C & I Update 13 (April 2015)

  • C and i monthly updates  

    Mathematics Update #13
    Posted by GARY PETKO at 4/15/2015 11:50:00 PM
    Summer Opportunities for Math Teachers
    •  Elementary Math Professional Development will offered on Friday, May 29th and Wednesday, July 29th. These sessions will be placed on RANDA by Friday, May 1.
    •  Secondary Math Professional Development will be offered on the following dates and with the following subjects: 
    1.  Tuesday, May 26th - Middle School Honors Math, 7th Grade Math, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
    2. Wednesday, May 27th - 6th Grade Math, Algebra I, AP Statistics
    3. Thursday, May 28th - Middle School Honors Math, 8th Grade Math, Algebra I, Algebra II
    4. Tuesday, July 28th - 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math, Middle School Honors Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus
    These sessions will be placed on RANDA by Friday, April 17th.
    •  Online PD will be available to all math teachers this summer. More information for registration will be coming soon.
  • Instrumental Music C & I Update #13

    Posted by Walter Mencer at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Instrumental Music Update:
    Congratulations to all of the Band, Orchestra and Choral Programs that had students selected to participate in one of the Tennessee All State Ensembles.  The All State Conference was held April 8-11, 2015 at the Memphis-Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Congratulations to all of the KCS Band and Orchestra Programs that participated in the ETSBOA Concert Festival Last Month.  All of the bands and orchestras did an outstanding job of performing.  Teachers, you are all doing a great job of teaching, please keep up the great job of teaching that you do each and every day.  
    The following groups that participated in the ETSBOA Concert Festival received an overall rating of One, Superior:
    Bearden High Symphonic Band - Superior
    Bearden High Freshman Concert Band - Superior
    Central High Symphonic Band - Superior
    Gibbs High Concert Band - Superior
    West High Wind Ensemble - Superior
    Farragut High Symphonic Band- Superior
    Farragut High Orchestra - Superior
    Farragut Middle 7th grade Symphonic Band - Superior 
    The Following Groups received an overall Rating of Two, Excellent:
    Central High Concert Band - Excellent
    Carter High Concert Band - Excellent
    Halls High Wind Ensemble - Excellent
    Carter High Wind Ensemble - Excellent
    Farragut Middle 8th Grade Wind Ensemble  - Excellent
    Karns Middle 7th Grade Concert Band - Excellent
    Halls Middle 8th Grade Concert Band - Excellent
    The following Groups received an overall rating of Three, Very Good: 
    Farragut Middle 8th Grade Symphonic Band - Very Good
    Karns Middle 8th Grade Concert Band - Very Good
    Farragut Middle 7th Grade Concert Band - Comment Only
    Groups that receive all Superior Ratings at their local ETSBOA Concert Festival are invited to participate in the State Concert Festival.
    Congratulations to the Directors and students for a job well done.  Congratulations to all of the groups that have been selected to participate in the Tennessee State Concert Festival.
    Congratulations to all of the KCS Music Teachers that were voted "2015 Teacher of The Year".
    Jean Anderson - Ritta Elementary
    Christy Bock - Cedar Bluff Elementary
    Suzanne Binkley - Copper Ridge Elementary 
    Kami Lunsford - Karns Middle
    Janet Roach - Powell Middle
    Upcoming Events:
    TMEA State Concert Festival, April 23 & 24, 2015 at Stewart's Creek High School. 
    Elementary Honor Choir Concert, April 26, 2015 at South/Doyle Middle School Auditorium. 
    All of the 2014-15 recordings All County Events have post on the knoxschools.org website, the Elementary Honor Choir Concert will be posted later this school year.
    Thanks to all of the music teachers that work so hard to put on these All County Events.  Thanks to the students that participated in each of the All County Events, Band, Orchestra, Choral and Elementary.  These All County events showcase some of finest music students in the Knox County School System. 
  • TAP C&I Update #13

    Posted by KEITH WILSON at 4/15/2015 4:00:00 PM
    TSI 2015:  Save the Date
    We will be sending a limited number of attendees to the TAP Summer Institute in Phoenix, AZ this summer.  The dates of the conference are July 20-22.  Additional information will be coming in the next few weeks and we will hope to finalize numbers before the beginning of summer break.  You may want to begin discussing availability for those who would like to attend.  I anticipate approximately 40 spots to be funded by the TIF grant.  
    TAP End of Year Celebration
    Our TAP End of Year Celebration is scheduled for Friday May 8th in the Great Room.  We will only meet in the morning during our normal block of time (8:30-11:30) and have a time for the schools to showcase the great work that they been engaged in this year.  We are excited to see your results and hope that this will provide others with ideas that might impact their work moving forward.  Be thinking about what your team might want to share, and we will be reaching out to you as well.  We are working on the lunch plan at this point and details will follow regarding the arrangements.
  • PE, Health and Wellness C&I Update #13

    Posted by BARBARA HEISE at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM

    Congratulations to all the PE, Health and Wellness who were chosen
    Teachers of the Year at their schools!!  

    Myron Sharp, Corryton, Terry Whitehead, Beaumont, Kim Cameron, East Knox, Lisa Loftin, Gibbs Elementary, 
    Raymond Skeen, Spring Hill, Ani Roma, Gresham, Doug Iglehart, Austin East and Nancy McDonough, Ridgedale 
    Elementary Track 
    What a successful elementary track season!! The four area track meets at Karns, Austin East, South Doyle and Halls were a big success. Thank you elementary PE teachers for getting your kids ready and for all you do to make track successful. A huge shout out to Marty Sonnenfeldt and Chris Kane from Knoxville Youth Athletics for all their help. 

    End of the year field days will be in May and are always great fun!! Thanks to our elementary and middle school PE teachers who organize such fun school-wide events for their kids!! 
    Thank you to Dr. Jeff Knox, Stephanie Crawford and Hannah Smith for lending their expertise to begin developing a secondary PE portfolio.    
    PE, Health and Wellness 1/2 day Workshop
    Sessions by teachers-For teachers!! 
    Wednesday, June 3
    Location: TBA 
  • Magnet Schools C&I Update #13

    Posted by DAPHNE ODOM at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM

    We are so proud of each of our magnet schools for a successful application period!
    All ten Knox County Magnet Schools submitted proposals for the annual Magnet Schools of America Conference.  Two proposals are on a wait list, and three Knox County Magnet Schools will be representing Knox County April 22 - 25 in Raleigh, NC.   
    Presenting at the national conference are the following:

    Career Magnet Academy:  Cameron Molchan will present Selling Your Magnet Program W/ Student Ambassadors!
    L&N STEM Academy: Becky Ashe and Tressie Norton were selected to present Leading A New Magnet School By Design!
    Sarah Moore Green Magnet Academy:  April Lamb was chosen to present Scream Your Theme Through Community Schools!
    Make plans to attend the Annual Knox County Magnet Schools Dance and Arts Showcase April 27, 28, and 29 to see performances by Austin-East Magnet High School, Vine Middle Magnet School, and Beaumont Magnet Academy.  The Showcase will be held at Austin-East Magnet Hight School. Artwork from our magnet schools will be on display...and vocal music showcases will be performed. 

    Recently, FulCom Magnet Academy, and the L&N STEM Academy sent teams of student competitors to the TSA (Technology Student Association) State Competition in Murfreesboro, TN.  All three schools brought home numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place wins in various categories.  

  • GT C&I Update #13

    Posted by DAPHNE ODOM at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    The GT Department has been hard at work utilizing Canvas to develop our own professional growth, specifically in regards to gifted and advanced learners. We've either participated in traditional professional development settings with our peers as leaders, or we've completed the PD virtually with conference calls and discussion boards through Canvas. Course titles we've completed so far have included:
    • ​Help, My First Grader is Reading on a Fifth Grade Level
    • ​Empowering PD: Using Analogies to Illuminate Teachers' Conceptual Knowledge
    • How Canvas Can Work For Us (With Tidbits from an Ohio District's Personalized Learning System Experience)
    • Concept-Based Literature Circles
    • Habits of Mind and A Growth Mindset
    • Creative Mathematics is Not an Oxymoron
    • Cultural Relevance in the Middle School Classroom
    Course titles yet to be completed this year include:
    • ​Dive Deeper Into Books, See the STEAM Possibilities
    • Think, Solve, Create: Ascend Bloom's
    We continue to strive to grow our own knowledge base to best serve our advanced population and to be available to help our schools meet the needs of our advanced learners. Contact your school's GT coach for assistance with strategies and/or resources.
  • Social Studies C & I Update #13

    Posted by JUDY NEWGENT at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Congratulations to Karen Stanish and Seth Rayman!  Karen and Seth were selected to create the training materials for the State of TN and to lead the training for US History and Geography and World History and Geography, respectively, for Summer 2015!  This is a tremendous honor not only for Karen and Seth but also for our district to have such outstanding resources.  Also, congratulations to Katherine Petko for being selected for a third year as a Core Coach for US History and Geography!  She is also a tremendous resource to our K-12 Social Studies Department!  
    Congratulations are also extended to our National History Day competitors!  Several schools competed in the East Tennessee and State competition, including Farragut High, coached by Angela Breeding, and Bearden High, coached by Tammy McKibbens, and the following schools will represent Knox County in this project-based learning at the National History Day Competition in Washington, DC in June:  Northwest Middle, coached by Chris Standridge, South Doyle Middle, coached by Melanie Mascaro, L&N STEM Academy, coached by Jill Robbins, Tressie Norton, and Collin Napier, and West High, coached by Carrie Hastings. To each KCS student, teacher, principal, parent, and community member who supported this work, including Lisa Oakley and East TN History Center, congratulations on another outstanding year participating in National History Day!
    Thank You:
    The Social Studies Department extends our sincerest gratitude to our PD Specialist, Kristin Risdahl, and to Hillary Hudson, Kristin Risdahl, Danae McCain, Linda Stooksbury, Lisa Henley, and Jyl Riehl for serving on the ElementarySocial Studies Leadership Council for the 2014-2015 SY.  We also extend our gratitude to each K-12 Social Studies teacher who created and shared resources to add to our SchoolWires curriculum files for district-wide use, and to the many teacher leaders who planned and facilitated professional development for our department throughout the 2014-2015 school year, thank you! We continue to welcome teacher-created resources as we build our online content resource files. Please send all electronic copies to either Judy at judy.newgent@knoxschools.org or Katherine at katherine.petko@knoxschools.org. 
    Social Studies Field Tests:
    The Social Studies Field Testing window for Grades 3-8 and 11 will be open between April 13 - May 15.  The following assessment resources remain online:  Reporting Categories, Performance Level Descriptors, Scoring Rubrics, and Practice Tests may be found under the Assessment tab on the State web site or by clicking on the following link: http://tennessee.gov/education/assessment/social_studies.shtml
    Knoxville Civil War Sesquicentennial Events, April 30-May 3, 2015:
    In conjunction with the State of Tennessee, Knoxville will host multiple events highlighting the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War.  Please visit the following website for a listing of local Civil War Sesquicentennial Events: http://www.easttnhistory.org/bluegray.  If you are interested in volunteering during the Sesquicentennial Days, please contact Lisa Oakley at ETHC for additional information. Lisa may be reached at (oakley@eastTNhistory.org). Volunteers are needed.  Thank you!
    Summer Professional Development Opportunities: 
    The Social Studies Summer PD will be June 1-5 at SSPDTC.  Grades 6-12 will convene June 1-3, and elementary will convene on June 4-5. Additional PD, including Curriculum Revisions, 6+1 Writing Traits training, Elementary, MS, and HS Canvas courses on Teaching with Technology in Social Studies, and Advanced Placement European History curriculum training will also be available on June 10, 11, and 12. The detailed Social Studies PD calendar of events will be posted on Randa PD by May 15. 
    Personal Finance Jumpstart Workshops and UT Extension training datesare posted on the SchoolWires website and were emailed through Social Studies Department Chairs. If you are teaching Personal Finance for the first time and not Economics certified, you must attend one of these trainings. If you are Economics certified and teaching PF for the first time, the training is highly recommended, as there are an abundant number of curriculum materials provided in these sessions.
    Discussion Boards on Canvas:
    K-12 Discussion Boards remain open and active on Canvas!  Join today to collaborate with colleagues across the district on Social Studies curriculum topics related to your grade level or content area. 
    Department Chairs:
    Just a reminder that the next Department Chair meeting will be Thursday, April 30th at the Sarah Simpson Building.  Please bring your projected enrollment form, along with any projected textbook needs for the 2015-2016 SY. If you are unable to attend, please send a representative from your department.   
  • Art C&I Update #13

    Posted by HEATHER CASTEEL at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM

    Congratulations to…


    …our Art Source 2015 winners.


    BEST OF SHOW- Erin Mullinex – Norwood Elementary – “Architectural Survey with Barn Owls

    1ST- Chelsie Nunn – Sequoyah Elementary – “Natural Nest

    2ND- Hannah Barker – Mooreland Heights Elementary Intern – “Loveless Lovelace

    3RD- Elizabeth Scofield Brown – Dogwood Elementary – “Hydrozoa

    Mighty Mud – Jessica Stewart – Christenberry Elementary – “Right Now?!?

    Striped Light – Val Sigmon – Central High School – “Meet Me in the Middle

    Newell Rubbermaid – Gay Nell Gray – Powell High School - “Outside the Lines

    Director’s Choice (Teacher)– Wendie Love – Farragut High School – “Bertha

    Director’s Choice (Intern) – Paige Burchell – L&N Stem Academy Intern – “Bad Hair Day


    …our winners of the KAT bus artwork contest. The winning design is featured on the outside of KAT buses all over the city.


    1st place- Bailey from Powell High- Teacher: Lee Jenkins-Freels

    2nd place- Taylor from Bearden High- Teacher: Anna Boyd

    3rd place- Hannah from Powell High- Teacher: Lee Jenkins-Freels


    Check out our Work!


    An article on Jenny Snead (art teacher at South Knoxville, Ritta, and Gap Creek Elementary Schools):  http://issuu.com/shoppernews/docs/southknox_shopper-news_040815?e=2310464/12211998


    A blog post about Art Source 2015:http://ohtheplaceswesee.com/2015/04/08/teachers-can-paint-art-source-2015/


    Our square at the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk:https://twitter.com/KCS_VisualArts/status/586983458695581696

  • Library Media Services C&I Update #13

    Posted by SARAH SEARLES at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Congratulations to the librarians who will be serving on our departmental leadership teams for the 2015-16 school year!
    Vision Team
    Craig Casteel
    Viktoria Henderson
    Pam Morris
    Lisa Sipes
    Sue Bartlett
    Dona Clements
    Karen Cragwall
    Jennie Randolph
    Karyn Storts-Brinks 
    Emily Davenport 
    Rebekah Ellis 
    Christopher Mitchell
    Database Renewal Team
    Steve Davis
    Ronda Foust
    Viktoria Henderson
    Brittany Witte
    Christa Lewis
    Janet Getz
    Rachel Steiner
    Holly Matthews
    Amy Ballard
    Professional Development Team
    Tommie Branscum
    Raina Scoggins
    Jennie Randolph
    Jennifer May
    Technology Team
    Eve Bevill
    Steve Davis
    Mica Johnson
    Rebekah Ellis
    Social Activity Team
    Joanna Law
    Greta McMillan
    Dona Clements
    Karen Cragwall 
  • ELA/Reading 6-12 C&I Update #13

    Posted by SHANNON JACKSON at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Congratulations to Jennifer Williams, English teacher and Department Chair at Gibbs High School.  She was recognized as this year's High School Teacher of the Year for Knox County.
    Congratulations to our Language!Live reading intervention teachers.  Their work and results attracted the attention of Dr. Louisa Moats. On April 8th and 9th, she visited six of our schools to see our talented teachers delivering intensive reading instruction. She was quite impressed and is continuing to dialogue with some of our teachers.  Thank you to Farragut Middle School and Halls Middle School for welcoming our team in the morning and providing red carpet treatment with refreshments and conversation. Thank you to the following teachers who graciously let us enter their classrooms:Bethany Underwood (Farragut Middle), Rhonda Malloy (Cedar Bluff Middle),Angela Taylor (Career Magnet Academy), Laura Webb (Career Magnet Academy), Andrea Ensor (Northwest Middle), Serena Milan (Northwest Middle), Maria James (Northwest Middle), Judy Fugate (Halls Middle), Mary Beth Burns (Vine Middle), and Janet Ross (Holston Middle).
    Leadership Retreat On May 8th from 8:00 - 3:45, the department chairs from grades 6-12 English and Social Studies departments will come together at Lincoln Park to learn from our TDOE Principal Leaders.  The focus will be on unpacking the TNReady assessments and instructional shifts.  The course is listed on Randa and participants should register prior to the event.  Thank you to Rob Speas and Beth Blevins for leading the learning for our departments.
    Block Party - Friday, May 29
    at West High School 8:00 - 3:45
    Pre-conference breakfast poster sessions and registration from 7:30 - 8:00
    Keynote: William Van Cleave "Writing Matters" 8:30 - 10:00
    Distinguished Presentations 10:15 - 11:45
    Table Topic Lunch Conversations (Jason's Deli Provided) 11:45 - 12:45
    Workshops 12:45 - 3:45
    Participants may register for each section of the conference on Randa beginning April 27th.
    An Evening with Georgia Heard
    The UTK Center for Children's and Young Adult Literature, The Episcopal School of Knoxville, and Knox County Secondary ELA Department are hosting an evening with Georgia Heard on April 27th from 5:00 - 7:30 at the Episcopal School of Knoxville. Space is limited to the first 50 registrants.  Please email Susan Groenke at sgroenke@utk.edu to reserve your space.  The evening includes a farm to table dinner, professional learning with Georgia Heard, and a copy of Finding the Heart of Nonfiction:Teaching 7 Essential Craft Tools with Mentor Texts.
    Reading Course Refresher
    For teachers who have completed the Year Long Reading Course, Karen Irwin will offer a 1 day refresher at Gresham Middle School on Monday, July 28 and Tuesday, July 29.  Teachers may select one of the days to attend.  Teachers who attend the sessions and develop a lesson plan using the integrated lesson planner may earn a stipend for their work.
    Summer Intervention Trainings
    Rewards Secondary, Science, and Social Studies with Linda Perry
    1 day workshop
    June 11 or July 23 
    Language!Live with Karen Irwin and Andrea Ensor
    2 day workshop
    July 23 and 24
    Reading Plus with Erica Jones (Reading Plus Consultant)
    1 day workshop
    June 11 or July 23
    Read 180 with Karen Irwin
    July 23
    Intervention Training to Be Scheduled
    Six-Minute Solution
    Flex Literacy
    Online PD 
    Online PD will run through Canvas.  The sessions begin on the 1st and 15th of each month, beginning in June.
    Direct/Explicit Language Instruction
    ACT/ELA Curriculum Integration
    5 Access Points for Rigorous Reading 
  • ELA/Reading K-5 C&I Update #13

    Posted by KERRY CROOK at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Summer Opportunities for K-5 ELA Teachers
    Please join us for our annual PreK-5 ELA/Math Summer Academy.
    • Dates: May 29 and July 29
    • ELA Theme: "What Does It Mean to Comprehend Grade Level Text?"
    • Registration: Teachers will register on RANDA. Registration will open on Friday, May 1.
    • Format: The Summer Academy will be set up in a conference style, so teachers may choose preferred sessions and times.

    Congratulations to the 11 cohorts of KCS teachers who have attended the ELA Year Long Course. A graduation ceremony is planned for May. Details will be forthcoming. Much appreciation to all participants for their hard work and our very talented instructors, Danielle Hamilton and Krista Lee. 

  • Instructional Technology C&I Update #13

    Posted by THERESA NIXON at 4/15/2015 8:00:00 AM
    We would like to take the time to say Thank You to Betsy Jones. She has been dedicated to using technology in instruction for a number of years. Betsy has the opportunity to work with the Student Information System team and will bring a valued skill set and knowledge to this role. She will be missed in the Instructional Technology Department.
    This year we have had two different advisory councils serving to inform our work using technology for teaching and learning. The Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) Advisory Council has a teacher representative from each school who has committed to using technology as a tool for providing excellence in learning for every child. The Instructional Technology (IT) Advisory Council is a diverse set of representatives from across the district including teachers, administrators, and instructional assistants. The focus of the IT Advisory Council is think about the role technology plays for us to be more effective and efficient in our work. Thank you for your dedication to the students and educators in Knox County Schools. 

     PLE Advisory Council    IT Advisory Council   
    Michelle Browning (Bonny Kate Elementary)  Andrew Bennett (Halls Middle) 
    Sherrie Dudley (Corryton Elementary)
     Connie Boyd (West Valley Middle)
    Danielle Harrison (Green Elementary) 
     Heather Casteel (Knox County Schools)
    Laura Miller (Halls Elementary)    Anne Fine (Bearden High)
    Ellen Gilch (Mooreland Heights Elementary)
     Angie Manis (Carter Middle)
    Ashley Paquette (Norwood Elementary)
           Beth Nelson (Fulton High)
     Gretchen Edwards (Sterchi Elementary)  Tanna Nicely (South Knox Elementary)
     Brad Cain (Holston Middle)  David Ogle (Central High)
     Laine Collins (South-Doyle Middle)     Chris Ottinger (Byington-Solway)
     Kelsey Peck (Vine Middle)  Natalie Pratt (Gibbs Elementary)
     Amy Lyttle (West Valley Middle)     Jane Skinner (Farragut High)
     Olivia Parker (Austin-East High)   Andrew Trammell (Ridgedale)
     Glenda Inman (Bearden High)  
     Julianne Bowman (South-Doyle High)  





    OneDrive for Business (Online)

    April 16-25



    MagicMarker for Canvas (Online)

    April 16-25



    ActivBoard 2: Using Magic Reveals (Online)

    *Prerequisite ActivBoard 1

    April 16-30



    ActivBoard 6: Building Containers for Interactivity (Online)

    *Prerequisite ActivBoard 1

    April 16-30



    ActivBoard 5: Captions, DAC, and Camera Tool Uses for Interactivity

    *Prerequisite ActivBoard 1

    April 20

    4:00- 6:00PM


    Canvas 101

    April 21

    4:00- 6:00PM


    Canvas 102.3: Using MagicMarker with Canvas

    April 23

    4:30- 6:00PM


    Canvas 102.4: Mastering Modules for Organized Lessons

    April 28

    4:30- 6:00PM


    Canvas 101

    April 30

    4:00- 6:00PM


  • Science C&I Update #13

    Posted by ANDREA ALLEN at 4/15/2015


    Summer Opportunities for Science Teachers

    Module and Curriculum Revision Workshop
    Elementary science teachers with experience teaching the curriculum to join us May 26th Location TBA 
    Secondary Teachers module and curriculum revisions will be May 27th location TBA.  
    Middle School and High School Curriculum Jumpstart July 27th - This is an opportunity to work with colleagues across the district in the same content area to decide pacing, assessment and more! 
    Secondary Science Teachers  July 28th  will work with vernier probe ware, Kagan grouping strategies and assessment probes. This professional development will be taught for teachers by teachers. Best Practices for the science classroom from your fellow teachers.  location TBA
    Online PD will be open to all science teachers with courses running this summer for K-12 teachers. Keep an eye out for our online 
    PD opportunities coming soon.  

    “Chemistry and Biology in Bioenergy Interdisciplinary Workshop” offered by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (Knoxville) from July 13-July 17, 2015-- This 5-day workshop will include classroom activities designed to align with Tennessee Science Standards for Chemistry and Biology, tours of a local biorefinery and discussions with bioenergy industry representatives, as well as a stipend.  To register or for more information, teachers should contact Dr. Steve Chmely (schmely@utk.edu) before the May 30th registration deadline.

    “Going Outdoors with the Common Core” at Camp Wesley Woods from June 12-14, 2015-- This workshop, offered by Tennessee Earth Science Teachers, is a great opportunity to learn about the geology of the Smokies and to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded teachers. For more information and the application, see the files section of the Middle School or High School Science Canvas Course in the Science Department Professional Development folder.  Or, teachers can contact Jim Watson  at jwats134@hotmail.com with questions.

    Congratulations to our FIRST Robotics Teams! All KCS teams competed in the robotics competition here locally. This was such an exciting event for our students and KCS had a strong turn out. Three teams have been invited to participate in the FIRST Championships in St. Louis. Those teams are Bearden High, Hardin Valley High and Farragut High.
    Congratulations to Travis Quick from Hardin Valley Academy has been named "East Tennessee Section of the American Chemical Society's 2015 Top High School Chemistry Teacher.” 


  • Choral Music C&I Update #13

    Posted by SARAH CUMMINGS at 4/15/2015

    Choral Music News 

    • Mark your calendar now for the annual district wide music performance of the Knox County "Elementary Honor Choir Concert" Sunday, April 26, 2015 at South-Doyle Middle School, 3:00 p.m.  Thanks to Christy Bock, director, for her outstanding work with these students. 
    • The annual TMEA Conference (All-State Music students) was held April 8-11, 2015in Memphis.  “Thank you” to principals and teachers for supporting several of your outstanding high school students who attended this in-service conference for teachers and All-State Music students.
    • A big “thank you” to the middle school teachers and students who participated in the Middle School Honors Choir Concert on March 31, 2015 at Northwest Middle School.  Dr. Loneka Battiste directed the students in an outstanding performance that can be seen at this link: www.knoxschools.org/kcstv.music .
    • Congratulations! To our high school choral directors, and their students are to be commended for their participation in the Choral Showcase 2015.  This event was held March 10th, at Bearden High. The commitment to excellence by directors and students was evident by their outstanding performances, visit this link to hear their work: www.knoxschools.org/kcstv.music

                               Participating Directors:

    ·       Bearden - Mary Sexton

    ·       Carter - Jessica Strutz

    ·       Central - Beckye Thomas

    ·       Farragut - Kenton Deitch/Josh Golden

    ·       Gibbs - William Brimer

    ·       Halls – Elizabeth Williams

    ·       Hardin Valley - Teresa Scoggins

    ·       Karns – Bethany Jinkerson

    ·       Powell - Jim Kennedy

    ·       South-Doyle - Seth Maples

    ·       West - Byron Davis

    • Congratulations to the high school choral directors who participated in the annualJ.B. Lyle Choral Festival at Pellissippi State.  We applaud your efforts to go above and beyond what is expected. 
    • Congratulations to the middle school choral directors who participated in the ETVA Middle School Festival  on April 16-17, 2015.

    Participating Directors:

    ·       Cedar Bluff: Edie Taylor

    ·       Farragut: Janna Waldroupe and Sarah Lasater

    ·       Holston: Natalee Elkins and Amanda Davison

    ·       Karns: Kami Lunsford and Susie Vaughan

    ·       Northwest: Kim Griffin

    ·       Powell: Drew Carpenter

    ·       South Doyle: Bethany Williams and Rebecca McCurdy

    ·       West Valley: Cody Boling and Bethany Maples





  • ELL C & I Update #13

    Posted by ALYSON LERMA at 4/10/2015
    Congratulations to two of our ELL Educators who were Teachers of the Year at their schools:
    Carrie Arana ~ Farragut Primary 
    Elizabeth Choi ~ Farragut Middle
  • WL C&I Update #13

    Posted by ALYSON LERMA at 4/10/2015
    Congratulations to our WL educators who were named Teachers of the Year at their schools:
    Florence Fillers ~ French teacher at FaHS
    Allison Maldonado ~ Spanish teacher at FaHS
    Amanda Davidson ~ Spanish teacher at Gibbs High 
  • Migrant Education C&I Update 13

    Posted by ALYSON LERMA at 4/10/2015
    Migrant Ed.
    Please be reminded that ALL new students (including enrolling Ks) must receive (and submit filled out) the Occupational Survey. All surveys with at least one response of "yes" should be returned to the address at the bottom.