To obtain a copy of your high school transcript:

  •       You will need:

    • Full name at graduation (include maiden if married)
    • Name of High School
    • Year of Graduation or last year attended
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Current home address
    • Mailing Address
    1. Recent Graduates: - within the last five years:
    Please contact the school from which you graduated.
    2. Older Graduates - For records older than five years:
    Please order the transcript from the Knox County Government Department of Records.

    Mailing Address: (Be sure to include complete information and payment of $5.00 check or money order.
    Knox County Government Department of Records
    1000 N. Central Street
    Knoxville, TN 37917

    You may fax the information at (865) 215-5665
    or call (865) 215-5657 for information.

    There will be a $5.00 charge for the transcript.
    3. For all GED graduates:

    Diploma Sender

    •Frequently Asked Questions      

    Effective July 22, 2015, Knox County Schools will no longer provide HiSET or GED records and transcripts.  If you wish to obtain a copy of your transcript or diploma, you will need to order it through Diploma Sender.

    How much does it cost to order a copy of my diploma or transcripts?

    If you completed the HiSET or GED before July 22, 2015, the cost will be $17.00 per document.

    If you completed the HiSET or GED after July 22, 2015, you are eligible to receive one free copy of your diploma and your transcripts.  You are also eligible to have one additional copy of each sent to the post-secondary institution of your choice.

    How do I order online?

    To place an order online:

    ·       Log in to to place an order for your diploma or transcript.

    ·       Create a new account to begin the ordering process.

    ·       You may contact customer service at (855) 876-3774 with any questions or concerns.

    How do I order by phone?

    If you would rather place an order by phone, you may do so by calling (855) 313-5799.

    ·       An additional charge of $6.00 will be assessed on all phone orders.

    ·       Hours of operation are from 8:30AM to 6:00PM Central Standard Time.

    How can I pay for my documents?

    You may use any of the following forms of payment:

    ·       Money Order

    ·       Visa

    ·       Mastercard

    ·       Discover

    Please note that Diploma Sender encourages customers to pay with a credit or debit card.  Although it is perfectly acceptable to pay with a money order, it will take longer to process your order – meaning it will take longer for you to receive your transcripts or diploma.