Network Infrastructure

  • Our Mission 

    The Network Team's mission is to ensure that network connectivity is available for all Knox County School users.  Our highest priority is to maintain functionality and efficiency for all users and applications of the network covering more than 100 locations.

    What we do: 

    • Repair network outages
    • Remotely monitor network stability
    • Remotely maintain network functionality
    • Install and configure new network electronics
    • Plan network upgrades
    • Upgrade network electronics in conjunction with the Federal eRate program
    • Maintain point of contact status with our Internet Service Provider
    • Install and test the network infrastructure for new construction projects
    • Install and troubleshoot wireless networking devices
    • Train users on network topics
    • Work in conjunction with IT staff on technology issues pertaining to the network
    • Help assure that policies and procedures are maintained throughout Knox County Schools

    Network Monitoring

    The network team monitors outages for all schools, however If your school network goes down, we want to get it working again as quickly as possible. Immediately call the IT Help Desk at 594-1830.

    Request new network drops or connectivity

    If you need new network outlets installed in your school, please create a SchoolDude ticket and provide detailed information about purpose for the room (i.e. new lab with 15 machines, etc.).

    Network Phones/VOIP

    There are many locations with phones on the network, at this time please continue to submit SchoolDude tickets to the network queue with VoIP category.


  •  Erminger  

    Michael Erminger

    Network Administrator 
    Jacob Moore  

    Jacob Moore

    Network Administrator
    Steve Jeroutek  

    Art O'brien

    Network Administrator 
    Steve Jeroutek  

    Steve Jeroutek

    Network Administrator