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2023 Coupon Book Campaign Will Feature Mobile App

Eight High Schools Unveil Academy Options2023 Coupon Book Campaign Will Include Mobile App


The annual Coupon Book campaign is Knox County Schools’ biggest fundraiser, and this year’s campaign will feature some important changes when it launches on September 14, 2023.

This fall, KCS will launch a new mobile app, which will be offered as a supplement to the traditional coupon books. That means customers who buy a printed book will also have access to many of the same coupons on their phone or mobile device.

The cost of the Coupon Book has remained the same since 1989. Given the rising costs to print the book and the new benefits provided by the mobile app, the book will be priced at $20 beginning in the 2023-24 school year. We expect that this change will provide a significant increase in funding to district schools.

Schools will keep 75% of the profit ($15 per book). The remaining dollars will go toward KCS district initiatives, including:

  • Equity disbursements for low-capacity schools;
  • Funding to improve high-school sales; and
  • Funding for printing and incentives, which currently comes from the general fund balance.


“By offering a more convenient digital option – and a ‘two-for-one’ benefit – we believe that this year’s campaign will generate an enthusiastic response among families and school communities,” said superintendent Dr. Jon Rysewyk. “The Coupon Book fundraiser is an important resource for schools across our district, and we look forward to a positive impact from these changes.”

Vendors who are interested in participating in the 2023-24 Coupon Book campaign can sign up at