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  • Auxilium House

    Dolphins have been known to assist drowning people and protect troubled sea life. They teach us to not only save ourselves, but to protect others in need. Similarly, it is our goal that our students will learn to protect their peers by putting others before themselves.

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  • Amicus House

    Dolphins are very social animals that live in groups or pods. They communicate with one another and remember the sound "signatures" of others for many years. Similarly, it is our goal that our students will learn to communicate with one another, working together to accomplish the same goal.

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  • Fidelis House

    Dolphins are known for the strong relationships they build with one another, as well as with humans. They form close relationships that span long lengths of time. Similarly, it is our goal that our students will learn to work together to form strong bonds of support and encouragement with one another.

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  • Ipsum House

    Dolphins not only have the great ability to learn, they also have the ability to teach that knowledge to others. Similarly, it is our goal that our students will learn to work together by teaching and inspiring one another.

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  • 524 Students

    Our students excel inside and outside the classroom, and Dogwood Elementary School is committed to providing them with the instruction, resources and support they need to achieve their goals. Investing in students not only helps them as individuals but also ensures a vibrant future for all of Knox County.

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  • 100 Staff

    Teachers, principals and support staff are the driving force behind our educational mission. Dogwood Elementary School is committed to fostering a workplace culture that values employee contributions, equips employees to meet their professional goals and supports employees in the work of teaching and learning.

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  • 1 Community

    1 Community

    The work of education requires support from the entire community, and Dogwood Elementary is committed to partnering with businesses, nonprofits, civic clubs, religious organizations and other groups that want to invest their time, talent and resources in students.

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  • Our mission is to develop and employ a positive learning environment that motivates all children to reach their greatest potential educationally and socially. 

  • KCS Mission
    To provide excellent and accessible learning opportunities that empower all students to realize their full potential.