Library Media Services C&I Update #19

Posted by SARAH SEARLES on 5/13/2016 3:00:00 PM

Library Media Services is proud to unveil its new departmental vision:

Knox County School Librarians are the friendly faces of knowledge acquisition.  Our libraries are growing, multiservice, dynamic school centers that welcome, motivate, and inspire everyone in our community of users.  We invest our time and skills in nurturing, promoting, and advocating for a learning environment that maximizes services and equitable access to resources. Our library programs are essential to a school-wide culture of innovation, achievement, and collaboration.  Knox County School Librarians are forward-thinking leaders who model inquiry, information literacy, technologies, and trends in reading and instruction.  Our professional charge is to inform and empower by fostering a safe environment where users can read, explore, question, solve, and create, leading to Excellence for Every Child.

Our new vision was written by the twelve members of the KCSLMS Vision Team, a group of librarian teacher-leaders established a year ago to contribute to transformational leadership work for our department.  Input was solicited through conversations about our collective identity, values, and beliefs with the whole department of librarians, and synthesized by the Vision Team.  Six new librarians will be appointed to rotate in to two-year terms on the Vision Team starting this summer.

 We're excited to reflect our commitment to a school-wide culture of collaboration by sponsoring these cross-curricular professional development opportunities this summer:

K-2 Social Studies Collaboration

May 23, 2016


3-5 Social Studies Collaboration

May 24, 2016


KCSLMS Vendor Day

June 21, 2016


Adaptive Behaviors and Collaboration Workshop

July 12, 2016


Question Formulation Technique and Primary Sources

July 25, 2016



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