C & I Update 6 (August & September 2013)

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Departments August-September Announcements

Submitted by
Heather Casteel
Art Specialist

Congratulations to Cheri Jorgenson (L&N Stem Academy) with two presentations accepted for the National Art Education Association's 2014 National Conference in San Diego and Heather Casteel (Art Specialist) who will present to arts administrators on Art and Common Core.
Next week is the art department gears up to begin art teacher visits. Every teacher in the art department will receive instructional support that is tailored to his/her needs.
"We are Common Core!"- On Aug 7th, art teachers learned that many art practices are in-line with Common Core State Standards. For example, when we use our formal critique process (describe, analyze, interpret, and judge a work of art), we are not just teaching Visual Art Standard 5 (reflecting and assessing the characteristics and merits of artwork.), but we are also teaching Reading Anchor Standard 1 (read text closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions) and Reading Anchor Standard 2 (Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development; summarize key supporting details and ideas)!!!
We are really excited about the Fine Arts Portfolio Assessment pilot this year. All Fine Arts Teachers met together for Portfolio 101 and Portfolio Planning on Aug. 27th. More training will be available soon! Click here to access the KCS Teacher_Fine Arts Portfolio_2013-14 skydrive folder: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=82F715CE14F20C5A!226.

Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Avid Supervisor

Another fabulous start for our AVID programs. More schools are integrating the AVID strategies throughout the content areas- not just through the AVID elective class. SO proud of how are AVID schools are "moving forward" as we increase the rigor and fidelity of our AVID program district-wide. Aren't in an AVID school but want to know more about the strategies? Come to any of our professional development opportunities beginning later this fall.

Submitted by
Richard Mitchell

Choral Music Specialist

Mark Your Calendars
2014 K.C.S. Honors Choirs performances
  • Elementary Honors Choir Concert - Sunday, April 27, 2014,
    3:00 p.m. South-Doyle Middle School Auditorium.
  • Middle School Honors Choir Concert - Tuesday, March 4, 2014,
    6:00 p.m. Northwest Middle School Auditorium. 
  • High School "Choral Showcase 2014" - Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 7:00pm Bearden High School Auditorium.
McGraw-Hill K-2 Music Workshop
Led by Michael Hudson, New York City, NY
Thursday, September 5, 2013
4:00 - 6:00p.m.
Location - TBA
"Note Knacks" 1-6 Grade Music Workshop
Led by Kristin Pugliese, Roswell, GA
Monday, October 7, 2013
4:00 - 6:00p.m.
Sarah Simpson Building - Room #209
Several Fine Arts Portfolio (FAP) "learning workshops"
will be available on ERO.
Please check the choral music fusion page for postings.
Common-Core Transition News

Submitted by
Theresa Nixon and
Millicent Smith

Common Core Leadership Council

Thanks to all!
  • Deepest appreciation to the Knox County educators who participated in the summer training sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education. Special thanks goes to the 117 Knox County educators who were TNCore Coaches and delivered training across five weeks this summer. All summer training materials are available on the TNCore website (Username: tneducation; password: fastestimproving).
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in Continuing the Journey: Priming for PARCC on August 7 across the district. We will help every child reach their goal of college or career readiness.
  • Interested in learning more about Accountable Talk? There is a free online course available through Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/course/accountabletalk).
 New resources are available daily on the state website www.tncore.org.

Submitted by
Rocky Riley and
Chris Tucker

CTE Supervisors

Congratulations CTE Winners!

Congratulations to Mr. Frank Calfee and Mr. Jim Fagan and Bearden Middle School Technology Student Association on their National Awards.
Challenging Technology Issues - 3th Place
Career Prep - 6th Place
Dragster - 6th Place
Electrical Application - 6th Place
Essays on Technology - 7th Place
Chapter Team - 8th Place
Inventions and Innovations - 7th Place
Chapter Team Written Test - 9th Place
Transportation Systems - 10th Place
Video Game Design - 10th Place
Techno Talk - 10th Place

Congratulations to Ms. Leigh Davis and Ms. Wanda Walker and Karns Middle School Technology Student Association on their National Awards

Agriculture and Biotechnology – 4th
Challenging Technology Issues – 1st
Chapter Team – 1st
Chapter Team Written – 10th
Community Service Video – 5th
Digital Photography – 1st
Essays on Technology – 3rd
Global Manufacturing – 5th
Medical Technology Issues – 8th
Prepared Speech – 1st
Promotional Design – 1st and 2nd
Systems Control – 7th
Video Game Design – 5th

Congratulations to Ms. Dana Popa and Karns High School Health Science Program on their 1st place finish in Physical Therapy at HOSA Nationals.

CTE goes Tee Time Annual Golf Tournament at Three Ridges on September 20, 2013 sponsored by Home Depot. 

KCS Health Science and HOSA programs will be participating in the System-Wide Disaster Drill on November 6th. This event is in conjunction with the Knox County Health Department, local hospitals, and EMS personnel.
ELA/Reading K-5

Submitted by
Janet Sexton

K-5 ELA/Reading Supervisor

Reading Street Update

Special thanks to custodians, instructional assistants, teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators for working diligently to unpack hundreds of boxes and for distributing Reading Street materials. Reading Street curriculum continues to arrive daily in schools.
Please know that your patience is appreciated as we complete this daunting task.
  • Pearson representatives provided 48 professional development sessions on the implementation of the newly adopted reading basal, Reading Street Common Core 2013.  
  • Ongoing professional development will begin in October for grades K-5. Instructional coaches will partner with teachers to provide grade level specific training. These sessions will be offered county-wide by regions (north, south, east, and west). The professional development sessions will focus on implementing the Common Core using Reading Street.

Training for K-2
Kindergarten - November 21st
  • This session will be held at the Reading Center (1000 N. Central) 3:30-5:00.
  • Teachers MUST register on ERO.
  • Teachers will receive 1.5 hours of in-service credit.
  • After school session (will NOT require a substitute)

First Grade

  • Second session:  October 9th OR 10th
  • Third session:  January 29th OR 30th  

Second Grade

  • Second session:  October 2nd OR 3rd
  • Third session:  January 22nd OR 23rd

Sessions for grades 1-2 will be held at the Reading Center
(1000 N. Central) from 12:30-3:15

  • Teachers MUST register on ERO.

First and Second grade teachers should choose ONE date for session 2 and ONE date for session 3

  •  Substitutes will be paid by the Elementary Reading Department
  • Arrangements for substitutes must be made by the teacher on Aesop


The C.A.R.E. professional development sessions are for…

  •  Newly hired kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers
  • Teachers new to the grade level who have never had CARE training

Submitted by
Shannon Jackson
6-12 ELA/Reading Supervisor

TDOE CCSS ELA units are available on the TNCORE website. To access the units, go to TNCORE.org. Select ELA, then Curricular Resources, and then the grade band that applies to your context. Each unit comes with a User's Guide, a Unit Text Package, and the unit materials. The following units are currently available:
Grade 6 Sleep
Grade 7 Happiness
Grades 9-10 Argument
Grade 11-12 Abolition of Slavery
At this time, the Grade 8 unit has not been released.
Review and Revision of Module 1 Grades 6-12
ELA, Special Education, and other stakeholders may review Module 1 for each grade level on October 3rd from 4:15-6:15 Site TBA and/or October 10th from 4:15-6:15 Site TBA
Register on ERO
Middle School Honors Midterm/Cumulative Exam and English IV EOC Development
Any teacher interested in participating in exam development may attend the next sessions, which are on September 5th from 4:15-6:15 and September 21st from 10:00-1:00. Both sessions will be at Farragut High School. Thank you to their faculty and administration for hosting us. Participants should bring hard copies of Modules 1 and 2 for their grade level.
Coaches' System-wide Support
We are developing some "just-in-time" materials for vocabulary and language standards. 
There will be PD on September 27th as well as after school workshops to further support our teachers and students. As materials are developed, they will be added to the ELA Intranet page and distributed through the coaches.
ELA Approved Text
Any ELA teacher interested in reviewing texts for the ELA Approved Text list may attend a session on September 19 from 4:00-5:30 at the Panera at Mercedes Place. We are going to start with Touching Spirit Bear, Fast Food Nation, and The Glass Castle. Please make sure that you have read the books and you have marked any potentially objectionable material. Placemats have been completed for these texts. We will review them and determine if they are appropriate texts for county-wide use.
For all workshops and in-service sessions, please register on ERO, so we can be prepared for you.
Twitter @ShannonJackson5

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
ELL Supervisor

We are excited to welcome Lori Sumter back as our ELL Coach and Carrie Arana as our PD Specialist!
Our ELL curriculum committees have created amazing curriculum frameworks that we are using this school year. The curriculum is tied to ELL state standards and we also have a crosswalk between these standards and CCSS.
Follow us on Twitter @KCSLanguages

Submitted by
Julie Thompson,
Adam Parker
& Donna Howard

Elementary Supervisors

This summer Elementary Summer Bridge enabled targeted at-risk fifth graders the opportunity to have a positive early middle school experience while working on math, reading, and science/study skills for six weeks. Small class size, top notch teachers and site coordinators at Whittles and Northwest Middle Schools helped the students gain confidence in their ability to transition from elementary to middle school.  

Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Gifted Supervisor

So far this year our coaches have been busy looking at data to determine the needs of our advanced students. If your GT coach hasn't shared with you that information...it's coming to a PLC near you soon!
We are proud to welcome our new GT coaches to the group: Shayna Holmes, La Rhonda Forsythe, Athanasios Bayiates, and Kim Dalton.
For the first time in years we can say that GT is back in middle schools. Our middle school coaches will be working with honors classes and supporting instruction. We are excited to be able to offer this support.
September Professional Development Opportunities:

Wading Through the Web: Teaching Internet Research Strategies
Thursday, 9/19, SSPDC
Presented by: Brenda Norris and Sandy Morris
Grades 3-5
Wading through limitless amounts of information from reliable and unreliable source materials on the Internet may be overwhelming to students. Learn to research Internet sites with a critical eye improving students’ practical thinking and research thinking skills.

Pairing Fiction and Non-Fiction for Talented Readers
Monday, 9/23, SSPDC
Presented by Shayna Holmes and Tracy Marsh
Grades 1-5
Are you looking for a way to engage and challenge your high-ability readers? If so, pairing high-interest fiction and non-fiction text is just the thing. Learn to manage independent workstations to add rigor and depth to your reading instruction.
Creativity Crash Course
Thursday, 9/26, SSPDC
Presented by: Tiffany Nicely and Beth Millirons
Grades K-5
In surveying more than 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from around the world, the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study found that chief executives believe-- more than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision -- successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity. How we foster that creativity in the classroom on a DAILY basis across various disciplines is the cornerstone of this workshop. Research-based strategies and activities are embedded to promote creativity, problem solving, and the critical thinking skills rooted in the Common Core. Come join us as we learn to facilitate the students’ creative process and make the most of their creative potential!
Follow us on Twittter @GiftedKCS for details on PD and resources to use with your advanced students.

Submitted by
Jean Heise
Humanities Supervisor

Choral music, instrumental music and visual art teachers will take part in an important Fine Arts Portfolio full pilot during the 2013-14 school year. All Fine Arts teachers (including dance and theater) will receive training and support throughout the school year to submit a portfolio that will measure student growth. A big thank you to Heather Casteel, Art Specialist for coordinating the pilot. 
Immigrant Program

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
ELL Supervisor

Our Parent Community Liaisons have been working with schools and families to enroll students and coordinate with the transportation department. Our Spanish and Kirundi-speaking PCLs have done an amazing job helping our families enroll their students in school!
Once we have set schedules and school placements for the Spanish-speaking PCLs, we will share that information.

Submitted by
Walter Mincer
Instrumental Music Specialist


Submitted by
Theresa Nixon

Twitter @KCSeLearning

Department News

We are excited to introduce everyone to our new Instructional Technology department:

eLearning Trainers:

Micki Daniel, Betsy Jones, Steve Reagan, Cheryl Sheridan

SSS Team:

Helen Agee, Debbie Hilliard, Audrey Hurst, Jill Lane

TPaCK Coaches:

Tiersha Adkins, Jamey Black, Zach Brewer, Mike Carter, Jennifer Garrett, Candace Greer, Rachel Harmon, Sara Harris, Heather Hughes, Misty Lingerfelt, and Stacey Murray.
Our new department has a vision to provide personalized learning for students and educators through infusion of technology, pedagogy and content knowledge.
Our mission is to use available resources wisely to create an environment of innovation and excellence that will increase student achievement, close achievement gaps and prepare students for college and careers.

  • Thank you to everyone who facilitated and participated in our two different weeks of professional development for the School Technology Challenge. Topics covered during the sessions: Constructivism, Connectivism, Personalized Learning, Change Theory, Project-Based Learning, Canvas (LMS), and PLCs. Special thank you to the staff and administration from Dogwood Elementary, Bearden High, and Sarah Simpson Technology center for serving as site hosts for the event.
  • Coming soon to a computer near you... Canvas! We are transitioning to our new learning management system (LMS). Visit http://vimeo.com/51408381 for a brief overview of the system. Training for all schools will begin this school year. Stay tuned next month for details.
Time Topic Location
Professional Learning Opportunities
Registration Available for all sessions in ERO

Sept. 3 3:00-4:00 pm
Cloud Storage 101
Corryton Elem.
Sept. 4
4:00-6:00 pm Mac Apps Part 1
OSX features, Safari
& Preview
Sept. 10
4:00-6:00 pm Beginning iPads
Sept. 10
4:00-6:00 pm Mac Apps Part 2
Quicktime Player,
*Part 1 is not a prerequisite
Sept. 11 4:00-6:00 pm Mac Apps Part 1
OSX features, Safari
& Preview
Sept. 11
4:00-6:00 pm ActivBoard Basic Concepts SSPDTC
Sept. 12 4:00-6:00 pm 5-12 Student Creations
Software for MacBooks
Sept. 17 4:00-6:00 pm Cloud Storage 101 SSPDTC
Sept. 18 4:00-6:00 pm Cloud Storage 101 SSPDTC
Sept. 18 4:00-6:00 pm SmartBoard Basics SSPDTC
Sept. 23 3:15-4:45pm ActivBoard Basic Concepts
Norwood Library
Sept. 24 1:00-3:00 Cloud Storage 102- Evernote
For Administrators
Sept. 24 4:00-6:00 pm Beginning iPads SSPDTC
Sept. 24 4:00-6:00 pm Mac Apps Part 2
Quicktime Player,
*Part 1 is not a prerequisite
Sept. 25 9:00-11:00 am Cloud Storage 102- Evernote
For Administrators
Sept. 25 1:00-3:00 Cloud Storage 102- Evernote
For Administrators
Sept. 25 4:00-6:00 pm Mac Apps Part 1
OSX features, Safari
& Preview
Sept. 30 4:00-6:00 pm ActivBoard Magic Reveals Text and Grids


Submitted by
John Whalen
Library Media Director
Connie Booher
Library/Media Specialist

We are readers, researchers, and creators!!!  Last year Knox County students checked out over 1,102,500 library books. The also read over 244,000 Big Universe eBooks. Performed over 50,000 searches on three databases, and pulled up almost 300,000 images.
Millions of search results? NO time to explore them all? Information pulled from everywhere? It’s tough to distinguish what’s accurate and what’s not; too much information obtained from non-authoritative sources. Does this sound like your typical research experience? Let us show you how to STEP UP YOUR RESEARCH by moving away from Google and exploring the In-Context databases – Biography, Opposing Viewpoints, Science, and Student Resources. You’ll be glad you did! Sign –up in ERO. Sept. 18 from 4:30 – 5:30 at Hardin Valley Academy Library, led by HVA Librarians – Level: Middle and High
Teachers, as we plunge into the common core, let your librarian help you find informational texts

Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Magnet Supervisor

We are proud to announce the Vine Magnet STEAM program is off to a fantastic start. We congratulate the Vine staff and administration for working so hard to welcome students this year. The implementation of the STEAM theme is a success due to their hard work.
The Sarah Moore Greene staff supported hundreds of students this summer at their Boost Camp. We applaud their "above and beyond" attitude.
Welcome, Beth Lackey and Jessica Schaefer-Ruiz to Green Magnet...we are excited to support you in your STEAM efforts this year.
Planning for our 9th magnet school is an exciting experience for us. Stay tuned for updates as we finalize plans for the Career Magnet Academy at Pellissippi State opening next fall!
Congratulations to FulCom Communications and Media magnet program at Fulton High School. The students in FulCom were asked to design the national magnet schools organizations (MSA) brochure. We are so proud of their exposure at the national level!

Submitted by
Libby Burney
K-5 Math Specialist

What's new on the Elementary Math Intranet?
Each grade level now has a separate folder with everything you need including curriculum, assessments, and individual student records. You will also find a folder with math tasks created by Knox County teachers as well as tasks from the TNCore website and Illustrative Mathematics

Submitted by
Gary Petko
Math Supervisor

I want to thank all the secondary principals who have taken the time to meet with me regarding mathematics in your building. I look forward to scheduling a time with the rest of you as we plan for an exciting school year.
Please be reminded that if you would like for me to take part in an evaluation of one of your math teachers this coming school year, please email me or my secretary, Carolynn Bilbo, the names of those teachers.
Upcoming Just-in-Time Mathematics Professional Development Opportunities
Date Time Topic Location
Thurs, Aug. 29 4:00-6:00
Content Workshop:
Algebra I/Geometry
Bearden HS
Thurs, Sept. 19 4:00-6:00 Content Workshop:
8th Grade
Powell MS
Tues, Sept. 24 4:00-6:00 Content Workshop:
Algebra II/Geometry
Central HS
Migrant Education-
Title III

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
ELL Supervisor

Migrant Surveys

Please be reminded to send all Migrant Surveys (only those with at one or more answers of "yes") to the ELL Dept. on the 10th floor of the AJ. This survey should be part of the enrollment packet for all students new to KCS.>

Submitted by
Jean Heise
Humanities Supervisor

PE teachers learned how to administer the Pacer Fitness Test to measure student fitness at the August 7 system-wide in-service. Teachers also provided great feedback on the K-12 PE curriculum guides. Health and Wellness curriculum guides will be created and reviewed in October and November. The upcoming September 27 in-service will focus on how Accountable Talk can be embedded in teaching cooperative games. There will also be a hands on session for teachers to use iPads durinrg physical activity, Wellness teachers will review Michigan Model curriculum and Health teachers will continue training on bullying prevention. 

Submitted by
Millicent Smith

  • Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Class of PD Specialists! We are looking forward to learning from you this year!

Follow @KnoxCountyPD on Twitter!

Submitted by
Andrea Allen
Science Supervisor

The Science Department is continuing in excellence and excited to announce:
  • Science TCAP results showed all grade levels percentage of proficient and advance students increased in achievement with 7th grade increasing 7%! Our teachers are working so hard and we are proud of their efforts.
  • Family Engineering Evening is a program developed with UT CURENT outreach and was used last year at Sequoyah and Whittle Springs. We will see the evening expanded to Vine, Green, and Holston this year.
  • Teachers worked this summer to revise and update the science curriculum.Make sure you checkout the Science Intranet for new resources.
  • Our science teachers that went to CCSS training this summer will be using Science in Context from the TEL database to integrate informational text into their lessons. The August 7 system-wide inservice CCSS trained teachers had time to find and compile resources for the modules they will teach this year.
  • Science professional development specific to Picture Perfect, CCSS and Science, 7th grade content, Chemistry State EOC prep, Common Assessment Cohorts, and more are coming starting end of September.
  • New Software was purchased for the district by the Science Department. All schools will have access to the Vernier probe software. We have some probes available for checkout through the science department such as the temperature probe. Check out the technology here http://www.vernier.com .

Submitted by
Becky Ashe
KCS STEM Coordinator


Knox County's STEM Program got some national exposure this August as Coordinator Becky Ashe was accepted to present at the National Magnet School's Summer Institute on STEM. The presentation was titled "Building a Culture for STEM in Your School."
The 30, K-5 teachers who participated in this summer's laboratory workshop will be meeting for their fall quarterly follow-up meeting September 16 from 4:45 - 6:45 at the L&N STEM Academy. STEM STARS are being built around the system so there will be a model of STEM in the classroom near you this year!
Mark your calendars, everyone in grades PK-12 is invited to participate in the third annual STEM Unconference, Saturday, October 12, 9:00 - 12:00 at the L&N STEM Academy. You can register beginning September 6 at our department website, http://stem-k-12.knoxschools.org. Come learn or come to share, but plan to come!

Submitted by
Judy Newgent
Social Studies Specialist

New K-12 Social Studies Standards for 2014-2015!
It's an exciting time to teach Social Studies in Tennessee! The newly revised Social Studies State Standards were passed by the TBOE by a unanimous vote and will be implemented Fall, 2014! While Social Studies teachers will continue to teach and assess the present standards for the 2013-2014 school year, training on the new Standards and writing the new curriculum to the new KCS Curriculum Framework will begin this Fall. The specific training dates will be shared through the online PD Calendar and via ERO.

Please click on the following links to view the new Social Studies
K-8 9-12
Required & Elective
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Student Days
Are you searching for a unique opportunity for a field trip for students to learn more about the Civil War centered around the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sanders? Great news! A reconstructed fort on a Northeast Knox County farm will host Student Days on October 10 or 11 from 930-1:30. Re-enactments (including President Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address) and various teaching stations will be part of the fun. For additional information, please see the informational flyer on the Social Studies Teacher intranet.

The Middle School Block Party Continues…
Please check the Social Studies Teacher intranet under Department Announcements for future system-wide dates/times/locations! If you prefer, we’ll come to you!

Middle School Honors Boot Camp Dates
If you did not attend the June 7, 2013 Honors Boot Camp but are teaching a Middle School Honors class, please make plans to attend one of the two upcoming PDs on either September 14 or October 26. An informational flyer is available on the Social Studies Teacher intranet. Registration is open on ERO.

ETHC offers PD for all teachers interested in participating in NATIONAL HISTORY DAY! 
Thursday Sept. 5 and 13, 4:00 -6:00 at ETHC
Getting Started and Theme Workshop will be the topics discussed. The introductory session will cover the basics of the NHD program while the Theme Workshop will investigate Rights and Responsibilities in History. Prior participation or introduction to NHD is a prerequisite to the Theme Workshop.
 Please email Dr. William Hardy at hardy@eastTNhistory.org to register. Materials and certificate of participation are provided. In-service hours are available.

Upcoming Social Studies PD
Please check ERO and/or the online PD Calendar for upcoming Social Studies PD opportunities! Coming soon… 4th Grade Social Studies Content and Instructional Strategies and 11th Grade Social Studies Content and Instructional Strategies!    

The Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission is holding a series of elementary and middle school teacher training summits this fall (all are on Saturday):

Clarksville, TN Sept. 21
Jackson, TN Oct. 5
Oak Ridge, TN Oct. 12
Murfreesboro, TN Oct. 19
Dyersburg, TN Nov. 2
Parsons, TN Dec. 7
For additional information, visit the Social Studies Teacher Intranet!

Interested in serving on the Middle School Honors Midterm Development Team, the High School EOC Revision Team, or on one of the K-12 Curriculum Writing Teams? 

If you are interested in serving in one of those capacities, please email Judy Newgent at judy.newgent@knoxschools.org or Katherine Petko at katherine.petko@knoxschools.org before Friday, September 6.

Constitution Day- Monday, September 16th!
Visit the TNCore Website for the latest Common Core information/updates at http://tncore.org/.

If you are not a member of the Social Studies Teacher Intranet, JOIN TODAY! Keep up to date with the latest K-12 Social Studies PD opportunities, announcements, kudos, and more!

Submitted by
Keith Wilson

The first Administrator and Master Teacher (A&M) Meeting of the year will be on Monday, September 16. Please make sure that your team is well represented. We will be taking a closer look at the Individual Growth Plan process.
September 16th is also the deadline for online evaluator certification. Please make sure you have completed this process by that time. (tapsystemtraining.org)
September 19(Th), 20 (Fr), 23(M) - Core Training - Cluster and Leadership Team will be offered at Lincoln Park in the Kelly Room - ALL new Middle and High School TAP Leadership Team members should attend (coaches are welcome)
September 23-25 (M-W) - Core Training - Cluster and Leadership Team will be offered at Sarah Simpson in the Great Room - ALL new Elementary TAP Leadership Team members should attend (coaches are welcome)
Sign up on ERO for your session!

Submitted by
Laurie Driver
Testing Supervisor

Upcoming Assessments: (All dates are windows for testing - ask your school administrator for exact testing times)
  • Elementary Discovery Education: 9/16-27
  • Middle School Discovery Education: 9/16-27
  • High School Discovery Education: 9/9-20
  • ACT PLAN: 9/16-20
  • ACT EXPLORE: 10/7-11
  • PSAT: 10/16 or 19

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
World Language Supervisor

Congratulations to the WL Dept. at Hardin Valley Academy; all students who took AP language exams in French, German, and Spanish earned scores of 3, 4, or 5!!

Allison Maldonado, a Spanish teacher at Farragut High, was named WBIR's Teacher of the Week; the segment will air on August 27th. Allison also accompanied a group of Farragut High students to Ecuador with Go Right Way this summer.
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