The Knox County Blended Preschool Program is available at 8 sites in 13 classrooms across the district. These classes are inclusive/blended education classes for children ages 3-5. Up to eight peer models will be placed at each site to serve as peer helpers and models to students with disabilities. The blended preschool classroom is a structured teaching environment where students with disabilities and peer models learn together in a classroom that is staffed with one special education teacher and at least one educational assistant. The Knox County Schools Blended Preschool Program is a high-quality program that offers preschoolers, with and without disabilities, challenging experiences through a language-rich curriculum. All Knox County Schools preschool classrooms follow the Highscope curriculum, a language rich curriculum that focuses on whole child development. More information about the Highscope curriculum can be found at www.highscope.org. The peer model application process is not intended for students identified with having an educational disability.