C & I Update 11 (August, 2014)

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    Professional Development C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Millicent Smith, @KnoxCountyPD at 8/28/2014

    November System-Wide In-Service
    Call for Presenters

    • Excellence for Every Child:
      Real Strategies for Closing Achievement Gaps

      In order to build on our successful August system-wide professional learning experience, we would like to once again utilize the talent of our teachers for our November system-wide in-service. The Knox County Schools needs teacher leaders for all our schools to present successful real-world strategies focused on closing our achievement gaps; specifically focusing on Tier I instruction. Please submit the names of teachers willing to prepare and present workshops to colleagues highlighting relevant and real-time strategies in the following areas:
      • Personalization
        • Planning for on-grade level learners
        • Planning for emerging learners
        • Planning for advanced learners
        • Leveraging technology to personalize learning
        • Meeting the needs of ELL
        • Meeting the needs of SPED
      • Just-in-Time Content Training
      • Cross-curricular planning and instruction
      • Instructional Rubric
        • Teacher knowledge of students
        • Motivating students
        • Presenting instructional content
        • Grouping
      • Tools for Data-Driven Instructional Decision-making
        • Progress monitoring
        • Formative assessments
        • Identifying and planning instruction for skill deficits
      • Classroom Behavior Management
      Download the Call for Presenters handout here.

     Special Thanks to all Presenters for August 6th!


    • New teachers please join us for the New Teacher Forum on September 11, 2014 at Central High School library from 4:00 - 5:30. Theresa Nixon will be presenting on "Classroom Organization Tips and Tricks" and we will be highlighting seven strategies from the book "Teach Like a Champion" that was given to teachers who attended the New Teacher Academy in July. 

      New Teacher Forum is presented on the second Thursday of each month through April, 2015. Registration is open for all new teachers in TeacherU and participants will receive 1.5 hours unscheduled system-wide in-service for each session attended. For more information contact Judy Newgent at 594-1730 (Secondary) or Julie Thompson at 594-1755 (Elementary)
      twitter @KnoxCountyPD

    Library Media Services C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Sarah Searles, Library/Media Speicalist at 8/27/2014
      Library Media Services is looking forward to a great year of focusing on high-quality instruction and implementing our new curriculum framework! We want to extend huge thanks to our librarians who contributed to writing the framework and presenting professional development on it to their peers: 
    AVID C & I Update #11

    • Posted by Daphne Odom at 8/25/2014 8:00:00 AM
      We are very excited to start into a new year in AVID as we work to prepare students to be college and career ready! After the annual certification process last spring were are excited to announce that we have two schools in our district who have obtained the "Highly Certified" status. To be come become highly certified, more than 50% of certification ranking must score at a "2" or "3" on a three point scale. These rankings demonstrate that AVID has become a daily routine within classrooms throughout the school and it is the first step at preparing themselves for the coaching process to become a "AVID Demonstration School". A huge congratulations goes to Bearden Middle School and Northwest Middle School for reaching this next standard in excellence!

      We are very excited to announce that in collaboration with the Gifted and Talented Department, we will be offering the following Professional Development opportunities this fall:

      "Socratic Seminars" -- @ South Doyle Middle School from 4:30 - 5:30 on October 9, 2014 in the Library
      "Socratic Seminars" -- @ Northwest Middle School from 4:15 - 5:15 on November 18, 2014 in the AVID Classroom

    Humanities C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Jean Heise, Humanities Supervisor at 8/22/2014

      Thank you to all the teachers and two site coordinators who made the Fine Arts Summer Camps a big success at Lonsdale and Green Magnet in June.   

    Science C&I Update #11

    Posted by Andrea Allen, Science Supervisor at 8/25/2014

    Shout Out! And Congratulations to Karla Fultz, AL Lotts, and Nicole Resmondo, Gresham  as two of seven educators representing Tennessee in thePresidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.

    Congratulations! to Jenny Grosche from Gresham Middle as the Science Department PD Specialist for 2014-2014 school year. Also Congrats to Amelia Adams, 7th grade teacher at Gresham Middle School, and Julianne Brandt, 7th grade teacher at Karns Middle School, participated as one of 30 teachers from Alcoa communities in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, the U.K. and U.S. selected to attend the Key Issues Institute through a partnership with The Keystone Center this summer.
    State Standards Development Team Members from Knox County- KCS is fortunate to have two representatives on the state science standards development team. Nicole Resmondo (K-8) and Michael Hartman (Physical World Concepts, Biology) These fabulous educators spent the summer developing new science standards for the state of TN.
    Thank you to our summer institute facilitators and STEM workshop facilitators for leading amazing training sessions this summer. Michael Hartman, Rudy Furman, Nicole Resmondo, Tami Russell, Jill Shinlever, Sherry Fischbach, Veronica Susmane, Adam Maitland. Also thank you to the teachers that answered the call for leadership and planning during the August 6 inservice day.
    Science.teacher.4.life This program is for content specific mentoring in grades 6-12 Science. If you would like to participate contact program coordinator Karen Lynn. karen.lynn@knoxschools.org
    Science Deparment PD themes for the 2014-2015 school year:
    • Middle School Co-horts Each grade will have opportunity to meet through the year for module resource development and sharing. This will be lead by many of our teachers across the district and they will share some of their strongest lessons. 
    • Biology Co-hort: Moving the Upper Quintile , Photosynthesis in Action, and more are sessions that teacher experts will share successful tools with other biology teachers across the district. 
    •  Elementary : Departmentalized ...now what? Find the best content specific resources and science specific strategies to use with your students .In this session we will also find out how to unpack standards and work within the assessment boundaries in 3-5 instruction. (September) 
    • Science Literacy, Formative Assessment and more... information coming soon on these content specific PD's for science.

    twitter @kcsscience

    Social Studies C&I Update #11

    Posted by Judy Newgent, Social Studies Specialist at 8/28/2014

    Thank you! A sincere thank you is extended to all the K-12 Social Studies teachers who worked numerous hours writing curriculum to the new Social Studies Standards. Your dedication is greatly appreciated. Also, we wish to thank the teacher volunteers who planned and facilitated our department's August 6 secondary system-wide in-service sessions; a huge thank you is extended to Julie Killian, Karah Loveland, Donna Jett, Kelly Shanton, Dean Burress, Julie Humphress, Karen Peterman, Laura Webb, Joyce Galat, Paegan Turner, Paula Franklin, Karen Stanish, Laura St Clair, Kristin Simerly, Amanda Sharp, Ashley Corey, and Lou Gallo. Thank you, Ms. Katherine Banner and West High School, for opening your beautiful campus to the Social Studies Department!

    Congratulations to Seth Rayman, Social Studies teacher at HVA! 
    Seth was selected to serve as a State Social Studies Consultant for World History. Seth also served as a TNCore Coach for the past two summers.
    Congratulations to Kristin Risdahl, teacher at Brickey-McCloud. Kristin will be serving as a PD Specialist for Social Studies for the 2014-2015 SY. Kristin was the 2013-2014 KCS Elementary Teacher of the Year, and this past summer she served as a TNCore Coach.
    3rd and 4th Grade Social Studies Teachers:
    You are encouraged to view the Studies Weekly online resource training videos at PD on Demand. PD on Demand may be accessed by clicking on the following link: www.studiesweekly.com/pdod. PD on Demand is also available on a teacher's online account, under Teacher Resources.
    5th Grade Social Studies Teachers:
    If you have not accessed the online resources for Tennessee Through Time, you are encouraged to visit the site. Please follow the directions below to access all online resources: Click onhttp://digital.gibbssmitheducation.com/tennessee_the_later_years_6/
    • You will then need to click Add to Cart, which is in the red box to the right of Tennessee Through Time: The Later Years $0.00.
    • After you click Add to Cart, click Register. You will then be on the Site Registration. 
    • Complete the Site Registration, using your KCS email address and a password of the teacher’s choice. 
    •  Confirm the password. 
    •  Click the box beside the phrase Is Teacher. 
    • Add you first name and last name. 
    • Click Register
    • Then click Complete Purchase
    • Tennessee Through Time: The Later Years should be viewable at the top of the page. 
    • Click on that title, and you should have access. 
    Also, if you were unable to attend the 5th grade textbook training for teachers on August 21, you may access the training video on our 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher website on Schoolwires.
    Middle and High School teachers, if you need assistance accessing the new online products for your grade level or content area, please contact Judy atjudy.newgent@knoxschools.org.
    Need primary sources? The Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) is a great resource for teachers seeking primary sources for use in classroom instruction. Educators and students are welcome to utilize TSLA's website to access primary source materials. Please visit the following web address-http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/educationoutreach/index.htm
    Congressional Medal of Honor Convention is coming to Knoxville! In September, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society will host its yearly convention in Knoxville, TN. The convention will kick off with a full day Character Development Program teacher training on Wednesday, September 10th, and you are invited! You may access additional information and register for this training by clicking on the following link:https://www.mohknoxville.com/character-development/registration/.Professional Leave must be requested from and approved by your Principal. We apologize in advance; however, the Social Studies Department cannot fund substitute teachers for this leave.
    You may view additional details regarding all Congressional Medal of Honor public events, including a concert featuring The Charlie Daniels Band and the Air National Guard Band of the South, Town Hall Forums at the University of Tennessee and Y-12 National Security Complex, and public autograph signing sessions by clicking here.
    K-12 Networking Opportunities... Back by popular demand!
    Based on the results of a recent Needs Assessment, the Social Studies Department will be offering networking opportunities for teachers in grades K-12. The first in a series, titled Monday Matinee: Social Studies Takes Center Stage, Networking Opportunities with Colleagues, will be for grades 3-5 from 4:00 - 6:00 on September 15. Networking for grades 6-8 will be from 4:00 - 6:00 on September 22, and grades 9-12 will meet from 4:15-6:15 on September 29. Please check the location when registering on ERO. 2 hours credit is available
    PD National History Day Introductory Workshop at East TN History Center
    Please make plans to join us at ETHC on Gay Street on Tuesday, September 23rd from 4:30-6:00 for the National History Day Introductory Workshop. For additional information or to register, please email Lisa Oakley atoakley@eastTNhistory.org. Prior approval is not necessary; however, a Certificate of Attendance or KCS Documentation Log must be submitted to Judy upon completion of the workshop. 1.5 hours credit is available
    PD Teaching with Technology in the Social Studies Classroom
    PD for grades 6-12! Thursday, September 25th from 4:15 – 6:15. Location will be announced on ERO. 2 hours credit is available
    PD Teaching with Primary Sources in the Social Studies Classroom: Using the Library of Congress to Teach World History
    PD for grades 6th, 7th, and 9th on Monday, October 6 from 4:15-6:15. Location will be announced on ERO. 2 hours credit is available
    Please check the Resources folders on the Schoolwires teacher sites for additional curriculum resources.
    PD for ALL New Teachers: New Teacher Forum
    If you are a new teacher to KCS, please join us in the library at Central High School on Thursday, September 11 from 4:00 - 5:30 for the first monthly NTF! This monthly book study and instructional strategies PD is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable information and to collaborate with colleagues. Registration is open on ERO.
    If you attended the New Teacher Academy and did not receive a copy of Teach Like A Champion, a copy has been mailed to you via school mail.
    For questions or support, please email judy.newgent@knoxschools.org orkatherine.petko@knoxschools.org.
    ELA/Reading K-5 C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Janet Sexton, K-5 ELA/Reading Supervisor at 8/25/2014
      SUMMER ELA ACADEMY - Approximately 1000+ teachers attended Sincere thanks to 70+ teacher leaders and instructional coaches for presenting in May and in July and to teachers who invested 1-2 days of summer for professional learning. Please join the ELA Department and express a personal word of thanks to your colleagues.
      AUGUST 6TH SYSTEM-WIDE - PD developed by teachers- for teachers A well-deserved thanks and appreciation to 114 elementary Teacher Leaders who accepted the challenge and as a result, spent a multitude of hours preparing timely and meaningful professional development for the August 6th system-wide in-service day. Please join the ELA Department and express a personal word of thanks to your colleagues.

      ELA YEAR LONG COURSE - "Teaching Reading is Rocket Science"…...Dr. Louisa Moats Ten cohorts of teachers in grades K-5 have been scheduled to participate in the ELA Year Long Course. These cohorts represent 18 elementary schools. Danielle Hamilton and Krista Lee will be teaching the Year Long Course and providing on-site follow-up support to participating teachers throughout the year. The course focuses on the science of teaching reading, understanding the progression of reading foundational skills and involves ongoing "bridge to practice" activities to connect the learning to daily classroom instruction.
      (for NEWLY HIRED first and second grade teachers or teachers NEW to first and second grade)
      • October 20, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center
      • October 15, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center -
      • October 16, 2014 from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Reading Center
    ELA/Reading 6-12 C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Shannon Jackson, 6-12 ELA/Reading Supervisor at 8/25/2014

      Congratulations to Farragut Theater Arts Teacher and KCS PD Specialist, Lea McMahan. During the summer, she wrote and directed a film, String Theory. It was accepted by the Knoxville Film Festival in September. For more information, please go their website. Knoxville Film Festival pagehttp://www.knoxvillefilmfestival.com/narrative-shorts/string-theory/

      Thank you to all of the teachers who answered the call to work on the August 6 in-service day. We are continuing the work of re-imagining our PD on September 4th. Please join us at the L & N STEM Academy at 4:45.
      English IV PD on September 11 at West High School from 4:15-5:30
      Focus: PBL with Beowulf and Macbeth
      Presenters: Ashley Stroud and Stacy Hilliard
      System-wide In-service Hours
      Continuing Education Credits
      Presenters will introduce the PBL guidelines and discuss the successful use of PBL in the English IV summer school classes. Participants can either learn about the PBLs that have already been created or begin planning their own PBL around a different text. While the focus is on English IV, teachers of younger grades might also attend to learn about PBL or to learn about the work of our final grade in the sequence of our program of study.

    The Science of Reading Course
    We have limited seating left in the year-long course on the Science of Reading. Each cohort will meet for five days throughout the school year to learn about the reading brain and strategies that will support the students who struggle to read on grade level. The high school cohort begins its work on September 9th. Middle School Cohort 1 begins its work on September 10th, and Middle School Cohort 2 begins its work on September 11th. Participants will receive follow-up support in the classroom as they implement the strategies with their own students. Interested teachers should register on ERO. Administrators who would like to attend should contact Shannon Jackson, so we will have materials prepared in advance.
    Secondary ELA Vision and Implementation Plan
    On August 1, we had a very productive retreat with the Secondary ELA Leadership Team. During that meeting, we rolled out the final version of the department vision, a collaborative effort that we began last October. We also formalized the implementation plan for this year. To see the final version of the vision and the implementation plan, please visit our Secondary ELA website on the Knox County parent site.
    #CollectiveWisdom is the phrase for Secondary ELA this year. In order to build our collective wisdom, we have established teacher working groups to drive the department this year. Please consider lending your expertise to one of the groups: Curriculum and Assessment, Professional Development, and Vision Accountability. For more information on any of the three groups, please contact Shannon Jackson. Listed below are the dates, times, and locations for the three committees. Department Chair and Coaches' meetings are also listed on this chart. One week prior to the meeting, Department Chairs receive a Voicethread covering the agenda items. This gives them time to collaborate with the department before the district meeting.
    GT C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Daphne Odom, Gifted Supervisor at 8/25/2014

      Welcome new GT Coaches: Tiersha Adkins, Laura Burgard, and Brandy Veosmith!

      GT is excited to have THREE full-time middle school coaches this year. Middle school honors teachers, please reach out to your assigned GT coach for any support you need this year!
      We have amazing professional development opportunities this fall! Keep an eye on our website for information, dates, and workshop details.
      All Middle School Honors Bootcamp sessions will be offered during system-wide in-service. Stay tuned for more details!

    Instructional Technology C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Theresa Nixon, Director of Instructional Technology at 8/25/2014
      Thank you to the many teachers who presented this summer during our four SPARKSessions! We could not have done it without you! 
      • Bearden High: Adam Dyer, Donnie Floyd, Amy Moskal, Rhonda Sternfels
      • Bonny Kate Elementary: Amanda Morse, Audra Warner, Margie Abbott Weaver
      • Halls Elementary: Steve McDaniel Mooreland Heights Elementary: Monica Hayes
      • Norwood Elementary: Diana Brown, Stephanie Moskal, Tiffany Rodgers 
      • Sterchi Elementary: Gretchen Edwards, Linda Shanton, Sarah Shoesmith, Jennifer Tanzi 
      • Vine Middle: Jennie Grubb, Kamau Kenyatta, Jessica McDonald, Sarah Shanks 
      • West Valley Middle: Connie Boyd, Amy Lyttle, Kelly Shanton 

      Welcome to our new TPaCK Coaches: Sandy Morris (Green Elementary), Amber Sawyer (Mooreland Heights Elementary), Whitney Barnett (Holston Middle), Rachel Simmons (South-Doyle Middle), Matthew Pickwell (West Valley Middle), Haley Holt (Austin-East High), Ryan Milani (Career Magnet Academy), Robert Miller (Fulton High). 

       Click on the links below for current training opportunities.
    Magnet C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Daphne Odom, Magnet Superviosr at 8/25/2014

      Welcome Career Magnet Academy to the magnet family! We are proud of our newest magnet school as they expose our students to rigorous career and technical opportunities.

      Also new to the magnet department is Bearden Middle School. This year we will open BMS as an option for magnet transfers. BMS joins West High School has our IB Middle Years Program. We couldn't be prouder of the KCS expansion of International Baccalaureate program.
      This year we are excited to have 3 new magnet facilitators join the department. Welcome Casey Robison (Beaumont Magnet), Trisha Samuels (Vine Magnet) and Cameron Mulchan (Career Magnet Academy).
      Our KCS Magnet Showcase will be October 23. Mark your calendars now! More details to come!
    ELL C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Alyson Lerma, ELL Supervisor at 8/22/2014

      Special thanks to Lisa Rinehart, ELL PD Specialist, who presented at our August in-service on how to use ELDA to drive and different instruction. Susan Dalton and Lisa Rinehart will serve as the ELL PD Specialists for the 2014-2015 school year. 

    Choral Music C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Jean Heise, Humanities Supervisor at 8/26/2014

      Richard Mitchell, Choral Music Specialist will be on medical leave for the remainder of the 2014-15 school year. Sarah Cummings is the Choral Music Professional Development Specialist and will be working with Dr. Jean Heise, Humanities Supervisor in the central office on Wednesdays. Please email Sarah at sarah.cummings@knoxschools.org or Jean Heise at jean.heise@knoxschools.org with any questions.

      High School: All-East/State Choral Auditions: Sept 20, 2014 at Heritage High School
      Elementary: KSO/Young People's Concert: Oct 29-31, 2014. Be sure to make your reservation soon!

    Instrumental Music C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Walter Mencer, Instrumental Music Specialist at 8/22/2014

       Welcome to the KCS Instrumental Music Department.

      The Instrumental Music Department welcomes four new teachers to the department, Miss Charlie Edmonds, band director at Vine Middle School, Mr. Joseph Jordan, band director at Gresham Middle School, Mr. Shaun Salem, assistant band director, Central High School and Mrs. Cynthia Wright, orchestra director, Bearden High and assistant orchestra director at West Valley Middle Schools.
      The Instrumental Music Department has scheduled the 2014-2015 All County Instrumental Events:
      • All County Orchestra Clinic and Concert, Oct. 3, 2014 at Karns High. Concert 6:30pm. 
      • All County Marching Band Exhibition Oct. 21, 2014 6:30pm at Central High School. The rain date is Oct. 28 at Central High.
      • All County High School Concert Band Clinic Nov. 17 and 18, 2014 at Central High. Concert, November 18, 2014, 7:00pm.
      • All County Middle School Concert Band Clinic, January 29 and 30, 2015 at Halls Middle. Concert, January 30, at 6:30pm.
      • All KCS staff are invited to attend all KCS All County Instrumental Music Events
    PE, Health, & Wellness C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Jean Heise, Humanities Supervisor at 8/22/2014

      A big thank you to the PE, Health and Wellness Curriculum Teams who helped develop the curriculum modules. 


    K-5 PE Curriculum Team:

    • Nathan Lynn, Elizabeth Stone, Larry Israel, Julie Lowe, Becca Russell, Rachel McKinney, Harold McNeese, Susan Hibbett, Tammy Lohren 

    6-8 PE Curriculum Team:

    • Nathan Lynn, Betsy Cofer, Genell Crawford, Alfred Huffaker, Judy Lett, Kara Monk, Whitney Cruz  

    Health Curriculum Team:

    • Nathan Lynn, Mamie Jo Miller, Ani Roma, Donna Basham., Gina Hammonds, Abby Williams 

    High School PE and Wellness Curriculum Team:

    • Dr. Jeff Knox, Brianne Dodgen, Jerilynn Carroll, Tiffany Tipton, Julia Russell

    Upcoming Professional Development topics:

    • Outdoor pursuits - Hiking/Biking -  Middle & High September

      Higher order thinking in PE - K-12 October

      Assessment strategies in PE - K-12 November
      Adapted Physical Education strategies -  K-12 January 

    Art C & I Update #11

    • Posted by Heather Casteel, Visual Art Specialist at 8/25/2014 8:05:00 AM

    C & I Update #ll

      • Congratulations to our 2014-15 Professional Development Specialists- Jessica Stewart (Christenberry Elementary) and Angie McCarter (Farragut Middle). 
      • A big Art Dept THANK YOU to Jessica and Angie for planning and facilitating a successful Aug. 6th inservice. 
      • Congratulations to our 2014-15 Curriculum Team- Shellie Ayres* (West High), Kati Bowden (Whittle Springs Middle), Anna Boyd (Bearden High), Angie Dick (Hardin Valley Academy), Jessica Hazari (Northwest Middle), Chelsie Nunn (Sequoyah Elementary), Caitlin Seidler (Fulton High), Lori Sloan* (Cedar Bluff Elementary), & Laura Lee Thompson (Karns Elementary). *co-chairs 
      • Congratulations to Heather Casteel, Visual Arts Specialist, whose artwork was featured on the Dogwood Arts Festival's Call to Artists:https://twitter.com/dogwoodarts/status/489867260413349888/photo/1 

      Mark Your Calendars for our 4th Tuesday meetings for the year!
      • Sept 23 
      • Oct 28 
      • Jan 27 
      • Feb 24 
      • Mar 24 
      • Apr 28
    CTE C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Rocky Riley and Chris Tucker, Supervisors at 8/22/2014

      • Congratulations to 60+ CTE teachers who attended the CTE Summer Institute in Nashville, TN this past July. 
      •  Congratulations to Mr. Rocky Riley who was selected to the State of Tennessee STEM Leadership Council. Mr. Riley is also President-Elect of the Tennessee Association of Career and Technical Education (TACTE) CTE 

    Regional Zone Assignments:


      Zone 1 – Mr. Frank Draper
      • Gibbs High School 
      •  Halls High School 
      •  North Knox CTE 
      •  Powell High School 
      •  Halls Middle School 
      •  Powell Middle School 
      •  Vine Middle School 
       Zone 2 – Mr. Steve Huettel
      • Austin East Magnet 
      •  Carter High School 
      •  Central High School 
      •  Fulton High School 
      •  Gresham Middle School 
      •  Whittle Springs Middle School 
       Zone 3 – Mr. Rocky Riley
      • Bearden High School 
      • Career Magnet Academy 
      • South-Doyle High School 
      • West High School 
      • Bearden Middle School 
      •  Northwest Middle School 
      • South-Doyle Middle School 
       Zone 4 – Mr. Chris Tucker
      • Farragut High School 
      • Hardin Valley Academy 
      •  Karns High School 
      • Byington-Solway CTE 
      • Karns Middle School 
      • West Valley Middle School 
      Congratulations to ALL of the of the Career and Technical Student Organization (TSA, SkillsUSA, HOSA, FCCLA, FBLA, FFA, DECA) National winners.
      We are proud to announce that Byington-Solway CTE center forged a partnership with Pellissippi State Community College as a Certified/Training Welding Facility.
      We are excited to welcome the 127 9th grade scholars and the entire Career Magnet Academy staff to the innovative concept of the Career Magnet Academy at Pellissippi State Community College.
      Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) has partnered with South-Doyle High School, Cosmetology, Collision Repair, and Diesel Technology for Dual Enrollment opportunities for each area.   

    Elementary Education C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Julie Thompson, Adam Parker & Donna Howard, Elementary Supervisors at 8/22/2014

      Thank you to all the teachers and site coordinators who worked hard to make the elementary summer school and summer boost programs such as success. This year, in the ELA summer school, 96 teachers served 653 students in grades 1-5. InIn the Summer Boost program, 8 teachers served 41 rising 6th graders at 4 of the ELA summer school sites. Our students made great gains that will help them have a successful 2014-15 school year. 

    Migrant C&I Update #11

    • Posted by Alyson Lerma, Supervisor ELL and World Languages at 8/22/2014


      Math C&I Update #11
      Please be reminded to include an Occupational ("Migrant") Survey in EVERY enrollment packet. Federal guidelines require that we give one to each new student enrolling in the district. If any questions have a "yes" answer, please be sure to forward the forms (completed with ALL contact information) to the address on the bottom of the form. Official migrant students are labeled in ASPEN. By law, they receive free/reduced lunch for 36 months from the date they qualify (also listed in ASPEN).

    Posted by Gary Petko at 8/25/2014

    ELEMENTARY MATH AUGUST 6TH SYSTEM-WIDE - PD developed by teachers- for teacher.s A well-deserved thanks and appreciation to 114 Elementary Teacher Leaders who accepted the challenge and as a result, spent a multitude of hours preparing timely and meaningful professional development for the August 6th system-wide in-service day. Please join the Mathematics Department and express a personal word of thanks to your colleagues.

    Thank you to al the elementary principals who have taken the time to meet with to talk about the vision of the KCS Mathematics Dept. and how we can best support your individual school. If you have not scheduled a time and would like to meet, please let my secretary Carolynn Bilbo (carolynn.bilbo@knoxschools.org) know when would be a good time for you to meet.
    SECONDARY MATH AUGUST 6TH SYSTEM-WIDE - PD developed by teachers- for teachers A well-deserved thanks and appreciation to 50 secondary teacher leaders who accepted the challenge and as a result, spent a multitude of hours preparing timely and meaningful professional development for the August 6th system-wide in-service day. Please join the Mathematics Department and express a personal word of thanks to your colleagues.
  • Mentoring C&I Update #11

    Posted by Katie Lutton at 8/25/2014

    Thanks to all 144 dedicated mentors from our 87 schools who attended the Mentor Institute in July! I especially want to extend my gratitude to our fantastic presenters; we could not have done it without you.

    In order to receive your allocation, the following forms must be completed by August 29th via fax to Katie Lutton (865-689-1403):
    • Mentor Contract Form 
    • Mentor/Protégé Form 
    • Mentor Program and Budget Form 
    If you would like to submit a Request for Additional Funds Form, please do so by September 25th.