be provided free of charge, but families will have the opportunity to buy insurance for $30.

    Our hope is that by making computers available to every student, the district will have more flexibility to continue teaching even during unusual circumstances, such as a weather event or a closure due to illness. Equally important, I believe that making computers available to our students will more fully prepare them to succeed in a world where technology plays such an important role.

    Nothing can match the impact of a teacher in a classroom, and a Chromebook can never replace an educator. But I also believe that outstanding teachers can be even more effective when their students have cutting-edge tools, and that’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity. 

    Please be on the lookout for all the details about this program and, as always, thank you for your support of Knox County Schools!