Transportation Department

  • Bus Transportation

    Knox County Schools contracts with independent service providers operating more than 335 buses on all instructional days and traveling in excess of 3,000,000 miles each school year.


    Transportation Eligibility 

    Students in grades K-5 residing greater than one mile from their zoned school, by the shortest route, are eligible.
    Students in grades 6-12 residing greater than one and one-half miles from their zoned school, by shortest route, are eligible.
    Approximately 42,800 students reside outside the Parent Responsibility Zone (PRZ) and are eligible for transportation services.


    Additional Resources

    Please check the left hand panel for information regarding bus stop locations, school zones, school bus safety, and much more.

Bus Drivers of the Year Nomination Form

  • This award will recognize and honor five (5) Knox County Bus Drivers who display the highest degree of professionalism, safety, and courtesy in performing their jobs. The drivers of the year operate in a safe manner on the public roads, enhance the public image of the school bus driver industry, and make positive contributions to the community. Click the button below to nominate a deserving driver.

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