projectU is student created, student led initiative that grew out of a Hardin Valley Academy Leadership class. The focus remains on positively impacting school culture through intentional inclusion of all students. Activities across the district encourage students to be kind, accept others, and be responsible for their actions. Each middle and high school projectU leadership team consists of diverse group of students.  The team will inspire students to be leaders in their schools by encouraging positive behaviors of kindness and discouraging the negative impact of bullying in their sphere of influence.  
  •  projectU Youth Summit 2019

    We are excited to announce that the projectU Youth summit is coming up on October 21 for middle school teams and October 22  for high school teams. Students from all over Knox County Schools will unite together to be inspired, empowered and equipped to positively impact their school culture.  They will hear an motivational message and be challenged to be the momentum for building a positive culture of kindness in their school. They will return to their schools to continue or begin initiatives at their school.