How to Take a Quiz or Survey

  • Canvas has four different types of quizzes that the instructor of your PD course may have used. They are as follows.
    Quiz Icon  
    • A graded quiz is the most common quiz and appears in the syllabus and the Gradebook of the course.
    • A practice quiz is ungraded and can be used as a learning tool to help you see how well you understand the course material. Practice quizzes do not appear in the syllabus or Gradebook.
    • A graded survey is a survey that your instructor wants to grade. (Generally points are given for completing the survey, not based upon how you answered the survey.) Graded surveys also appear in the syllabus and the Gradebook.
    • An ungraded survey is a survey to collect information only, and you do not receive a grade for  your responses. Ungraded surveys do not appear in the syllabus or Gradebook.
     The important thing to know and remember to do is that after you answer the questions in a quiz or survey, you must click the 'Submit' button at the end.
    For more information about taking quizzes and surveys, Click Here.

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