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    Empower students to communicate in and connect to our complex world.

The Importance of Language in a Global Society

  • Due to increasing connectedness of international communities through perpetually changing media combined with the creation and rapid expansion of new environments, this generation of students must prepare for communication in contexts beyond those currently known. World Language education transcends the traditional expectations of communication to meet these challenges. Studying a World Language equips our students to effectively communicate with diverse audiences in boundless environments. Education in World Language prepares students to negotiate new ideas and knowledge and develop intercultural understanding as they encounter these new contexts. To navigate these expanded opportunities students must develop cultural awareness and linguistic skills. Research shows students who acquire a second language experience increased academic achievement, higher test scores, and enhanced cognitive skills (consult ACTFL or CAL for a list of related studies). Our WL teachers develop instruction to prepare students to live in such a multilingual and multicultural world. 

Our Department

  • More than eighty World Language teachers fulfill a wide variety of instructional roles across the district. WL educators are dedicated to providing authentic, relevant, and high-quality instruction with an emphasis on communication in the target language for real-world application. High schools and most middle schools throughout the district offer course progressions in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Outside the classroom, our dedicated WL teachers share their expertise  and professional experiences by leading high-quality professional learning opportunities, participating in language tables outside of school, presenting at professional conferences, and much more! 

World Language Professional Learning Opportunities

  •   School Year 2019-2020

     District Learning Days
    November 5, 2019
    8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. @ Central HS
     July 30, 2019 @ HVA
    Sessions shared by presenters can be found on the professional development page.
    World Language 4th Tuesdays @ Fulton HS
    September 24, 2019
    October 22, 2019
    January 28, 2020
    February 25, 2020
    March 24, 2020
    April 28, 2020
    For additional professional learning strands in SY1920, check MyLearningPlan.

World Language Specialist

  • bobbie davenport

    Darlene Davenport 

    World Language Specialist
    World Language Office
    Suite 1019
    912 S. Gay Street
    Knoxville Tn, 37902

    (865) 594-1737


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