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    Services Provided

    • Assist non/limited English-speaking families with the enrollment process of students new to Knox County Schools from across the state, across the country, across the world
    • Assist non/limited English-speaking families with students currently enrolled in Knox County Schools with the enrollment process if or when a family moves into a new school zone within the Knox County Schools District
    • Orientation to Knox County Schools for students and parents - district policies and procedures
    • Provide language support to bridge the communication gap between non/limited English-speaking families and schools/district
    • Referrals to support services include: Adult ESL, Citizenship Classes, Health Clinics and more


    The languages represented by our exceptional team of Family Community Liaisons are listed below. Requests for support regarding all other languages as well as S-Team, IEP, 504 and/or disciplinary meetings will need to be directed to Student Support Services utilizing the CI-224 Form:

    • Arabic
    • French
    • Kinyarwanda
    • Kirundi 
    • Mayan (Akateco and Q'anjob'al)
    • Persian (Dari/Farsi) 
    • Spanish 
    • Swahili


    Please note that the Request for Family Community Liaison Online Form is routed directly to the assigned Family Community Liaison and the CI-224 is to be submitted to Student Support Services and they will facilitate the request.

    Staff Forms 

    » Family Community Liaisons are currently off contract until July 25th. The request link will be reactivated at that time. Please honor their contracted time off and refrain from emailing them directly since this link is currently unavailable. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    » CI-224 - Request Interpreter/Translation Service Online Form (Student Support Services)

    ***Please note that requests routed via the CI-224 online form are directed to and fulfilled by Student Support Services***
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