C & I Update 12 (December 2014)

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    Elementary SLA C&I Update #12
    Posted by ADAM PARKER at 1/15/2015 2:00:00 PM

    It is hard to believe that we are already planning for our summer school program for this year. Teachers in a full time teaching position that are interested in teaching summer school this year will need to fill out the ELP form found on the ELP intranet site and fill out the application and questionnaire found on the ELP web page. The information can be found on school wires on the Professional Development Page. Click on the ELP link found on the left side of the page. The following hyperlink can also be used to navigate you to the information:
    http://knoxschools.org/Page/6098. All instructions, as well as the required forms are found here. Call or e-mail Kelly Beckett if you have any questions about the website. To those that have already filled out the ELP form, you will need to visit the ELP page to obtain the questionnaire. The dates for the academy this year are June 1-26. There will be a registration night you are required to attend which is the night of April 9th from 4:30-7:30 and a training day scheduled for May 29th. Questionnaires will be due by March 6th and will need to be sent to Kelly Beckett. The sites for summer school will be Brickey-McCloud Elementary, Cedar Bluff Elementary, Christenberry Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, Lonsdale Elementary, Maynard Elementary, Norwood Elementary and Ritta Elementary. Teachers will have a summer school curriculum correlated to common core and a daily schedule to follow. Remember you cannot apply for summer school if you have not viewed the video, filled out an application and filled out the questionnaire. We look forward to another successful summer school program for our students.

    Adam Parker and Donna Howard
    Elementary Supervisors

  • PreK-Kindergarten Portfolio Update-C&I Update #12

    Posted by ADAM PARKER at 12/17/2014 10:35:00 AM
    A presentation of the draft growth portfolio for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers will be held during the morning of the February 16th inservice day to provide an overview of the process that selected teachers will engage in for the second semester.  Additional details will be forthcoming.  Thank you so very much to our selected Pre-K Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, and Coaches for their time and professional insight putting together the first steps of the portfolio pilot. 
  • New Teacher Forum C&I Update 12

    Posted by Julie Thompson and Judy Newgent at 12/17/2014
    New Teacher Forum meets the second Thursday of each month through April and is open to all new teachers. ​Upcoming NTF programs include topics such as parental involvement & support, TEAM/TAP, technology in the classroom, and preparing your students for standardized testing. We also share strategies from the book "Teach Like a Champion".

    The next New Teacher Forum will be Thursday, January 8 from 4:00 - 5:30 at the SSPDTC in Room #106. New teachers who have been hired since the New Teacher Academy are especially encouraged to attend. Teachers may register on Randa Tower PD and receive system-wide in-service credit for their attendance.

    Principals, encourage your new teachers to attend. Contact Julie Thompson, 594-1755 or Judy Newgent, 594-1730 for more information.​
  • Special Education C&I Update #12

    Posted by RICHARD BAUGHMAN at 12/15/2014 10:00:00 AM

    Elementary Special Education 

    As part of our parent engagement grant, we have begun a series of parent engagement events at our elementary schools. The first round of these after school events has taken place at Gibbs, Hardin Valley, and Belle Morris Elementary Schools, and Farragut Primary School. The programs provide participating parents with math related materials and activities they can do at home to support their children’s learning.


    We have received positive feedback from participating parents and schools. As requested by a few principals, we will be providing some additional specific curriculum guidelines for elementary special education classrooms. These parent engagement events will continue throughout the 2nd semester. Look for dates and locations in the next elementary principals’ update.
  • Social Studies C&I Update #12

    Posted by Judy Newgent at 12/15/2014
    • Congratulations to Tammy McKibbens and her AP Government Students at Bearden High for their outstanding PBL on Civil Rights and Liberties.
    • Congratulations to Dr. Gloria McElroy on her nomination to serve on the NCSS leadership team.  Best wishes, Gloria!
    • Congratulations to the following teachers who were chosen to serve on the Elementary Social Studies Leadership Council members:  Hillary Hudson, Sequoyah, Kristin Risdahl, Brickey-McCloud, Jyl Smithson, Amherst, Lisa Henley, Amherst, Danae McKain, Cedar Bluff, and Linda Stooksbury, Gibbs.
    • Congratulations to Lou Gallo, West High School.  Mr. Gallo authored one of the three exemplar Course Planning and Pacing Guides for College Board's revised AP European History course.
    • The Social Studies Department Chair Meeting will be Thursday, January 15 at SSPDTC in room 104.  We will begin at 4:30.
    • If Katherine or Judy may assist with building level National History Day competition, please do not hesitate to inquire.
    • New resources continue to be added to SchoolWires; check it out! Teachers are encouraged to contribute electronic copies to Judy or Katherine.
    • Upcoming PD:  


    4th Grade PD - Thursday,  January 15
    Title: Engaging in History: Unpacking the New Social Studies Standards
    Description: Participants will become more familiar with the new standards by learning strategies to teach, assessments to use, educational games to play, and more! 
    Intended Audience: 4th grade teacher
    Date: Thursday, January 15
    Time: 3:45-5:45
    Location: Brickey-McCould Elementary School (Room 308)
    Presenter: Kristin Risdahl 
    3rd Grade Pd - Wednesday, January 21
    Title: Engaging in World Geography: Up to the Minute Lesson Plans and Ideas for the Spring Semester
    Description: Participants will engage in and plan lessons to use for each module for the spring semester.  
    Intended Audience: 3rd grade teachers
    Date: Thursday, January 8
    Time: 3:45-5:45
    Location: Sequoyah Elementary School - Library
    Presenters: Hillary Hudson, Laura Phillips, Katherine Petko 
    5th Grade PD - Thursday, January 22
    Title: Engaging in History: Unpacking the New Social Studies Standards
    Description: Participants will become more familiar with the new standards by learning strategies to teach, assessments to use, educational games to play, and more! 
    Intended Audience: 5th grade teacher
    Date: Thursday, January 22
    Time: 3:45-5:45
    Location: Brickey-McCould Elementary School (Room 308)
    Presenter: Kristin Risdahl 
    Upcoming February PD Sessions on Social Studies Field Assessments and 7th Grade Content
  • ELA/Reading K-5 C&I Update #12

    Posted by Kerry Crook at 12/15/2014
    November 4 System-Wide - PD developed for teachers by teachers. A well-deserved thanks and appreciation to the many teachers who presented at our Knox County System-Wide In-Service Day. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Your colleagues appreciate your willingness to share your expertise. Please know the ELA Department values your contributions.
    C.A.R.E. Training
    (for NEWLY HIRED Teachers in K, 1st, and 2nd Grade or Teachers NEW to K, 1st, and 2nd Grade)
    • January 29, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center (Knox Central)
    FIRST GRADE - Choose ONE of the two sessions
    • January 8, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center (Knox Central)
    • January 14, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center (Knox Central)
    SECOND GRADE - Choose ONE of the two sessions
    • February 4, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center (Knox Central) 
    • February 5, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center (Knox Central)
  • ELA/Reading 6-12 C&I Update #12

    Posted by Shannon Jackson at 12/15/2014
    Thank you to all of the teachers who have participated in curriculum writing, test development, and professional learning in 2014!  I have been to every school and witnessed some excellent instruction and engaged in great conversations about how we can support our teachers in the very important work that they do with students.
    Reading Course
    By the end of January, we will have graduated over 75 teachers in our Science of Reading course!  As Louisa Moats says, "teaching reading is rocket science," and this course delivers a plan to those who have emerging readers in their courses.  As we celebrate this groups of teachers, we are already looking to develop the next cohort.  Please contact Karen Irwin at Karen.Irwin@knoxschools.org if you are interested.  In addition to attending the classes, we are providing follow-up support in participants' classrooms to help them develop automaticity with the routines that will support our most at-risk middle and high school students.
     Writing Assessment Reminder
    February 2-6, 2015 Grades 11, 8, and 5
    February 9-13, 2015 Grades 10, 7, and 4
    February 17-20, 2015 Grades 9, 6, and 3
    Linda Perry and Stacy Hilliard have developed a professional learning experience for anyone wishing to learn more about the writing assessment for this year.  Please email Linda at Linda.Perry@knoxschools.org if you are interested in attending a session. The TNCORE.org website has many practice resources, and the MIST platform is available for practice.  All coaches have been trained in accessing MIST and the practice prompts.
    Character Counts Essay Contest
    CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition and Knox County Schools is once again sponsoring the annual essay contest.  Complete information will be posted on the Secondary ELA website and the Guidance Counselors' website. All middle and high school students are encouraged to participate.  Final submissions from each school are due to Shannon Jackson by February 13, 2015 at 4:00.
    Department Chair Meetings
    Voicethreads are sent out the week before the meeting.  Please listen to them in advance. 
    January 27th - West High School Lecture Hall from 4:30-6:00 (Focus -  Measurement Incorporated's Test Development Process)
    February 24 - West High School  Lecture Hall from 4:30 - 6:00 (Focus - Learning Progression Review for 2015-2016 Curriculum)
    March 31 - West High School Lecture Hall from 4:30 - 6:00 (Focus - Planning Teacher Support for Summer and Opening of School)
    Secondary Literacy Coach Meetings
    January 28 - West High Room 120 from 4:15 - 5:45 (Focus- Learning Targets and Success Criteria for Writing Assignments)
    February 25 - West High Room 120 from 4:15 - 5:45 (Focus - Learning Progression Review for 2015 - 2016 Curriculum)
    April 1 - West High Room 120 from 4:15 - 5:45 (Focus - Planning Teacher Support for Summer and Opening of School)
    Professional Development Committee Meetings
    This meeting is open to any KCS secondary ELA teacher who would like to be a leader of professional learning.
    January 8 and 22 - L & N STEM Academy
    February 5 and 19 - L & N STEM Academy 
    Additional meetings will be scheduled at the February 19th meeting.   
    Curriculum and Assessment Committee Meetings
    All meetings are from 4:30 - 6:30. 
    January 14 - Karns High School 
    February 11 -  Reading Center at Knox Central Building 
    March 12 - Reading Center at Knox Central Building
    April 16 - Reading Center at Knox Central Building 
  • Science C&I Update #12

    Posted by Andrea Allen at 12/15/2014
    Congratulations to our Teachers!    Look at all the amazing awards and leadership opportunities our KCS Science teachers are doing. This district is so fortunate to have such amazing science teachers. 
    TSTA Science Educator of the Year Knox County finalists are for middle schools Melissa Wells (West Valley Middle) and Kayla Canario (Bearden Middle) . The two high school finalist were Natalie Sisk (Farragut High) and John Tilson (Hardin Valley Academy). 
    Joe Foy (L&N STEM Academy) joined the state science standards writing team for Physics.
    We had many presenters at the state TSTA conference: 
    Jill Lawrence, Gresham Middle 
    Michael Knapp, Hardin Valley Academy
    John Tilson, Hardin Valley Academy
    Tami Russell, District Science Coach
    Elizabeth MacTavish, Farragut Middle
    Kirsten Loftis, Northwest 
    Presidential Math and Science Award winners are Nicole Resmondo and Karla Fultz.
    District Elementary Science Advisory Council: This is a representation of elementary educators across our district that are passionate and positive about science in our schools. 
    Adam Maitland, Ball Camp
    Jennifer Maples, Cedar Bluff 
    Alyson Lall, Northshore
    Lynne Berney, Karns
    Dawn Stacy, Brickey McCloud  
    Erica Roberts, Green Magnet 
    Lindsay Russell, Cedar Bluff


    Science Professional Development

    Elementary Science :
    Picture Perfect Science Lessons : this online course will take you through the parts and implementation of a picture perfect science lesson and you can do this PD virtually for 2 hours systemwide credit. Teachers can self-­‐enroll in the canvas course with this URL: knoxschools.instructure.com/enroll/6CCPGD Email Science PD Specialist, Jenny Grosche, at jenny.grosche@knoxschools.org with any enrollment questions. Deadline to finish this online course will be January 20th.
    Secondary Science: 
     Unlocking the Secrets of Cell Chemistry--Biology teacher, Trudy Rogers, will explore teaching strategies and labs addressing structure of and positive tests for the various biomolecules and enzyme action on chemical reactions in the human body. January 29, 2015 from 4:15-5:45 in Room 274 at Farragut Middle School.

    Science-Specific Personalization Strategies--Design your classroom for the success of every student using formative assessments, differentiation techniques, small group instruction, and more! February 5, 2015 from 4:15-5:45 at Sarah Simpson Professional Development Center.
  • Art C&I Update #12

    Posted by Heather Casteel at 12/15/2014
    Congratulations to Jenny Snead (art teacher at South Knox, Ritta, and Gap Creek) whose artwork was chosen as Best of Show at the Arts & Culture Alliance Exhibit- Art at the Airport.http://www.knoxalliance.com/album/airport_fall14.html
    Happy Returns to Stan Hillard (art teacher at Bearden High) who is retiring this December.
    Congratulations to Melissa Wilkinson (art teacher at Austin East) whose student submitted the winning entry for the Knox County Health Department infographic contest.
    Join us for the 4th Tuesday Professional Learning Session on Jan. 27th and Feb. 24th. Locations and sessions to be announced.
    Join us at the McClung Museum on Tues. Feb. 10th from 4:30-6:30 for a Professional Learning Session on the exhibit- Drawn from the McClung.
  • CTE C&I Update #12

    Posted by Rocky Riley, Chris Tucker at 12/15/2014
  • Elementary Education C&I Update #12

    Posted by Adam Parker, Donna Howard, Julie Thompson at 12/15/2014
  • Professional Development C&I Update #12

    Posted by Millicent Smith at 12/15/2014
  • Library Media Services C&I Update #12

    Posted by Sarah Searles at 12/15/2014
    The Library Media Services department extends congratulations and best wishes to our two December retirees, Marilyn Paulk-Hillard of Bearden High School and Pam Meadows of South Doyle High School!  We are so appreciative of your years of service to Knox County students, and we will miss you!
    Many thanks to our department's presenters for the November 4 inservice day--your contributions make it possible for us to provide high-quality professional learning!
    Library-Media content area sessions:
    • Becky Earle and Kathy Cross, Cedar Bluff Elementary
    • Tommie Branscum, Green Magnet Academy
    • Greta McMillan, A. L. Lotts Elementary
    • Alice Schoo-Jerger, Inskip Elementary
    • Samantha Owens, Ritta Elementary
    • Heather Palmer, Dogwood Elementary
    Digital Resource sessions for classroom teachers:
    • Emily Davenport and Sarah Qualls, Carter High
    • Jennifer May, Central High
    • Karyn Storts-Brinks, Fulton High
    • Amy Ballard, Bearden High
    • Shelia Turner, West Valley Middle
    Technology-Mediated Discussion coordinators:
    • Rebekah Ellis, L&N STEM Academy
    • Donna Gobbell, Bearden Middle
    • Christa Lewis, Holston Middle
    • Kim Waller, Northwest Middle
    • Brittany Witte and Mica Johnson, Farragut Middle 
  • Pre-K C&I Update #12

    Posted by Carol Idol at 12/15/2014
    A presentation of the draft growth portfolio for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers will be held during the morning of the February 16th inservice day to provide an overview of the process that selected teachers will engage in for the second semester.  Additional details will be forthcoming.  Thank you so very much to our selected Pre-K Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, and Coaches for their time and professional insight putting together the first steps of the portfolio pilot. 
  • TAP Department C&I Update #12

    Posted by Keith Wilson at 12/15/2014
    The TAP National Conference is scheduled for March 13-14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  
    • Principals - Please submit your attendees list to Jane Toppins as soon as possible if you have not already done so.
    • Attendees are welcome to register for the conference and make hotel accommodations at this time (a link is provided in the registration confirmation email).  Please consider having your attendees share rooms as it reduces the expense and allows us to send more Knox County participants. 
    • Knox County will pay in advance for registration fees and flights.  Travelers will be reimbursed after the trip for the cost of their hotel, food (based on IRS per diem rate), and other approved incidentals (baggage, etc.).  Jane Toppins will also create travel requests for all attendees being funded through the TAP office.  Attendees will be individually responsible for requesting professional leave through AESOP.
    • Attendees should plan to Travel on Thursday, May 12 and Sunday, May 15.
    Administrator and Master Meeting
    Reminder, our next A&M meeting will occur on January 26, 2015. 
  • STEM C&I Update #12

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 12/15/2014

    Three student proposals are now in Washington for second review at national level for the next commercial payload to the International Space Station.

  • PE, Health and Wellness C&I Update #12

    Posted by Jean Heise at 12/15/2014
    A big thank you to the following PE, Health and Wellness teachers for presenting at our November 4 system-wide in-service: Jeff Phillips, Stephanie Crawford, Mandy Irvin, Dr. Jeff Knox, Rhonda Sterfels, Dr. Debbie Bretcher, Mamie Miller, Donna Basham, Elizabeth Cross, Chad Cross, Josh Van Pelt, Josh Ballard, Tammy Lohren, Lisa Loftin, Susan Hibbett, David Mowry, Kara Monk, Chuck Comer, Bill Mink and Melissa Ryder.

    The four PE teachers participating in the PE portfolio "pre-pilot" are Josh Van Pelt, Elizabeth Stone, Kara Monk and Renee Graham. These teachers are completing the PE portfolio this year, learning as much as possible. They will also serve as "portfolio mentors" for the 73 elementary PE teachers who will be participating in the full pilot/practice year next year. 
  • Humanities C&I Update #12

    Posted by Jean Heise at 12/15/2014
    Fine Arts Portfolio Update-
    Our teachers are doing a tremendous job on the portfolio this year. Most of our teachers have requested their portfolios in GLADiS and several have already completed 2 evidence collections. Our goal is to have the first two collections completed by the time teachers return from winter break. Keep in mind- there are only 4 collections required this year, and only 3 of the 4 domains must be included. Please contact Heather Casteel (heather.casteel@knoxschools.org) or Cheryl Sheridan (cheryl.sheridan@knoxschools.org) for assistance.
  • Math C&I Update #12

    Posted by Gary Petko at 12/15/2014

    Elementary Math

    November 4th System-Wide In-service
    Much appreciation and thanks to the teachers who volunteered their time and talents for presentations during the November system-wide in-service. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Your colleagues appreciate your willingness to share your expertise. 

    Small Group PD
    We would also like to extend thanks and appreciation to Natalie Drafts, Barbara Enloe, Chrissy Fennel, Kim McDonald, and Kim Harris for leading our system-wide PD for small group instruction. These teachers came forward to share their expertise in using small group instruction in their math classes.

    Textbook Adoption
    Our textbook committee members have been attending publisher presentations in preparation for reviewing materials for next year’s math adoption. Samples have been ordered and are on their way. We will be displaying samples at Sarah Simpson PDC for anyone to review and submit feedback. 
  • AVID C&I Update #12

    Posted by Clifford Davis at 12/15/2014
  • Choral Music C&I Update #12

    Posted by Sarah Cummings at 12/15/2014
    November 4th Staff Development Sessions:

    Thank you to all our presenters who worked hard to make the November 4th Inservice a success! Christy Bock, Megan Simmons, Edie Taylor, Janna Waldrupe, Alison Bradley, Sarah Cummings, Janet Roach, Lisa Burden, Matthew McCurry, Steve Taylor, Jeremy Lumpkin, Jessy Fine, Michelle Clupper and Tiffany Kimbro. Thank you to Brenda Swinson and Kami Lunsford who prepared presentations and to Quinton Rayford who also presented for us.
    All East Honors Choir:
    The All-East Honors Choir event was very successful. The middle school choir had a fantastic performance and the participation this year was the highest it has been in at least 10 years as we had over 200 middle school voices. 

    The middle school caucus meeting at the All-East event decided that the dates of the Middle School Festival, held at Wallace Memorial, have been changed to April 16-17, 2015. There will also be a trial sight-singing portion added to the traditional adjudication structure. Secondly, the 2015 All-East choir will include Soprano-Alto pieces, Tenor-Baritone pieces, and a combined mixed piece that will be SATB. This change will not affect the number of students in attendance nor the number of conductors unless deemed necessary. Lastly, there was a majority vote to have the All-East event permanently at Maryville College beginning in 2016 and there were several offices that were filled and will be reflected on the ETVA website.
  • GT C&I Update #12

    Posted by Daphne Odom at 12/15/2014
    NAGC – In November, five instructional coaches from our department led three different presentations on educating gifted learners at the National Association for Gifted Children Conference in Baltimore, MD. Overall, nine instructional coaches attended this conference, which is the largest annual convention devoted to gifted and talented learners. It was an amazing opportunity to represent Knox County on a national level, and a wealth of the latest research and strategies for advancing gifted learners was obtained and will be shared at professional development sessions around the county during the spring semester. We are equipped to provide teachers with the tools and strategies necessary to help advanced students grow in their learning. Ask us!​
  • Instructional Technology C&I Update #12

    Posted by Theresa Nixon at 12/15/2014
    Canvas Updates 
    Two new updates: differentiated assignments and Canvas Commons area (a sharing place). The videos and guides for support are listed below. Even if you are NOT currently using Canvas, you can use the Commons area to share module, lessons, quizzes, etc. with colleagues across the district. If you have questions, please let us know. 
    Canvas Commons- A Sharing Source
    Differentiated Assignments
    Differentiated Assignments video 
    For differentiated assignments, you must turn-on in the course under SETTINGS if you choose to use this feature. 
    Professional Learning 





    iMovie 1

    January 14


    Sarah Simpson Professional Development & Technology Center (SSPDTC)

    801 Tipton Avenue

    KCS Productivity: OneDrive for Business

    January 16-January 31



    Activboard 1: Basic Concepts (Online)

    January 16-January 31



    Activboard 2: Using Magic Reveals

    *Prerequisite Activboard 1

    January 16- January 31



    Getting the Most from the Mac OS (10.8)- part 1(Trackpad, Launch Pad, and Mission Control)

    January 16- January 31



    Getting the Most from the Mac OS (10.8)- part 2(Preview and Safari)

    January 16- January 31



    Getting the Most from the Mac OS (10.8)- part 3(PhotoBooth, QuickTime, and iPhoto)

    January 16- January 31



  • Magnet C&I Update #12

    Posted by Daphne Odom at 12/15/2014
    The transfer window is open until Feb. 17.

    -Upcoming open house dates:
    • Beaumont January 22nd: Open House #2, 6pm-7pm​
    • CMA January 27th: Showcase #4, 5pm-7pm​
    • Fulton January 29th: Open House, 6pm​
    • Green January 24th: Magnet Open House, 10am-12pm​
    • L&N February 10th: Open House, 6pm-8pm​
    • Sarah Moore Greene February 17th: Open House Tours, 10am-12pm, 5pm-7pm​
    • Vine January 8th: School Tour, 12pm-3pm​
    • West January 20th: Open House, 6pm-7pm​

    A huge congratulations at AE for their Emmy nominated magnet recruiting video.

    Very proud to announce these TeacherPreneurs from magnet schools:
    • April Lamb, SMG
    • Sarah Hobbs and Shawn Turner, Vine
    • Clint Lafollette, L&N Stem Academy
  • ELL C&I Update #12

    Posted by Alyson Lerma at 12/15/2014
    Thank you to the following ELL teachers who presented at the November inservice:
       Deb Bates, Dana Turner, Derenda Silence, Lisa Rinehart, Carrie Arana, Casey Parks, Claudia Sanchez, Selena Morrow-Lawrence,    Robin Nelson, Elizabeth Choi, Susan Dalton, Erin Housam, Stephanie Richter, Mary Olivier, and Lori Sumter
    Congratulations to the recipients of the (I)Speak grant, which stands for Improving Student Participation, Engagement, and Acquisition of Knowledge Using Ipads; the following ELL teachers received the grant:
    Trevor Renfro, Alicia Wescoe, Jackie Cohn, CBES
    Christin York, West Haven ES               Carrie Arana, FPS
    Dana Turner, Christenberry                    Inna Slisher, ABES                                  
    Shannon Morris, KMS                            Meghan Bennett, Northshore & A. L. Lotts
    Elizabeth Choi, FMS                              Maria Huertas, CBMS & KHS
    Stephanie Richter, FaHS 
    David Ogle, Central HS

    Dr. Alyson Lerma presented a session at the national Learning Forward conference in Nashville on December 6; the session was entitled "Maximizing Support for English Learners by Empowering Educators" and was attended by educators from around the country.
    ALL ESL teachers will attend a training on administering the WIDA ACCESS on Jan. 5th at Lincoln Park. Elementary ELL teachers will attend from 8:00-11:30 and secondary ELL teachers will attend from 12:00-3:30. Please bring a hard copy of your certificate for passing the WIDA online quizzes and the WIDA non-disclosure agreement (both available online via your WIDA account at wida.us); please also bring a copy of the test administration manuals, which can be downloaded from the secure WIDA site.
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