• Gifted and Talented

    The Gifted and Talented Department works to create resources and activities to help classroom teachers meet the needs of our advanced learners. An emphasis is placed on student products and maintaining stimulating classroom environments with academic rigor for our advanced and gifted learners.

  • Gifted and Talented Leadership

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  • Gifted and Talented Staff

Name Title Email
Tiffany Nicely Lead GT Coach tiffany.nicely@knoxschools.org
Meredith Whaley GT Coach meredith.whaley@knoxschools.org
Kelly Clemmer GT Coach kelly.clemmer@knoxschools.org
Suzanne Rodger GT Coach suzanne.rodger@knoxschools.org
Beth Millirons GT Coach beth.millirons@knoxschools.org
Brandy Veosmith GT Coach brandy.veosmith@knoxschools.org
Jean Terry GT Coach jean.terry@knoxschools.org
Jessica Everitt GT Coach jessica.everitt@knoxschools.org
Laura Burgard GT Coach laura.burgard@knoxschools.org
Cara Wright GT Coach cara.wright@knoxschools.org
Suzanne Richards GT Coach suzanne.richards@knoxschools.org
Shayna Holmes GT Coach shayna.holmes@knoxschools.org
Tiersha Adkins GT Coach tiersha.adkins@knoxschools.org