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    The 2023-2024 Transfer Window is now OPEN!


    The 2023-2024 Transfer Window is open from 8am on Monday, October 2, 2023, and close at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

    Those wishing to apply for student transfer may do so during the Transfer Window in the following ways:

    1. By Applying Online
    2. By downloading and printing a pdf transfer application which you can then submit to the Enrollment Department after completion.
    3. In person by completing and submitting a transfer request form at the Enrollment Department in the UT Tower 400 W Main Street.

    Austin-East High School Green Magnet Academy Beaumont Magnet Academy Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Technology Academy Vine Middle Magnet School L&M Stem Academy Fulton High School Career Magnet Academy


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. What is a Magnet School?

    A. Magnet Schools can be defined as schools that provide unique learning opportunities in a specific area or theme not offered at other Knox County Schools.

    Q. Do I have to pay to send my child to a School of Choice?

    A. No. Magnet Schools are part of the Knox County School System. There is no tuition cost to the student.

    Q. What commitment do parents have to make for their children to attend a Magnet School?

    A. There is overwhelming evidence that parental involvement has a direct connection to a student's success. Upon acceptance, parents are asked to make a commitment to their children's academics, attendance, and behavior.

    Q. Who may apply?

    A. All out-of-zone students interested in any of the unique programming at a Magnet School may apply during the Application and Transfer Period. In-zone students automatically receive a seat in the Magnet School in which they are zoned.