Humanities Department

  • Our Mission
    To implement rigorous, high standards of integrated teaching and learning in all Humanities content areas that will enhance 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration and prepare students for a globally diverse and technologically sophisticated world.

    Our Goals
    • Humanities will be an integrated part of the Knox County Schools 5 year plan
    • Recruit, and retain high quality teachers in all content areas in Humanities
    • Support Common Core integrated instruction and high academic achievement
    • Promote student and teacher capacity for inquiry and cross-curricular self-reflection
    • Prepare students for a global, diverse and technologically sophisticated world
    • Promote lifelong appreciation for the arts and culture
    • Cultivate inclusive learning environments that engage diverse ideas, expression, practices and values.
    • Promote imaginative curiosity and creativity

    Humanities in Knox County Schools
    Where we reach and teach the humanity in every child!!

    The Humanities Department in Knox County Schools includes Art, Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Physical Education, Health and Wellness, and World Languages. Click on the links to the left to go to each of these department's web pages.

    The value of Humanities education is often phrased in enrichment terms—helping kids find their voice, rounding out their education and tapping into their undiscovered talents. This is true, but as it is also an effective tool in integrating all areas of the curriculum for school-wide achievement. Humanities Education reaches the “human side” of every student, encouraging and developing important 21st century skills such as creativity, innovation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  When parents encourage their child to participate in band, take a second world language, participate in a community 5 K run, or sing in the school choir, they are promoting the Humanities and skills to be a productive citizen and life-long learner.

    To effectively compete in the global economy, business leaders are increasingly looking for employees who are creative, collaborative and innovative thinkers. A greater investment in the Humanities is an effective way to equip today’s students with the skills they will need to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow.

    When we support Humanities, 
    we support exciting possibilities!

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Humanities Support Staff

  • Angie Satterfield

    Administrative Secretary
    Humanities Department  
    Andrew Johnson Building
    12th Floor
    (865) 594-2975 Office
    (865) 594-3659 Fax