• Vape Free Logo Student Led Anti-Vaping Public Service Announcement (PSA)

    Students from across Knox County Schools are invited to enter into the Anti-Vaping Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video Contest.


    To encourage middle and high school students to submit a video addressing the dangers and negative effects of vaping and ways to avoid peer pressure. The video should be about the dangers of vaping, highlighting at least one consequence that will result from the choice of vaping. Videos will be judged by creativity, content, production, and quality.

    Video Information

    Movie film, Animation, stop-motion graphics, live-action, interview style, silent film with posters, be CREATIVE! The official entry form must be signed by the student and a parent/legal guardian.


    This contest is open to all 6th-12th grade Knox County School students. Students can enter the contest on their own or as a group; however, students may only participate in ONE entry.  If a student in any way participates in more than one PSA video, these entries will not be considered for evaluation and prizes.  All entries must be received by noon on February 28, 2020 to be eligible for prizes.


    • All submissions must have a title.  
    • All submissions must be 60-180 seconds in length.
    • All submissions must address at least 2 health dangers (physical, emotional, social, psychological) associated with vaping. 
    • Submissions may NOT include youth or individuals vaping or using tobacco products. No vaping or tobacco products or paraphernalia may be displayed.
    • Submissions may NOT include ANY copyrighted music, audio/video clips, characters, logos, or other protected material. Videos may include music only if it is considered “open source” music, or if it is composed and played by a student (or students) in the group.
    • Complete and submit the Official Entry Form below.

    Evaluation and Prizes

    All submissions will be reviewed by an expert judging panel, with cash prizes going to:

    1st 1,000                2nd $500                   3rd $250                           Honorable Mention going to 4th and 5th place

    The winning PSA videos will be featured on the KCS website, the SMOKIES Baseball game on May 6 and many other opportunities too exciting to mention!


    Email Ramona Dew - ramona.dew@knoxschools.org

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