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    Just follow these easy instructions to get the app.

    • Search “SafeStop” on your Apple or Android device to download the free app. You can also access SafeStop on the web at safestopapp.com.
    • Select “Create Account”, enter your information, and search for your school or district using your ZIP/Postal Code.
    • Locate and select Knox County Public Schools from the list provided.
    • Enter in at least one valid Student ID to complete your secure registration.
    • Don’t know your Student ID? Please reach out to your school administrators.

    Welcome back! Now, let’s get your account back online.

    Log in to your SafeStop account then click “Reactivate Your Account.” From there, just enter your postal code, select Knox County Public Schools, and re-enter your Student IDs to successfully renew your account for the year.
    Once you log in to your account, select “Add A Bus Stop” and search using your home address. A list of routes with nearby bus stops will appear. Select the desired route and bus stop for your child’s morning and afternoon bus stop.

    If you have multiple children, repeat this process for each of their bus stops. Tap the check mark in the top-right corner to return to your Account home screen.

    NOTE: SafeStop relies on information provided by the transportation department. Use the Report An App Issue feature to report inaccurate route information.

    Each bus stop features a Bus Locator button and a Scheduled Arrival Time. In most cases, an Estimated Time of Arrival will appear once we confirm the route is being performed as planned.

    The Alerts & Messaging Center is located in the top right corner of the app, which contains messages and updates from your transportation department.
    For additional help, email us at support@SafeStopApp.com or call (800) 843-8936. Report An App Issue: Tap the Settings Icon and select Report An App Issue.

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