How to Use the Canvas Inbox Feature

  • The Canvas Inbox tool, (link in top left corner of screen) is how you gain access to Conversations. Conversations is the messaging tool used instead of email to communicate within a course. This tool is designed to allow email like communication between the instructor and students in the course, even if the students do not have email accounts.
    Inbox Icon Why is it important for you to know about this tool? After all, as a KCS employee you have an Email account you can use to communicate with the course instructor. The answer is, the Inbox tool provides you a quick and convenient way to communicate with your instructor through the KCS email system. When you send a Inbox/Conversations message to the instructor, they will also receive an email in the KCS email system. That way the instructor is notified in both Canvas and Office 365 Outlook, that you have sent a message. The instructor might respond in either software. If it is from Office 365 Outlook, then you'll receive their response in your Office 365 Outlook. If they respond in Canvas, you'll find their response in your course Inbox. Plus you will also receive an email in your Office 365 Outlook saying that you have a message from the instructor in the Canvas Inbox.
    If you need help composing a conversation with the Inbox tool, Click Here

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