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    Camp is about having fun, trying new things, and connecting with friends. That’s what KCS Camp Wan2bTechie is about too! Through a series of creative challenges, you will build your own knowledge and skill in using technology to create and share.  Join us for a great learning adventure! 

    Here is some information to help you get started:

    What's the big picture?
    In addition to providing an opportunity for having fun, building community, and being creative, Wan2b-Techie Camp aims to:
    • Offer friendly, shared, hands-on practice with technology
    • Build a common baseline of knowledge and skill with digital tools that have proven to be useful in KCS classrooms
    • Develop skill to support digital creation, collaboration, and sharing
    • Lay groundwork for individual goal-setting around technology integration.

    This isn't the full professional development package – it's more of an introductory virtual playtime with some great tools you can use in your classroom. Wan2b-Techie Camp is about building our technology awareness and togetherness... and having fun doing so!
    What will I do during Wan2b-Techie Camp?
    You will find instructions for a series of challenges in this Canvas Course. After completing each challenge, you will share your learning on a private blog using the discussion boards found in your course. You will categorize each post by challenge number for easy access. Through blog comments, you will interact with your fellow campers and support their learning adventure. You might even freestyle a bit and share your own digital explorations in the Arts & Crafts Cabin! The bottom line? Together, we will play with digital tools, share our learning journey, and build a foundation for continued professional growth and technology integration.
    How will this happen?
    You will complete these challenges, devoting time as it suits your learning needs and availability. You might want to spend 30 minutes a week and complete one challenge at a time. Or you might prefer to sit down with a friendly colleague and knock it all out at once.
    For the average tech user, 8 challenges should take about half a day to complete. The timing is up to you. We want this to be a fun, flexible process – not an onerous intrusion into your busy schedule. If all or most of these tools are new to you, breaking it up into a challenge or two a week will give you time to absorb all the new information -- but again, the timing is up to you!
    Each course may have a different timetable or schedule depending on schools or departments. 
    Camper Expectations
    We encourage you to try all 10 challenges, though each camper is expected to complete at least 8 of the 10 challenges. For a challenge to be complete, see the right-hand section of each challenge where it says: To Earn Your Badge. That section lists the basic requirements for each challenge. To get the most out of each challenge, take some time to dig in and explore multiple features of the app or tool. As with all camp activities, you will get out of it what you put into it. Also, please provide comments on at least one post for a fellow camper for each of the 10 challenges (a minimum of 10 comments -- but you don't have to limit yourself to just 10!) 
    To earn your special camp badge, here are the requirements to complete:
    • At least 8 blog posts. Do at least 8 of 10 challenges, with badges earned as defined within those challenges. (Experienced campers may substitute one Arts & Crafts post for one of the predefined challenges and do 7 challenges + 1 Arts & Crafts.) See post guidelines here.
    • At least 10 blog comments, 1 comment for each challenge on this site.


    Hate working alone? Come to Campfire Days!
    If you are the kind of person who prefers learning with others, we are offering on-site days when you can come to school for Camp Counselor support in completing the challenges. See the Counselor's Corner for more information.

    Choose your camp and request a training or campfire day for your staff here.
    Camp Options
    • iPad
    • Productivity
    • Chromebooks
    • MacBooks
    • Web 2.0
    • Canvas