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    Interactive Panel Installation

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  • SS Professional Development Technology Center
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    Schools Completed: 85

    Panel Installation Average per Day: 25

    3760 panels in 151 workdays

    (Project completed on 2/17/2023)

  • Phase 1 (Summer)

    July 1 - July 31: Panel installation during the day over the last month of Summer Break.


    Phase 2 (Night Shift)

    August 1 - September 30: Panel installation at night (2:30 pm - 10:00 pm) with teachers and students returning to the school building for the school year.


    Phase 3 (Night Shift with Regional Groupings)

    October 1 - February: From this point until the end of the project, the installers will continue to work on night shift and also complete schools that are regionally grouped. The schools are placed in order of installation and will be assigned an Estimated Start Date 30 days out.

  • Phase 4 (Cleanup and Completion)

    February: After the last school (Farragut HS) has been installed, then the team will circle back and finalize the installation at a handful of schools. At that point, all K - 12 classrooms will be installed with a modern interactive touch panel.