Knox County Schools

  • At Knox County Schools we strive to provide those educational experiences that develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes students will need to be successful members of both our local and the larger global communities. We recognize that the world is a changing and dynamic place, and our approach to providing education must constantly be reviewed and adapted to insure we are providing our students the skills they will require to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

    In addition to providing sound elementary and middle level education, which includes grounding in the arts as well as basic core subjects, KCS also offers a secondary curriculum which provides opportunities for students in college preparation, the arts, and a wide variety of vocational subject areas.

    Our school system is served by over 7,000 dedicated men and women who are committed to providing all of our children an exceptional education in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Parental involvement is also key to our success. We encourage parents to be involved in their school at all levels, and there are many very active parent organizations throughout the county that contribute immeasurably to the success of our schools.

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