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  • Some information about our courses...

    World Languages courses are taught sequentially and as a result, students must complete each level with a passing grade before enrolling in the next level. Each class offers one unit of credit. Two units of the same World Language are required for graduation in Tennessee unless a waiver is signed and other credit requirements are met. 
    For middle school students enrolled in first year high-school credit-bearing WL courses, it is important to note that the expectations for those classes are the same as the high school courses. In addition, the grades earned in those classes do appear on students' academic rosters and all students take the same local World Languages EOCs. Some of our middle schools also offer WL Exploratory Classes that provide an introduction to the language and culture studied; these classes are NOT high-school credit classes. Click to read the descriptions of the exploratory classes. 
     AP and pre-AP WL courses (Level IV Honors) follow the themes and expectations outlined by the College Board. Although schools vary in terms of which specific languages are taught, our district as a whole offers both regular and Honors classes in levels I through Advanced Placement.
    We would like to recognize our curriculum committee members for their dedication, professionalism, and hard work on this endeavor! Please note that these frameworks and modules were created by our KCS teachers.
    If you encounter difficulty accessing links on this page, please refer to the WL Canvas courses to access the materials.

WL Course Performance Targets