ELL Department C & I Update #19

Posted by SHARON CATE on 5/13/2016 3:00:00 PM

Going Live with Ellevation

This summer the ELL Department will be training our staff for the Ellevation rollout.  This software program is specifically designed to assist ELL teachers in communicating stratigic learning goals with classroom teachers. The following teachers served as the data expert team for our Department:  Darlene Davenport, Stephanie Richter, Bill Meidl, Susan Dalton, Elizabeth Choi, Jackie Cohn, and Kira Brewer.


Access 2.0:  We did it!

A huge thank you goes out to every ELL teacher, test coordinator, and prinicpal for your work in completing ACCESS 2.0 testing. I also want to thank Laurie Driver and Lisa Rinehart for their hard work.  


ELL PD Specialist for the Summer

Carrie Arrana will be serving our ELL Department as the PD Specialist this summer.  She will be leading several trainings and be posting on Canvas. Thank you Carrie Arana.


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