C & I Update Issue 10 (May 2014)


Curriculum and Instruction Monthly Updates
Departments Announcements

Submitted by
Heather Casteel
Art Specialist

Congratulations to...
... to the following winning teachers from Art Source 2014: Caroline Blanks (Best of Show), Jessica Stewart (1st), Peggy Leland (2nd), Phyllis Ball (3rd), Rachel Metzger (Mighty Mud Award), Suzanne Wedekind (Scrappin' in the City Award), Chelsie Nunn (Director's Choice- Teacher), and Alexandria Mash (Director's Choice- Intern)

... to Melissa Wilkinson and Cheri Jorgenson whose students will be painting murals in the newly re-opened Observation Deck of the Sunsphere. Check out the recent press: Students leave their mark on the Sunsphere and Sunsphere Mural.

... our 12 elementary schools who participated in the UT/KAT transit calendar contest- Bearden, West Hills, Belle Morris, Green, Sarah Moore Greene, Maynard, Norwood, Dogwood, Lonsdale, Chilhowee Int., Christenberry, and Beaumont.


... to Dr. McIntyre for joining us at our opening reception of Art Source 2014. He even tweeted about it!

... to Holly Briggs for a fantastic Art Source 2014 reception and awards ceremony! Great work!

Follow us on Twitter: @KCS_VisualArts

Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Avid Supervisor

Congratulations to...
Congratulations to our second graduating AVID class at Austin East High School. 100% of our AVID seniors have post-secondary plans. This year 4 out of the top 5 seniors are AVID students, including the Valedictorian. Additionally, these students, along with their amazing AVID instructors, raised over one million dollars in scholarship funds. We are so proud of this program! Our first cohort of AVID Ambassadors just returned from their trip to Washington D.C. We are proud of this outstanding group of young people for representing our district.

Submitted by
Richard Mitchell

Choral Music Specialist

Choral Music News
We wish the best in retirement to our following, outstanding music teachers: Ann Barber (Christenberry), Terri King (Karns Middle), Mary Ruth McNatt (Gibbs and West Haven Elementary), Doris Moreland (Sequoyah), and John Maples (South-Doyle High). Thank you music teachers for your many years of service and dedication in sharing the joy of music.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Summer music workshops of sound and learning:
  • Kodaly Lite, June 7-9, Amherst Elementary
  • East Tennessee General Music Educators Associations' annual summer workshop, July 24, Farragut Intermediate
  • Tennessee Arts Academy, July 13-18, Belmont University; Congratulations to the ten music teachers who have been accepted into this year's class of 2014!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
MIOSM still lives . . . Even though Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM) is emphasized in the month of March, this years' theme "music makes me _____ ", (fill in the blank) continues to be alive and well everyday in Knox County Schools! Thanks to all who made this years' theme successful and memorable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Need Music? Got Music? Put music in your plans during the up coming summer days and nights. It's available at your finger tips at the time you want! Where? knoxschools.org homepage KCStv "Video on Demand". Clink on the Music channel to enjoy a district wide musical event of our own KCS students 2013-14 performances.

Submitted by
Rocky Riley and
Chris Tucker

CTE Supervisors

CTE News
CTE goes Live / Parent Engagement 
We would like to thank Dr. McIntyre and the estimated 6,000 people who came to support CTE goes Live event on Market Square. This year’s winner is Ms. Lauren Kitts of Powell High School.

CTE goes Shine and Show The CTE Automotive programs put on CTE goes Shine and Show car show at Toyota of Knoxville. Each school entered their own vehicles to be judge by our sponsors. (Toyota & Lexus of Knoxville and SnapOn Tools)
Congratulations to the following schools for winning 1st place: These schools will receive tools and equipment from our sponsors.
  • Finished Restoration– South-Doyle High School
  • Unfinished Restoration – North Knox CTE/Halls High School

The North Knoxville Business Association gave a $2000.00 Scholarship in the name of Mr. Rick Bise, to Mr. Caleb Lukkarila from Fulton HS. Mr. Rick Bise has been a CTE teacher/supervisor for over 30 years.

Big shout out to Mr. John D. Faulconer for his hard work and passion for his scholars and the Career Magnet Academy. 

Congratulations to Carpentry Teacher Mr. Arthur Baham of Gibbs High School for being selected as a Common Core Coach for the State of TN for the 2nd year.

ELA/Reading K-5

Submitted by
Janet Sexton

K-5 ELA/Reading Supervisor


K-3 Teachers - Register on ERO for TWO DAYS of ELA professional development.
FOCUS - Digging deeper into teacher CONTENT knowledge
Classroom APPLICATION within the literacy block
Building CAPACITY for teachers
Personalization, differentiation and providing scaffolded support for emerging, typical, and advanced learners.
Select from ONE of the following options: May 29-30 OR July 24-25

Grade 4-5 Teachers -
Register on ERO for ONE HALF-DAY Session (morning OR afternoon)
FOCUS - Develop deeper understanding of Writing standards
Research-based writing instruction practices
Align writing instruction to next generation assessments
Select from one of the following options: May 30 OR July 25

C.A.R.E. Training for K-2 Target
Audience: New or New to Grade Level Teachers
  • SECOND GRADE (register for ONE of the following)
    • July 29, 2014
      • 8:30 -11:30
      • Reading Center Knox Central
    • Make-Up Session – August 28, 2014
      • 3:30 – 5:00
      • Reading Center Knox Central
  • FIRST GRADE (register for ONE of the following)
    • July 28, 2014
      • 8:30-11:30
      • Reading Center Knox Central
    • Make-up Session - August 21, 2014
      • 3:30 – 5:00
      • Reading Center Knox Central
  • KINDERGARTEN (register for ONE of the following)
    • August 6, 2014
      • 8:00-11:00
      • Reading Center Knox Central
    • Make-up Session – August 25, 2014
      • 3:30 – 5:00
      • Reading Center Knox Central
CONGRATULATIONS to the following elementary literacy coaches who will be retiring: Donna Arp, Bobbie Kobosky, Linda McClanahan

to Elizabeth "Bitsy" Pressley for being selected as a Common Core for the state of Tennessee

Submitted by
Shannon Jackson
6-12 ELA/Reading Supervisor

Congratulations to Jared Huisingh, 7th grade ELA teacher at Karns Middle School. He was named PTA 2014 Tennessee Outstanding Teacher!

Join us May 27-30 from 8:30 – 11:30 at Central High School for the Secondary ELA Block Party II. This year, this Block Party is open to all 6-12 ELA teachers in the district. There will be support for planning modules of instruction and workshops on writing to sources, reading complex text, planning instruction around purpose statements, studying syntax matters, productive group work, making thinking visible, explicit instruction, and teaching critical vocabulary. Register for the workshop and then design your time. SRN# 2014399401

Thank you to the Theater Teachers. All of you successfully submitted a Fine Arts Portfolio!

Watch for Knox County teachers to be featured in a series of online learning modules on PBS Learning Media. Their focus is vocabulary instruction in the Common Core classroom.

Summer Dates:
June 11 and 12 Curriculum Revisions
June 16 Intervention Training
June 18 and 19 Vertical Planning for 6-12 honors-AP
July 9 and 10 Curriculum Review
July 21 and 22 Intervention Training
July 24 Growth Mindset Workshop
August 1 Leadership Retreat for Department Chairs and Coaches

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
ELL Supervisor

Congratulations to Ms. Hila Hill on her retirement from KCS; she was the first ESL teacher hired in KCS and has served our ELs and their families for more than 30 years!

We are transitioning to new state ESL standards; more information to come once we receive details from the state.

Help Your ELLs!
Accessing Content with teacher- made instructional realia
Session 1 May 28 9-noon SRN: 2014160201
Session 2 July 28 9-noon SRN: 2014160202

This series is open to ELL Teachers, Core Content Teachers who have ELL students in their classes, and also Classified Assistants who work with ELL students.

Participants should bring their current texts, as well as samples of their lesson plans or ideas of what they would like to work on. Participants should plan to stay the entire time and leave with at least 2-3 new realia pieces that they can begin using with their ELLs in August 2014.

Both sessions will be held in the SSPDTC library.

Registration opened on ERO February 10.

Submitted by
Julie Thompson, Adam Parker, & Donna Howard
Elementary Supervisors

Summer School News
This summer we will be serving rising 6th graders at four sites across Knox County: Sarah Moore Greene, Ritta, Dogwood and Cedar Bluff. We will have two teachers at each site to work with these boys and girls. Our goal is to give these students a "boost" into middle school.

Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Gifted Supervisor

We are proud to announce the following GT Coaches have been accepted to present at the national gifted conference this fall: Tiffany Nicely, Casey Robison, Marty Findley, Shayna Holmes, and LaRhonda Forsyth. Congratulations on representing our district at the national level.

Follow us on Twittter @GiftedKCS for details on PD and resources to use with your advanced students.

Submitted by
Jean Heise
Humanities Supervisor

Fine Arts Portfolio Student Growth Assessment
Congratulations to our Fine Arts teachers on the completion of the Fine Arts Portfolio pilot! Our Art, Music, Theater, and Dance teachers put a lot of time and effort into showing how much growth their students showed in their content. Great job, everyone!

Fine Arts Summer Camp

There will be two Fine Arts Summer Camps this June 2-27 at Lonsdale Elementary and Green Magnet. Our site coordinators are Liana Gibson at Lonsdale and Cheryl Glen at Green Magnet. Our goal is to support morning summer school attendance by offering exciting art, music, PE and dance classes in the afternoon. The camps are free and include lunch. Many thanks to this year's teachers: Art: JoAnn Gusta and Stephanie Dowdy; PE: Kevin Van Pelt and Kim England; Music: Amy Churchwell and LeeAnn Parker; Dance: Erica Wilkerson and Niki Adams.

Create 2014
Arts Integration Conference here in Knoxville!!
"Full STEAM Ahead"
June 23-26 2014

L & N STEM Academy
Knoxville, Tennessee
More info and registration:

Submitted by
Theresa Nixon
Director of Instructional Technology


Instructional Technology News
The Instructional Technology Department will be offering over 130 sessions this summer. Find a topic that interests you or meets your needs and join us as we spend the summer learning exciting new technologies. Search for the Course Code in ERO to find specific days and times for these sessions. Our department will also send out a catalog with all of the information included.

Online Courses
with ERO Course Numbers

Activboard 1: Basic Concepts - TECH7435
Activboard 2: Magic Reveals -TECH017308
Cloud Storage 101 - TECH017230
Excel 101 - Basics TECH017279
Excel 102 - TECH017302
iPad Basics - TECH7598

Face-2-Face Training Sessions and Workshops
with ERO Course Numbers
  • Activboard 1: Basic Concepts - TECH7140
  • Activboard 2: Magic Reveals Texts and Grids - TECH7190
  • Activboard 3: Using Resources to Create Flipcharts - TECH7195
  • Activboard 4: Exploring Tools & Settings - TECH017339
  • Activboard 5: Camera Tools, Drag a Copy, importing PDFs - TECH7191
  • Activboard 6: Simple, Specific and Key word Containers - TECH7192
  • Activboard 7: Actions and Multimedia - TECH7193
  • ActivExpressions - TECH7428
  • Canvas Ambassador Challenge Kick-Off - TECH017257
  • Canvas Ambassador Challenge Kick-Off and WorkSession - TECH017346
  • Excel Basics - TECH017193
  • Getting to Know Your Mac Applications: Part 1 - TECH017149
  • Getting to know your Mac Applications: Part 2 - TECH017150
  • iMovie 1 - TECH7032
  • iMovie 2 - TECH017260
  • iPad Tips and Tricks - TECH017205
  • iPad Apps for the Creative Classroom - TECH017009
  • iWork: Keynote 1 - TECH017349
  • iWork: Numbers 1 - TECH017350
  • iWork: Pages 1 - TECH017261
  • Mac OS Features for Beginners - TECH017069
  • Office 2010 - Windows - TECH017351
  • Office 2013 - Windows - TECH017192
  • PBL 101 Training- TECH017334
  • PowerPoint Basics - TECH017191
  • Rescue Your School Fusion Data - TECH017336
  • SchoolWires Worksession for Departments - TECH017342
  • SchoolWires Worksession for Schools - TECH017341
  • SchoolWires Worksession (Schools and Departments) - TECH017335
  • Smart board 1: Beginners - TECH017015
  • Smart board 2: Advanced Tool Use - TECH7260
  • STC SPARKSessions - TECH017338
  • Using ClassFlow for Lessons in the Cloud - Interactive Whiteboard - TECH017294
  • Web Content Partners (formally Thinkfinity) - SUMGTECH7424
Special Offerings-
  • Using the MacBook in Science - SRN 2014750107      May 29 - 8:00 am-4:00 pm - SSPDTC Room 216- Facilitated by an Apple Representative for Science Teachers or Coaches
  • Using the MacBook in Social Studies - SRN 2014750108    May 30 - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm - SSPDTC Room 216 - Facilitated by an Apple Representative for Social Studies Teachers or Coaches
  • PBL 101 Training- TECH017334
Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. These sessions are the 3 day introductory course for PBL training with the Buck Institute for Education.

What is Canvas?- TECH017257 (Challenge) OR TECH017346 (Challenge & Work Session)
As you hear about the new technology changes coming to Knox County Schools, you will no doubt hear about the new Learning Management System called Canvas. A learning management system is an online software program designed to help teachers offer learning materials to students electronically. The LMS that KCS choose is Canvas LMS, a framework that handles all aspects of the learning process. Canvas LMS is an infrastructure that delivers and manages instructional content, identifies and assesses individual and organizational learning or training goals, and tracks the progress towards meeting those goals. Canvas LMS delivers content but also handles course administration, skills gap analysis, tracking, and reporting. Canvas has been used this past year in the STC Schools (One-to-One devices) across our district with amazing results.

What is SchoolWires? Schoolwires is the CMS (Content Management System) that Knox County Schools will be using to host the district and all 90 school websites. This training is needed for only those staff members who are working on a school or district website.

What is an STC SPARKSession? STC SPARKSessions provide an opportunity of learning, creating, and networking for teachers. The basic set-up of the day is in two parts. The morning will be in a similar format to an "unconference" where teachers attend "mini-sessions" for about 20 minutes to learn a new idea, app, website, etc. The morning will involve a rotation to 5 such "starters." Then afternoon will be devoted as a time for teachers to create and apply what they learned in the morning to enhance their own work in an PLE School.
All Professional Learning sessions have registration available on ERO. If you have additional questions, please email elearning@knoxschools.org.

Instrumental Music

Submitted by
Walter Mencer
Instrumental Music Specialist

Congratulations to all of the Knox County Schools Band and Orchestra Teachers that had students selected to participate in one of the All State Ensembles, band, orchestra and jazz band.

Congratulations to all Knox County Bands and Orchestras that participated in the ETSBOA Concert Festival and or the TSSBDA Concert Festival. The following bands and orchestras participated in the ETSBOA Concert Festival: Karns Middle 7th grade band, rating, comment only, Karns Middle 8th grade band, rating, comment only, Farragut Middle 7th grade band, rating, Superior, Farragut Middle 8th grade band, rating, Excellent, Halls High Symphonic Band, rating, Superior, So/Doyle High Concert Band, rating, Superior, West High Concert Band, rating, Superior, Central High Symphonic Band, Rating, Superior, Gibbs High Concert Band, rating, Excellent, Farragut High String Orchestra, rating, Superior, Bearden High Symphonic Band, rating, Superior, Farragut High Symphonic Band, rating, Superior, Carter High Symphonic Band, rating, Excellent, Halls Middle 8th grade band, rating, comment only, Bearden Middle Concert Band, rating, Very Good, Powell Middle 7th grade band, rating, comment only, Carter High Freshman Band, rating, Excellent and Bearden High Concert Band, rating, Superior. Again, congratulations on a job well done.

Congratulations to all Knox County School Bands and Orchestras that were selected and participated in the State Concert Festival. You make Knox County Proud.

Congratulations to the Cedar Bluff Middle School Competition Band for finishing in First Place in a Concert Festival in Georgia and to Fulton High and all of the other bands and orchestras that have represented Knox County in Concert Festivals and Competitions outside of Knox County.

We are looking forward to hearing great concerts from all of the Knox County Bands and Orchestras as the school year come to a close.

Congratulation to all Graduating Senior Band and Orchestra Students, good luck and we hope that you will continue to make beautiful music.

Thank you to all Knox County Schools Instrumental Music Teachers for the job that you do each day in molding the young student musicians of Knox County into Great Musicians.

Submitted by
John Whalen
Library Media Director


Sarah Searles




Library Media Services Summer Professional Development:
  • July 19, 9-12: TEAM for Librarians
  • July 19, 1-2:30: What We Need Around Here is a Little More Chaos
  • June 24, 10-11:30: Selecting and Sharing Informational Texts
  • June 26, 9-12: Primary Reading--Strategies for Librarians
  • July 8, 9-4: Curriculum Roll-Out
  • July 17, 9-4: Curriculum Roll-Out
The School of Information Sciences at the UT-Knoxville is opening enrollment in its CAEP and American Library Association accredited program to those interested in transitioning from the classroom to the school library, or adding the PreK-12 School Library Endorsement to an existing Tennessee teacher’s license. The program is available fully online and can be completed in as few as five semesters (including a summer), depending on how many classes you take and when you begin the program. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact Dr. Cindy Welch, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences, by email (cwelch11@utk.edu) or phone (865-974-7918). Library Media is an area identified by Human Resources as hard to staff and may qualify for tuition reimbursement.


Submitted by
Daphne Odom
Magnet Supervisor

Congratulations to our magnet schools for a successful year of programming! We are so proud of their hard work and effort. Thank you to our Magnet Facilitators for their dedication to our magnet schools: April Lamb (SMG), Sandy Morris (Green), Lisa Jack (Beaumont), Sarah Clark (Vine), Bevin Gresham (FulCom), Tressie Norton (STEM), Olivia Riggins (AE) and Sarah Bast (West IB).

A huge congratulations to our KCS presenters at the national magnet conference in Hartford, CT: April Lamb, Robert Winfree, Beth Lackey, Sandy Morris, and Sarah Clark. Thank you for representing us at the national level.

Submitted by
Anne Stinnett
K-5 Math Specialist

Elementary Math News
Register now for the 4th and 5th Grade Summer Math Academy! The goal of this session is for teachers to gain a deeper understanding of elementary fractions content as well as materials and resources for implementing the standards. Teachers may register for a three hour session (morning or afternoon) on either MAY 30 or JULY 25. *Sixth grade teachers are invited to attend.

Congratulations, Leslie Taylor, Numeracy Coach at Pond Gap. Leslie has been selected as a state math textbook reviewer. We are thrilled to have her representation on this committee!

Congratulations to Christa Stewart, Numeracy Coach, and Colleen Howell, Kindergarten teacher at Maynard. Their recent classroom visit from WWE wrestler Kane not only made local news, but also made the Math Education Smart Brief! Check out their story: http://r.smartbrief.com/resp/fKmyCkjtfECCAHeoCidmyZCicNeAlt

Thank you to the many teachers whose diligent eyes and efforts assisted our curriculum teams in editing Module Assessments this year. Your input was invaluable!


Submitted by
Gary Petko
Math Supervisor

Math Updates
All Professional Learning sessions have registration available on ERO.

Upcoming Professional Development opportunities for secondary math teachers are listed below:

Date Day
SRN   Session Title  Location  
May 27, 2014 Tuesday
Algebra I Content Workshop - Starting the Year Reintroducing Rather Reteaching Quadratics
L & N Stem Academy
May 27, 2014
Geometry Content Workshop - Starting the Year Reintroducing Rather Reteaching
L & N Stem Academy
May 29, 2014
Algebra II/Pre-Calculus Content Workshop - Modeling Non-Linear Functions L & N Stem Academy
May 29, 2014
Thursday 2014425704 Algebra I Content Workshop- Starting the Year Reintroducing Rather Reteaching Quadratics L & N Stem Academy
May 29, 2014
2014425705 ​Geometry Content Workshop - Using Pattern Tasks to Develop Algebraic Reasoning

L & N Stem Academy
May 29, 2014 Thursday
Algebra II/AP Statistics Content Workshop - Experimental Design and Observational Studies L & N Stem Academy
May 29, 2014 Thursday
Algebra II Content Workshop - Teaching Piece-wise and Step Functions with Confidence
L & N Stem Academy

Submitted by
Katie Lutton

Mentor Advisory Council Coordinator


Summer Mentor Institute
Gear up for our Summer Mentor Institute on Monday, July 14th at Sarah Simpson! This all-day event provides the training necessary for new mentor teachers, experienced mentors, and core teams to conduct quality mentoring activities throughout the year. Break-out sessions will be conducted by experienced mentor teachers from all grade bands. Participants may sign up on ERO. y
Migrant Education-
Title III

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
ELL Supervisor

Migrant Students
Please contact Alyson Lerma if any of the migrant students in your schools have moved; it is a federal guideline that we notify states within 12 days of a migrant un-enrolling or moving.

Submitted by
Jean Heise
Humanities Supervisor

Thank you!
What a successful elementary track season!! The four area track meets at Karns, Fulton, South Doyle and Halls were a big success. Thank you elementary PE teachers for getting your kids ready and for all you do to make track successful. And a huge thank you to Marty Sonnenfeldt and Chris Kane from Knoxville Youth Athletics for all their help.

Field Days: End of the year field days are happing right now!! Thanks to our elementary PE teachers who organize such fun school-wide events for their kids!!

We are looking forward to sharing our new PE, Health and Wellness Curriculum guides with all our teachers at the August, 2014 system-wide in-service.

Ten Wellness teachers are meeting this month to discuss the Michigan Model Wellness curriculum they piloted. We are looking at what worked, what needs to be improved and how questions can be improved on the Wellness EOC.

Thank you to the PE, Health and Wellness PD Specialists Nathan Lynn and Dr. Jeff Knox. Their expertise and support of all our teachers was evident at every turn!!

Also...a big thank you to Aneisa McDonald and the Coordinated School Health team for its never-ending support of the PE, Health and Wellness Department. What a successful "Let's Move Day on May 3 this year!!


Submitted by
Millicent Smith

Summer TNCORE training (June & July) registration and attendance is managed by the TN Department of Education. KCS receives an attendance report in the fall. It is extremely important that attendees sign in at every opportunity during the TNCORE trainings so we can accurately enter the information into transcripts this fall.

Please take a moment to wish Ms. Becky Kidd a happy retirement. Becky’s last day will be June 2nd. We will miss her positive outlook and professionalism at SSPDTC. Best Wishes for all your exciting retirement plans, Becky!

Be sure to visit the Professional Development calendar as you are planning professional learning activities during the summer. KCS offers a multitude of workshops on a variety of topics. If you have questions, contact the sponsor or facilitator of the activity.

A number of departments will be hiring PD Specialists for the 2014-2015 school year. If you are a classroom teacher interested in applying for this unique leadership experience, contact your content-area supervisor for details. Teachers interested in TEAM/TAP PD Specialist positions may contact the District Lead Teachers for information.

Unscheduled In-Service Guidelines for 2014-2015 are now available. Guidelines are attached to this communication and are posted on the Professional Development webpage for future reference. Please note that while the number of parent contact hours remains six (6); the number of unscheduled in-service hours included in the employment agreement has been reduced to twelve (12) for the 2014-2015 SY. Email questions to professional.development@knoxschools.org.

Follow @KnoxCountyPD on Twitter!

Submitted by
Andrea Allen
Science Supervisor

Science PD Options
The Science Department will be offering some exciting PD options for the summer. Please join us by signing up on ERO.

June 3 High School and Middle School Curriculum Revisions - This day is for sharing resources and building out our content Modules.
June 4 Elementary Curriculum Revisions- Elementary teachers join us to work on aligning our curriculum to the reading series and adding in strong resources for our district.
June 5-6 Elementary STEM Workshop Teachers will leave this workshop with LOTS of ideas and ways to create authentic minds-on science.
June 12-13 Middle School Science Academy- Deepen content knowledge, learn how to use the most amazing technology and more!
June 12 High School and MS Physical Science teachers- Join two of our amazing educators, Michael Hartman and Rudy Furman, as they teach you the ins and outs of using probeware to do labs for all science content areas.

Kristin Loftis,
Northwest Middle, Teacher Quality and Science Literacy Award
John Tilson, Hardin Valley Academy, 2014 Outstanding High School Physics Teacher for the State of Tennessee by the Tennessee Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers

Thank you to all science teachers for your hard work and amazing dedication this school year. You are appreciated! Thank you to Tami Russell, in her first year as science coach, for doing a tremendous job and learning the ropes quickly.
Social Studies
Submitted by
Judy Newgent
Social Studies Specialist
Congratulations to the students and teachers who participated at the State level National History Day competition! Knox County was well represented, and we have several students moving on to the national competition that will be held in Maryland in June, 2014.

Special recognition is also extended to Mr. Chris Standridge, one of Northwest Middle School's 8th grade Social Studies teachers. Mr. Standridge was named the Middle School Teacher of the Year for the National History Day competition!

Schools/Students moving on to the national level of competition include: Northwest Middle School:
Lyric Ray and Hanna Hayles won the African American award and 2nd place in Jr. Documentary.
Lindsay Jones and Brooke Allen won 1st place in Jr. Documentary.
Farragut High School:
Sponsor - Angela Breeding
Matt Gibson won 1st place in Sr. Website.
L & N STEM Academy:
Sponsor - Jill Robbins
2nd place Sr. Group Exhibit
West High School:
Sponsor - Carrie Hastings
Parker Dillard and Abbey Eastham won 1st place for Sr. Group Documentary. Autum Brockelman, Rainey Bartram, and Madeline Cain won 1st place for Sr. Group Website.
Katie Wade won 3rd place for Sr. Individual Exhibit.

To Kristin Risdahl and Dr. Rich McKinney- thank you for serving as Social Studies PD Specialists for the 2013-2014 SY; your contributions to the Social Studies Department are greatly appreciated.

Please join us for the Summer, 2014 Social Studies Academies. The focal points for each PD are:
  • the new Social Studies Standards
  • building content knowledge
  • curriculum frameworks
  • practical applications of research-based instructional strategies

Grades/Content Date
Grades K-5
May 27,28 & 29
*(On May 29th, all 1st, 4th, and 5th grade participants will meet from 12:15-3:00 at South Doyle Middle School's Library for the TN History Standards Presentation)

Grades 6,7 & 8
May 30, June 2 & 3
8:30-3:30* SSPDTC
9- World History and Geography 10- US Government and Civics 11- US History and Geography 12- Economics  June 4 & 5
8:30-3:30* SSPDTC
The following Professional Development Opportunities are also available for summer 2014
Dates Time

11th Grade, Advanced Placement United States History June 11, 12, & 13
8:30-3:30* West High School, Room 130 Facilitated by Lou Gallo
12th Grade, Personal Finance Curriculum and Resource Alignment
June 4 & 5

8:30-3:30* SSPDTC Room 209
K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Refinement
July 10

9:00-2:00 (up to 5 hours credit is available)
SSPDTC Rooms 214 & 215

*All full-day workshops provide up to six hours of PD per day. One hour is provided for lunch, during which time credit is not available. Registration is open on ERO.

A complete list of the new Social Studies Standards and the State assessment plan for grades K-12 are available here.

State Social Studies Summer Training for US History and World History & Geography
This State training is designed for both Social Studies teachers and leaders and will focus on the new Social Studies standards. The new standards will be fully implemented, beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. The new standards offer students an opportunity to experience history in context, appreciate the contingency of events, and to build a capacity to think critically about the world in which they live. This training will build teachers’ knowledge of the new standards and give guidance on ways to incorporate informational texts with a focus on primary documents.

Please visit the Social Studies Teacher intranet for additional information.
Special Education

Submitted by
Melissa Massie
Special Education Supervisor

IEP Training Available
Staff members from the TN Department of Education, in conjunction with staff members from the University of Tennessee, will be providing additional training on developing Instructionally Appropriate IEPs. This training is a two-day training and will be offered on June 25th and 26th. The sessions will run from 8:00-4:15 on the 25th and 8:00-2:15 on the 26th. This training is appropriate for all special education staff and will provide valuable information pertaining to Instructionally Appropriate IEPs. The sessions are open for registration on TeacherU. Please contact Michelle Flynn at 594-1490 if you have any questions.

33 High School Special Education teachers completed the two days of training and 40 hours of online training to complete the State Dept of Education's Employment Standards Waiver Training in order to certify them to teach Algebra I at the HS level.

If you are not a member, please join the Social Studies TEACHER intranet today!


Submitted by
Becky Ashe
Special Education Supervisor

The STEM Dept is proud to announce that we successfully completed our first qualifying voyage into space! Students were hosted after school at 6 sites around the county to learn about experiments in microgravity. They developed experiments of their own and submitted them in NASA-style proposals to a local group of STEM professionals for ranking. The top three proposals, submitted by teams at HVA (Facilitating teacher: Amber Hartman), L&N (facilitating teachers: David Hawkins and Nick Wilsey), and Bearden Middle (facilitating teacher Julie Pepperman). Those three proposals are in Washington DC where a team from the Smithsonian will pick the one that goes to the International Space Station in September. It will be run by astronauts onboard the ISS and return to us after 2 weeks. We'll be repeating the Space Program next September – February. Please email Becky Ashe if your school is interested in being a host site for students to participate!

STEM Dept is sponsoring a combination student summer camp and teacher workshop for teachers in grades K – 5, June 9 – 13, 2014, from 8:30 – 3:30 daily at the L&N STEM Academy. Click here to register. We will enter ERO credits on your behalf. This will be 5 days of interactive learning how to bring STEM skills and thinking into your regular K-5 classroom and still meet the expectations of Common Core. Teachers will work with rising 4th-5th graders in the morning facilitating STEM lessons in space science and work collaboratively in the afternoon creating modules to use in their own classrooms. Week will include a field trip to a local planetarium and on Friday we will spend the day at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. Teachers will learn from L&N teachers and last summer's participants who have been using these strategies in the classroom all year long. Space limited to 24 teachers. Please visit our website (http://stem-k-12.knoxschools.org) to download a flyer to send home with students for the camps. You can forward parents the link or print off the flyer to help us get the word out!

STEM Dept is sponsoring a combination student summer camp and teacher workshop for teachers in grades 6 - 8, June 16 - 20, 2014, from 8:30 – 3:30 daily at the L&N STEM Academy. Click here to register. This will be 5 days of interactive learning how to bring STEM skills and thinking into your 6 - 8th grade classroom (any subject area - STEM is a meta-discipline that cuts across all subjects) and still meet the expectations of Common Core. Teachers will work with rising 6th - 9th graders in the morning facilitating STEM lessons in space science and work collaboratively in the afternoon creating modules to use in their own classrooms. Week will include an evening field trip to a local planetarium and star gazing and on Friday we will spend the day at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL Teachers will learn from L&N teachers and others who have been implementing STEM-based strategies in classrooms across Knox County. Space limited to 24 teachers. Please visit our website (http://stem-k-12.knoxschools.org) to download a flyer to send home with students for the camps. You can forward parents the link or print off the flyer to help us get the word out!


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Millicent Smith

TDOE TEAM Training Dates

CORE Region Type of Training
Date Time Place
East Tennessee
Teacher Evaluator
June 10-11
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Administrator Evaluator June 12
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Teacher Evaluator July 7-8
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Administrator Evaluator July 9
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Teacher Evaluator July 23-24
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Administrator Evaluator July 25
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Teacher Evaluator August 13-14
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Administrator Evaluator August 15 8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Teacher Evaluator August 20-21
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN
East Tennessee Administrator Evaluator August 22
8:30-4:30 Knoxville, TN


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Keith Wilson
World Language Supervisor

Attitude Surveys
Please ensure the TAP attitude surveys are completed by all teachers and administrators by the last day of teacher contract.

Summer Institute - June 23 - 25, 2014
Make sure you have finalized or are in the process of finalizing plans for your team to attend the TAP Summer Institute in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Jane Toppins with any questions or concerns.

Master Hiring
Master teacher panels will continue as needed dependent upon the applicant pool and available positions. Principals will continue to receive updated lists as additional panels are held and candidates are approved for school level interview.

Submitted by
Alyson Lerma
World Language Supervisor

New curricular frameworks available now!
Our new curricular frameworks for levels I and II are now posted online! We are planning to sharedates soon of PD opportunities centered on this new and exciting endeavor!