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District Scores Highlight Opportunities To Improve

District Scores Highlight Opportunities For ImprovementDistrict Scores Highlight Opportunities For Improvement

The State of Tennessee has released designations related to school achievement, and the results highlight several opportunities for growth.

Nine schools from KCS were honored with the “Reward” designation, which recognizes schools that are making gains in terms of achievement and growth for all students and student groups.

However, 29 schools received designations that reflect a need for additional support:

  • 4 schools were named Priority Schools, indicating a need for Comprehensive Support and Improvement;
  • 11 schools were named Focus Schools, with a need for Additional Targeted Support and Improvement; and
  • 14 schools were named Focus Schools, with a need for Targeted Support and Improvement.

The district’s overall accountability score was “In Need of Improvement”, reflecting a ranking in the bottom 5% of scores statewide. Academic growth and chronic absenteeism were two areas that significantly impacted the district’s overall score.

“This is a moment of reflection and opportunity,” said Superintendent Dr. Jon Rysewyk. “To put it simply: Our growth scores were not what we want, or expect, them to be.

While we did make gains in achievement, those gains were not enough to overcome the significant learning loss that occurred because of COVID-19. Our educators deserve tremendous credit for the increases in achievement over the last few challenging years and Knox County Schools will continue to support our teachers, staff, and principals at every turn.

We have an opportunity to redouble our efforts to serve every child in Knox County and ensure they receive the highest quality education. I ask educators, parents, and community members to join us in this mission.”