Magnet C&I Update #19

Posted by CASEY ROBISON on 5/13/2016 3:00:00 PM

A big congratuations goes out to Tressie Norton (Magnet Facilitator, L&N STEM Academy), Sandy Morris (Magnet Facilitator, Green Magnet Acadmy), Luke Bell (English Teacher, L&N STEM Academy), Shannon Siebe (International Baccalaureate Facilitator for Bearden Middle and West High School), Bevin Gresham (Magnet Facilitator, FulCom Communications), and Casey Robison (Innovation Specialist) who presented at the Magnet Schools of America Conference in Miami, Florida, May 3 - 6.  Schools from across the Nation applied to present.  Of the 84 sessions offered, Knox County Schools were chosen for five, meaning that our county made up approximately six percent of the conference.  

The Summer transfer window to apply for a KCS Magnet School is now open and runs through July 1.  If you know of families interested in attending a school of choice, they can contact for more information.  The transfer application can be found at


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