• World Language Goals

    Knox County World Language teachers empower students to communicate in and connect to our complex world.

    The World Languages Department strives to educate and motivate students to become global citizens in an increasingly complex and changing world through the study of languages and cultures other than their own.

    We believe that:

    • Exposure to world languages strengthens and broadens students’ academic performance across subjects.
    • Communicating across cultures is imperative in today's society.
    • Ability to communicate in a variety of languages increases job and leadership opportunities.
    • Exposure to a variety of cultures and languages enriches lives.
    • Learning another language increases academic achievement through critical-thinking and problem-solving.


    World Language teachers will:

    • Model good communication strategies in all interactions with all stakeholders.
    • Communicate in the Target Language using Comprehensible Input strategies.
    • Provide authentic, relevant materials at the appropriate levels.
    • Align instruction and assessment to proficiency-based performance goals through meaningful, real-world interactions, including written and oral communication.
    • Incorporate a variety of media to enhance communication and interactions in the target language and culture.
    • Participate in professional learning opportunities in local, state, and national learning communities.


    World Language students will be able to: 

    • Comprehend and interpret authentic materials at their appropriate levels of proficiency.
    • Present relevant written and oral material at appropriate proficiency levels using multiple media.
    • Communicate effectively with diverse audiences in various real-world situations in diverse environments.
    • Make connections between their world and other cultures and civilizations.