C & I Update 4 (April 2013)

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Submitted by
Heather Casteel
Art Specialist

Congratulations to...
  • Jackie Wright (Carter Elem) who was presented with a Youth Art Month proclamation from Governor Bill Haslam by Senator Becky Massey during the award ceremony at Art Links, the Knox County Schools Elementary Art Show.
  • Ben Eng (West High), Jessica Bledsoe (Vine Middle), and Heather Casteel (Art Specialist) whose work was accepted into the Dogwood Arts Regional Fine Arts Exhibit.  The work will be displayed at the Emporium Center (100 S. Gay St.) through the month of April.
  • All of the art teachers whose students' work was accepted into the Dogwood Arts Student Show. The work is displayed at the Clayton Performing Arts Center through the month of April.
  • Jeanne Hardin (Cedar Bluff Elem) whose 5th grade student won the Arbor Day Art Contest at Ijams Nature Center last month. You can see a clip of the ceremonies at: http://www.wate.com/category/21819/news-news-video?clipId=8536543&topVideoCatNo=4694&autoStart=true
Be sure to visit the Art Department website for digital versions of our art shows: art.knoxschools.org
Mark your calendars for Art Source 2013, Knox County Art Educators Art Exhibit. First Friday opening reception: May 3 (5-9pm) at the Downtown UT Gallery (106 S. Gay St.). Artwork will be displayed through May 18.

Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Avid Supervisor

Congratulations AVID!

Congratulations to our AVID programs for some incredibly successful programs this past month: 
  • Whittle Springs had a successful fund-raising event during their report card night and exciting outreach programs planned. 
  • Congratulations to South Doyle Middle School for raising enough money to send a camper to the Muscular Dystrophy camp. 
  • Our trainings on Socratic Seminars, Costa’s Questioning, and Interactive notebooks were well attended! Watch future updates for more training coming your way. 




Submitted by
Richard Mitchell

Choral Music Specialist

Upcoming Events

Choral Music Department's next after school, free professional development and technology session, "Aurasma" will be Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at the SSPCTC, 4:00-6:00 p.m. Presenters are Cheryl Sheridan and Sarah Boyd.  
Mark your calendar now for the last annual district wide music performance for the 2012-13 school year.  
      •     Knox County "Elementary Honors Choir Concert " Sunday, 28, 2013 at   
              South-Doyle Middle School, 3:00 p.m. 

Common Core Transition News

Submitted by
Theresa Nixon and
Millicent Smith

Common Core Leadership Council

Up-to-date Information

www.tncore.org for up-to-date information released from the state. New information includes the Tennessee RTI2 Initiative and the Common Core Implementation plan including video. 



Submitted by
Rocky Riley and
Chris Tucker

CTE Supervisors

CTE News 

Congratulations to teachers and students who represented Knox County Schools in Career and Technical Student Organization State competitions this past month. We had approximately 350 students at these events across the state.

April 19, 2013 – CTE goes Live on Market Square 7:45 pm

Listen to RetroRadio at http://retroradio.knoxschools.org


ELA/Reading K-5

Submitted by
Janet Sexton

K-5 ELA/Reading Supervisor

Common Core Module 3
Text Complexity and Instructional Placemats 

Instructional Coaches will continue to provide professional development
  • Qualitative Measures 
  • Quantitative Measures 
  •  Reader and the Task          
SAVE THE DATE!   May 23, 2013     
Instructional Coaches will provide school-based professional development 
 • New Reading Basal Curriculum
             • Primary teachers K-2 
             • Intermediate teachers 3-5 

Teachers will have online access to all curriculum.
(TEs, student texts, ancillaries, etc

Congratulations to the following fifth grade students and teachers!
Winners of the Nutrition Essay Contest sponsored by the KCS Nutrition Department & Elementary Reading
    • Corbin Day at South Knoxville Elementary - Teresa Charles
    • Jonathan Gass at Carter Elementary - Denise Baker
    • Jake Roberts at Halls Elementary - Kathy Farrell
    • Frank Bowman at Gibbs Elementary - Lisa Stalans
    • Elizabeth Crisp at Inskip Elementary - Olivia Davis
    • Amelia VanPeborgh at Cedar Bluff Elementary - Patricia Gaut
    • Hannah Bhakta at Rocky Hill Elementary - Linsday Bravo
    • Allana Taylor at Amherst Elementary - Jamey Hearon
  • Student winners received a bicycle and a helmet. 
  • All eight teachers received a digital camera.
  • Kathy Farrell, fifth grade teacher at Halls Elementary, won an iPad



Submitted by
Shannon Jackson
6-12 ELA/Reading Supervisor

ELA/Reading News

Watch for information for the Block Party for Middle School ELA/Reading Teachers- May 28, 2013-May 31
, 2013: Sessions will meet daily from 8:30-11:30. Teachers will unpack Common Core State Standards, examine the anatomy of an integrated (ELA/Reading) lesson and unit, design instruction and assessments for unit one for Fall 2013.
TCAP Writing Assessment Results- scores should be available online on April 25 and a hard copy should follow the next week. Be looking for this information.
Instructional Materials/ Outside Readings: The next meeting for the development of our instructional materials list is on April 16.  At that meetings' conclusions, we will have a partial list of materials that teachers may consider approved material for planning purposes.  It will not be exhaustive, so our work will continue over the summer.
Common Core Curriculum Writing: Any teacher interested in working on a team to unpack develop the KCS ELA/Reading Curriculum over the summer should contact Vickie Beckers at vickie.beckers@knoxschools.org.  



Submitted by
Donna Stapleton
 ELL Specialist

ELL News 

Congratulations to Natalia Ward, ELL Teacher - Cedar Bluff Elementary School on being named Tennessee ESL Teacher of the Year.  The department is very proud of Natalia for her dedication to English Learners throughout the district. 
Thank you to all ELL Cluster Administrators and ELL Teachers and Classroom Teachers who supported English Learners during ELDA Testing.  The ELDA Testing window officially closed on March 22nd.  A total of 2,296 students were tested across the district. 
Thank you ELL Teachers for submitting your first round of assessment data using OOWTE formative assessment program.  All indications are that our students are increasing in their acquisition of English, which is essential to their academic success.  This data helps us to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness and to differentiate instruction to meet students' individuals needs.   
Remember that all ELs (Active, Waivered, and Transitional Status) are entitled to English Learner Accommodations and/or eligible to take the ELSA version of TCAPs this year.  This includes students who are not attending an ESL Cluster School.  In January, Parents of all ELs (including those at non-Cluster schools) were notified by letter that their child is eligible for these accommodations and asked to contact me with any questions and/or to put their request to decline accommodations in writing to my office and copy their school Principal.  I have only received two requests to decline accommodations and have spoken with the Principals at those schools.  Please let me know if you receive such requests and need assistance.   
Welcome to Erin Housam - Northwest Middle School, ELL Teacher and Cynthia Davis - Beaumont Elementary and Inskip Elementary, ELL Teacher, who recently joined our department. Elementary ELL Teachers should be using our new ELL Report of Progress as an report card attachment.  The Progress Report provides valuable feedback to parents about their student's progress toward attaining English proficiency.  The form is available if Spanish and Arabic translations.   
Reminder that English Learners are eligible to attend Summer School if they meet the same criteria as their English only peers.  We will assign ESL teachers to summer school sites as needed.   
Look for information which will be e-mailed to you about English Learners enrolling during  
  Kindergarten Round Up.   


Submitted by
Julie Thompson, Susan Turner, & Donna Howard
Elementary Supervisors

Elementary Summer Bridge 

There will be a “Summer Bridge” program for 90 rising 6th graders at Northwest Middle and Whittle Springs Middle Schools this summer from June 3- July 16. This program will serve those 6th graders zoned for Northwest and Whittle Middle who have scored below basic or basic in Reading, Language and Mathematics on the third and fourth grade TCAP tests.
The program is designed so that the students will have one hour of math (Moving with Math), one hour of literacy (Read 180), and one hour of integrated study skills/science each day. Thursdays will be “Science Day” in the lab where the focus will be on science based task completion.
This program is designed to enable students to demonstrate growth in the mastery of essential concepts in reading/language arts, mathematics and study skills necessary for success in middle school.
All-Star Tutoring Update
Thanks to all the principals and site coordinators who helped to make All-Star tutoring a success. All-Star tutoring served approximately 850 students in 22 schools. We are hoping to see great academic improvement for these students and schools this year.   A special thanks goes to Rick Grubb in transportation and Jon Dickl in food services for their support of this program as well. 




Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Gifted Supervisor

Exciting Opportunities

Exciting GT workshop opportunities this month! Here's what's available to you this April...we can't wait to see you!
Get your kids ready for that May CRA! Problem Solving Strategies for Middle Schoolers 
Presented by: Heather Mounce & Lisa Jack & Jill Keith for Grades 6-8 
April 11th at Sarah Simpson, 4:30, Rm 104 

Through the use of a simple four-step approach for tackling any problem, students will build their confidence with challenging lessons.  Give your students ten-research-proven strategies to put into their 'tool-box' that will help them to experience more success on their state CRA exam. 
Is the world really THAT small? Exposing students to other places in a cross curricular manner 
Presented by: Heather Mounce  for Grades 4-8 
April 18th at Sarah Simpson, 4:15, Rm 205 

Do your kids have an accurate perception of places around the world? Learn how to incorporate all core subjects with Geography and culture awareness.  Through the use of Dr. Jerry Croft's place analysis students can be exposed to the environment, economy, culture, and politics of various countries around the world.   

Common Core, Social Studies, and Fun 
Presented by: Marty Findley, Lisa Jack and Liana Gibson for Grades 3-5 
April 18th, Sarah Simpson Center, 4:00, Rm 209 
In this workshop, designed for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, will give you and your students a way to support the Common Core, introduce and reinforce the Social Studies requirements while recycling those county mailing clasp envelopes. There will be creating stations that you will move through to take your ideas home and use the next day. Ideas are based on Dinah Zike’s new envelope foldables 

Textmasters of the 21st Century 
Presented by Carmen Maples and Priscilla Keeney for Grades 3-5 
April 24th, Sarah Simpson Center, 4:00, Rm 107 
Do your students enjoy talking? Of course they do!  Steer that joy of talking to help your students become Textmasters of the 21st Century through the dynamic and engaging nature of Book Talks and leveled questioning. Experience strategies and tips that will motivate your students to think critically and have purposeful dialogue about the text they read. These strategies work well with both fiction and nonfiction text AND they stress the importance of basing answers on evidence from the text. An ideal fit for both TEAM and Common Core!

Immigrant Program

Submitted by
Donna Stapleton
Title III Specialist

Immigrant Parent Outreach Program

Thank you to Farragut Primary and Hardin Valley Elementary for hosting our Immigrant Parent Outreach & Education Program- Helping You Help Your Child this year.  The program was very successful and addressed many of the needs parents expressed, such as basic vocabulary to use to communicate with their child's teacher, content vocabulary so they can assist with homework completion, access to community resources, nutrition,


Submitted by
Walter Mincer
Insrumental Music Specialist


Congratulations to all of the KCS High School and Middle School Bands and Orchestras that participated in the ETSBOA Concert Festival last month.  Every KCS Instrumental program did an outstanding performance.

The Following Groups received an overall Rating of Superior for their performance:
West High Concert Band, Gibbs High Concert Band, Central High Symphonic Band, Powell High Concert Band, Carter High Freshman Concert Band, Farragut Middle Festival Band, Farragut High Symphonic Band, Harden Valley Academy Symphonic Band, Farragut High Orchestra, Hardin Valley Academy Wind Ensemble, West Valley Middle 7th grade Orchestra, Powell Middle 8th grade Band:
The Following Groups received an overall Rating of Excellent for their performance:
Karms Middle Concert Band, Farragut Middle 7th grade Orchestra, West Valley Middle 8th grade Orchestra, Halls High Symphonic Band, Carter Middle 8th grade Band, Carter High Symphonic Band:
The Following Groups received an overall Rating of Good for their performance:
Holston Middle 8th grade Band, Halls Middle 8th grade Band, Farragut Middle 8th grade Orchestra:
The Following Groups received a Rating of Comment Only for their performance:
Halls Middle 7th grade Band, Holston Middle 7th grade Band.
Congratulations to all of the Groups that received a Rating of Superior, they have been invited to perform in the State Concert Band Festival.

Submitted by
Micki Daniel
Technology Trainer

eLearning News

Exciting new features available very soon in Office365
While many of you may have experience a few hiccups with your email the last couple of week, most of the transition has gone through quite seamlessly.  If you are still having problems accessing your email, use the link found under Online Services>Exchange Email for possible problems and solutions. New features and applications will be coming soon to enhance your communication experiences.
For example, you may wish to add your picture to your email communications. Just click on your name in the upper right cornet of your screen and choose Change Picture. For more detailed instructions visit http://email.elearning.knoxschools.org.

SkyDrive is now Personal SkyDrive  
SkyDrive users can relax. All your files and folders are still there! Use the link found under Online Services>Personal Skydrive. The SkyDrive is no longer attached to your email account. You will not have access to the Global Address Book in SkyDrive but you can still share and store your files there as you did before. If you change your Active Directory/Email password it will not change your SkyDrive password.  New SkyDrive services will be available soon that will attach to your email account.  
Using Lync with Office365  
Lync provides instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Lync enables instant messaging (IM) and voice calling in a user-friendy interface. Mac users can use the Self Service icon found in their dock to install Lync. Click on the Self Service icon for information on how to use the Self Service to do updates and install software.  For now, Windows users will need to create a schooldude ticket to install Lync. Visit http://lync.elearning.knoxschools.org for more information.
Inservice Hours Deadline
The deadline for unscheduled
inservice hours is April 30. All hours must be recorded by May 1
st. For quality inservice hours, contact eLearning@knoxschools.org to schedule after school technology training at your school site with Cheryl Sheridan, Betsy Jones or Micki Daniel.    
ETETA will host the annual Administrator’s Technology Academy on Thursday, April 16, 2013. The event will take place at Sarah Simpson Professional Development & Technology Center. The goal of the 2013 ATA is to inform administrators of new and innovative ways to plan for and utilize instructional technology in order to improve student achievement. The Tennessee Educational Technology Association sponsors this event annually.  Administrators are invited to attend this completely free event and earn TASL/CEO credit if needed. For more information: http://www.teta.org/about.cfm?subpage=550815    
Want to keep current? Click here to join TechLine, the distibution list for the Instructional Technology Department or follow us on Twitter @KCSeLearninig.  Find eLearning for Teachers listed under Online Services on any Knox County School Website OR http://elearning.knoxschools.org. Contact the Instructional Technology department at eLearning@knoxschools.org.   
Get the KCS eLeaning app by going to http://myapp.is/KCSeLearning on any mobile device. 

Submitted by
John Whaler
Library Media Director
Connie Booher
Library/Media Specialist

Library News

Congratulations to West Haven Elementary and 5
th grade teacher Jennifer Lee!  One of Ms Lee’s students received runner-up in a recent writing contest held by Big Universe.  Big Universe is an ebook subscription that Knox County Library Services provides for grades K – 5.  To learn more about Big Universe in elementary schools, contact your school librarian, John Whaley, Connie Booher, or Sherry Ball. 
TEL has added Gale’s Power Speak Languages to it’s growing list of resources which are available to all citizens of Tennessee. This online language learning program includes audio, video, and interactive activities. The courses are designed to meet the National Standards outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and cover the following languages: 
  • Spanish  
  • French  
  • German  
  • Italian  
  • Korean  
  • Japanese  
  • Russian  
  • Mandarin  
  • ESL (for Spanish speakers)  
  • ESL (for Mandarin speakers) 
To locate Power Speak Languages, go to your school’s library page and connect to TEL resources.  Scroll down the page until you see Power Speak Languages, it is located close to the bottom of the page.  If you can’t locate TEL resources on your librarians page, use this link.  (If the link doesn't work copy this URL into your browser - http://tinyurl.com/ct59mxa ) Note:  If connecting from home, the password is elvis. 
To learn more about this database, download a 45 min. webinar.  Scroll down the page until you locate Event Recordings.  The PowerSpeak Language webinar was recorded on March 21.  Choose to download the webinar. (If the link doesn't work copy this URL into your browser - http://tinyurl.com/co8fcfy)


Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Magnet Supervisor

Magnet Highlights 

April is an exciting month for our magnet schools as we reveal the results of our Magnet Lottery. We saw an increase in many of our magnet schools! 

Here are just a few of the highlights in our magnet schools:
  • Congratulations to the FulCom team for their outstanding performance at the Technology Students of America Regional Conference. Our Web Design team will represent us at Nationals in Orlando! 
  • Congratulations to the L&N STEM Academy for their recognition as an Apple School of Distinction. 
  • West High School received a visit from the US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan! 
  • Please join us May 2 or May 3 for the Knox County Dance Showcase highlighting the talent of students from Beaumont, Vine, and Austin East 
  • Students from Sarah Moore Greene have been invited to Washington, DC to help plant the 5th annual White House kitchen garden 
  • Join us April 17 or April 18 for Vine Middle's production of Annie Jr 
  • We are excitedly continuing the planning of a CTE Magnet School. More details to come! 

Submitted by
Libby Burney
K-5 Math Specialist

Math Pacing Curriculum & Pacing Guides 

The K-5 Elementary Math Curriculum and Pacing Guides are currently being revised due to changes at the state level for next year.  If you have suggestions or corrections, please send those to Libby at libby.burney@knoxschools.org   


  • What should I do when I have completed the curriculum and my students have mastered all of the standards for the year? Check on the last page of the curriculum guide and you will find suggestions for "Step UP to the Next Grade". These suggested topics will help pre-teach skills needed at the next grade level.
  • Where can I find math tasks for K-2? In addition to the textbook, you can find rich problems/tasks at http://readtennessee.org/math.aspx and http://illustrativemathematics.org This site has suggested tasks for K-8.
  • What does a Common Core lesson look like? You are already teaching the Common Core Standards every day. A basic fact lesson is a Common Core lesson! The question is how to get at the depth and rigor expected of the Common Core. The link below is to an article by Linda Gojak titled "What's All This Talk About Rigor?" It's a quick read and well worth your time! http://www.nctm.org/about/content.aspx?id=35428


Submitted by
Gary Petko
Math Superviosr

Block Party!

Be on the lookout for a Block Party for Middle School Mathematics on ERO. This will be two 2-day session opportunities (May 28-29th) or (May 30 – 31st) for teachers on how to best utilize time in the math classroom for a 75-minute block of time. Lessons will be developed for the unit on for Fall 2013
The 6 – Algebra II math curriculum and Pacing Guides are currently being revised to reflect changes from the Common Core for 2013 -14 school year. They should be completed before teachers go on Summer Break.
Upcoming Content Training Professional Development:
 April, 25, 2013 –Tuesday    Algebra II: Getting Ready for the EOC    SRN: 2012416010

Migrant Education-Title 1

Submitted by
Donna Stapleton
Title III Specialist

Migrant Occupational Survey

Please remind your office staff to provide the Migrant Occupational Survey to every parent (not just parents of ELs) that enrolls a child at your school.   Only forms which have any "yes" responses should be faxed to this office.  All completed forms should be placed in the student's CR.   
We are required to report on the mobility of all migrant students and the migrant program allows these families access to crucial educational resources to begin to bridge the gaps in the children's education experiences.  Identifying our migrant families early is very important. 


Submitted by
Jean Heise
Humanities Supervisor

Track Meets Coming

The four exciting elementary track meets are just around the corner: 
May 1:  North meet at Halls High School 
May 2:  East meet at Austin East  
May 9:  South meet at South Doyle High School 
May 10: West meet at Karns High School 
A huge thank you to Marty Sonnefeldt at www.knoxvilleyouthathletics.org  for helping organize and support our elementary track meets.  
Wellness EOC review dates:  
April 30 at Bearden High School in room 324 from 4-6 p.m. 
May 2 at Central High School in room 216 from 4-6 p.m.


Submitted by
Millicent Smith

Reminder that all 2012-2013 Professional Development In-service hours (18 Hours with a minimum of 12 Hours System-Wide) should be completed by April 30th. This year, all hours will be exported electronically via ERO. Please contact the appropriate supervisor, specialist, or administrator with specific questions about your transcript.

Parent Contact Hours should be recorded as determined by the principal or supervisor. 

2013-2014 Professional Development Guidelines will be released during the first week of May 2013.

Applications for 2013-2014 PD Specialists will be released soon!  Please consider sharing your expertise with KCS colleagues by applying to serve.  This is a GREAT LEADERSHIP opportunity for teachers seeking to grow professionally!

Follow @KnoxCountyPD on Twitter!

Submitted by
Theresa Nixon
Science Supervisor

Science News

Summer Opportunities:
Visit our science intranet site for summer opportunities for both students and teachers. These will be continually updated as summer approaches. 

EOC Updates: Middle and high school science teachers interested in working on the spring EOC revisions are invited to work on Saturday, April 6 from 9 am-3 pm at Bearden Middle School. We will have a preview for both middle and high school exams from 4:00-6:00 pm on April 29 (Bearden High School) and May 2 (Central High School). 
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Achieve has anticipated the release of the NGSS for the week of April 8-12. For more information visit www.nextgenscience.org

Pre-Collegiate Research Scholars Program (PCRSP) Showcase: The PCRSP is a model for hosting high school students in university research laboratories and engineering shops so that they may experience the excitement of scientific research and engage in their own original research. High school seniors from 13 of Knox County’s public high schools will share their research. Join us on May 1 from 4:00-5:00 pm at the Small Assembly Room at the City-County Building to see their work. 

The Great Giveaway: As Knox County Science is preparing to move, there are many items that would be great for use in YOUR classroom. So we want to invite you to the Science Great Giveaway. The events will take place at the Historic Knox High (101 E. Fifth Avenue). We will be open for 3 hours each day, so you can arrive at your convenience. We have two opportunities for you……
  1. VIP Event:April 24, 2:30-5:30 – Only 40 people will be selected by lottery to attend. If you are interested, register at the link highlighted below. Deadline to register is April 16. We will notify those selected for VIP shopping by April 19. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1frNeqf_J6uP_8N9BhKil9-ukk9_IwWsoXdC6mPgLAgA/viewform  
  2. Open Event: April 25, 2:30-5:30- Any KCS teacher is welcome to attend and select items for their classroom.  
We ask that you bring your own “take-away containers” such as boxes, laundry basket, bags, etc. In the coming weeks, we will showcase some of the items for the giveaway via the Science Intranet SchoolFusion page and on twitter (@kcsscience). Giveaway items include demonstration kits, equipment, classroom supplies, and other materials for the science classroom.

Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair
The Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair took place on April 1-4 at the Thompson-Boling Arena. Knox County Schools had 16 middle school entries from Halls Middle, Karns Middle, and West Valley Middle and 1 high school entry from the L & N STEM Academy. Our schools will well-represented at the awards ceremony. The Dr. McIntyre judged the entries and selected two winners for the Superintendent’s Award for each division (junior and senior).
The Superintendent’s Award winners were:
Junior Division- Hovering Weights by Eric Kleckley- West Valley Middle School
Senior Division- Student-Bot by Jonathan Bueckman & Jonathan Redington- L & N STEM Academy
Science Olympiad
The Tennessee Science Olympiad state tournament was held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus on Saturday, April 6. Knox County  had three schools qualify for the state tournament- South-Doyle Middle and Bearden Middle in Division B and Bearden High School for Division C. All three schools had students who placed in the various events.
Bearden Middle School placed 1st out of eighteen teams from across the state. They too will be fundraising to take students to Ohio for the national competition.

Submitted by
Becky Ashe
KCS STEM Coordinator

STEM is co-sponsoring with Discovery Education Network a  
Virtual Conference & Unconference!
Connecting Communities
Saturday, April 20th
8:00am - 4:00pm
FREE - Register Here
L&N STEM Academy
401 Henley Street,  Knoxville, TN  37902  

Discovery’s Spring Virtual Conference is an all-day, online, professional development opportunity that goes, literally, around the world for educators to drop in and participate together from wherever they are at the time.  The speakers highlighted for the Virtual Conference are standing somewhere in the real-world, talking to real people in real time.  And for those of us in Tennessee, that live place is the L&N STEM Academy located in the historic L&N Train Depot at World’s Fair Park in downtown Knoxville.   Participants are encouraged to come ready to share with other attendees about some technology strategy, app, or website they are incorporating successfully in their classroom.  Appropriate for all subject areas, grades PK - 12.
  • Keynote Speaker Lance Rougeux, President of the Discovery Educator Network, will present the first live Webinar from our location
  • Doors open at 8am, followed by opening remarks at 8:30, Lance Live at 9
  • Sponsored by the Discovery Educator Network and Knox County Schools
  • Breakfast and lunch provided courtesy of Discovery
  • Questions?  Email: timothy.childers@knoxschools.org
NOTE TO KNOX COUNTY TEACHERS: We will send you instructions about ERO at a later date. But you MUST register at the above link in order for us to plan for lunch.

Submitted by
Judy Newgent
Social Studies Specialist

Social Studies News

Congratulations to all Social Studies teachers and students
who participated in National History Day at UTK on March 4, 2013. Students from Northwest Middle (Chris Standridge, sponsor), West Valley Middle (Karen Peterman, sponsor), Farragut High (Angela Breeding, sponsor), L & N STEM (Jill Robbins, sponsor), and West High School (Carrie Halliburton, sponsor) placed in the competition, and several students qualified for the state competition!  We wish everyone the best of luck at their next level of competition!  
All elementary, middle, and high school Social Studies teachers are invited to offer feedback on the proposed Social Studies Standards.  Please visit the TDOE website at http://www.tn.gov/education/curriculum.shtmlto view the first draft of the revised standards. 
Save the Date!  MS and HS Social Studies Teachers: 

TheMiddle School Honors EOC and High School EOC Preview Sessions are as follows:
  • Tuesday, April 30, 2013, Bearden High School, 4:00-6:00, MS in Room 329 and HS in Room 330 
  • Thursday, May 2, 2013, Central High School, 4:00-6:00, MS in Room 221 and HS in Room 222 
Middle School Social Studies Teachers: 
Middle School Honors teachers may continue to submit assessment items for the May Honors EOC; please follow the outlined protocol.  The protocol may be found on the Social Studies TEACHER intranet under Department Files.  All Honors teachers are encouraged to submit test bank items for the Honors EOC. 

April PD opportunities are listed on the Social Studies TEACHER intranet and on ERO!  
MS and HS Department Chairs will meet from 4:30-6:00 on April 11 at SSPDTC in room 106.   
The State U.S. History EOC is May 6. 
The Middle School Honors Social Studies EOC is slated for May 15th. 

Additional announcements and workshops/PD for Social Studies teachers are posted on the Social Studies TEACHER intranet!  If you are not already a member of our intranet, join today!


Submitted by
Keith Wilson

TAP Important Dates

April 15th  - TAP A&M meeting
April 30th - Due date for all Observations submitted into CODE
May 13th - Final TAP A&M Meeting

Submitted by
Laurie Driver
Testing Supervisor

Test Coordinator's Trainings: (Please sign up on ERO for Elementary and High School Sessions - see ERO for times and locations) 
  • April 9-12 (Elementary) 
  • April 10 (Middle School) 
  • April 16 (High School) 
Upcoming Testing Dates: 
  • Achievement/MAAS/ELSA Test (Grades 3-8) - April 23-30 
  • Chemistry EOC Pilot - April 23 
  • SAT-10 Tests (Grades K-2) - April 30 - May 3 
  • CRA Assessments (Grades 3-8) - May 6-8 
  • English 10 and US History EOC - May 6 
  • English 11 and Algebra 1 EOC - May 7 
  • English 9 and Algebra 2 EOC - May 8 
  • Biology EOC - May 9

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
World Language Specialist

WL News

Congratulations to Brandon Lynam, one of Dr. Frank Chen’s students from Bearden High. Brandon has been accepted into the Chinese Language Flagship Program at Ole Miss; the Flagship program is one of only four in the country and accepts only 20 students per year.  
Flo Fillers will be presenting a workshop entitled “An Interdisciplinary Journey: Designing Cross-curricular Lessons in the WL Classroom” on April 23 from 4:30-5:30 in the Library Classroom at West High (SRN 2013156301). This session will focus on how to create lesson plans for WL classes that integrate other subject areas. The presenter will also share examples. Teachers of all disciplines are invited to attend.
The East TN Tennessee Foreign Language Teachers’ Association one-day conference will be held on April 27th from 8-3 at West High school. Registration has been extended through April 10th. More information can be found on our department FusionPage.
The WL Department will participate in the county-wide EOC reviews on April 30 at Bearden High and on May 2 at Central High (both in the library from 4-6 p.m.).