Basic Navigation of the Course Dashboard

  • What is the Course Dashboard?

    The Course Dashboard contains both the Global Navigation and Help Corner areas, which are the same as in the User Dashboard. The Course Navigation, Display, and Action areas are specific to the course and its content.
    Course Dashboard  
      1 : Global Navigation
      2 : Help Corner
      3 : Course Navigation
      4 : Course Display Area         with Breadcrumbs
      5 : Course Sidebar
    The Global Navigation appears at the top of every page in Canvas. The Global Navigation menu provides you with quick access to all of your courses and groups (once you are assigned to a group), a summary page for all course grades, and the Canvas Calendar. The blue Commons icon will only be in your Global Navigation after you have been assigned editing privileges to at least one course. (a teacher or designer role)
    The Help Corner provides easy access to your personal user links and appears at the top of every page in Canvas. You can view your Conversations Inbox, view your user settingslog out of Canvas, and get help with Canvas.
    Course Navigation will vary from course to course. Because the instructor controls to what you'll have access. However there are a few standards for which you should have links. For example, the Home link will always take you to the start screen of the course. Also the Modules link will display a list of all the sections or pages of the course.
    The Course Display area is where your'll read and interact with the course content as designed by the instructor. Thus this area occupies the largest area of the screen. At the top of this area, you'll find the course Breadcrumbs. As you view course content, the breadcrumbs leave a trail to show where your are inside the course. You can follow these links backward to visit prior course content.
    To return to the User Dashboard, just click the breadcrumbs Home icon. 
    The Course Sidebar (Actions) area will change throughout the course. It helps you see what you need to do next in your course.
    Course Sidebar

    The To Do list [1] shows assignments you need to turn in. Items remain in this section for two weeks.

    • Each section item displays an icon to differentiate between assignments and peer review assignments. Items with green icons indicate the item has been turned in.
    • If a section contains more items than are listed, a link will appear at the bottom of the section showing the number of additional items. Click the link to view all items.
    • If there are more than 25 items in the To Do section, you must remove items before you can view any new items. To remove a To Do item, click the remove icon [2] next to the item.

    The Recent Feedback list [3] shows assignments with feedback from your instructor.

    If your Course Dashboard displays a page other than the Course Activity Stream, you can view the course activity stream by clicking the sidebar View Course Stream link [4].

    Viewing Other Sidebar Items


    Depending on your Course Home Page, you may see additional sidebar sections:
    • Course Groups: shows links to any of your group memberships within the course
    • Coming Up: shows assignments and events coming up in the next seven days
    • Upcoming Assignments: shows assignments coming up in the next seven days with a link to view current grades
    • Calendar: shows mini course calendar with syllabus assignments and events
    The actions available will depend on the content on the page. For example if the page content is about submitting an assignment, then the Course Actions area will have a Submit Assignment link in it.

    Using the Previous and Next Buttons

    Previous and Next Buttons
    When you are working through the course modules, you can navigate them using the Previous and Next buttons at the end (bottom) of the page. Hover over Previous and Next to view the content in the course.

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