What is TPaCK?

    From Wikipedia: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a framework to understand and describe the kinds of knowledge needed by a teacher for effective pedagogical practice in a technology enhanced learning environment. The idea of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) was first described by Lee Shulman (Shulman 1986) and TPACK builds on those core ideas through the inclusion of technology. Punya Mishra, professor, and Matthew J. Koehler, professor, both at Michigan State University, have done extensive work in constructing the TPACK framework. TPACK.org is an active repository of news and information about TPACK.

TPaCK Coaches

  • Elementary

    Beaumont- Dave Brooks
    Bonny Kate - Matt Pickwell
    Chilhowee- Joanna Hood
    Corryton - Gayla Henderson
    East Knox- Kilie Pennington
    Green - Aaron Moody
    Halls - Stephanie Hall
    Norwood - Tammy Drake

    Middle Schools

    Bearden- Jennifer Pace
    Carter- Angie Manis
    Gresham- Brad Cain
    Holston - Kelley Corum
    Northwest- Danielle Harrison
    South-Doyle- Brittany Burgess
    Vine- Julianne Brandt
    West Valley- Brian Jones
    Whittle Springs- Lauren White

    High Schools  

    South-Doyle- Matthew Davidson