Finding and Reading the Online Agreement and Course Expectations

  • All Knox County Schools online Professional Development courses are required to have a beginning section that lists the course expectations and other important information.
    Online Agreement Module
    Course Expectations Page
    The Course Expectations page actually contains three expectations.
    1. Course Expectations
    2. Time Expectations
    3. Technology Expectations
    A Digital Citizenship Reminder
    The Digital Citizenship Reminder page discusses maintaining professional conduct online, communication with the instructor, and communication with others online.
    Instructor Introduction
    The Instructor Introduction page is just that, an introduction to the instructor. This page should also include how and when is the best time to contact the instructor for individual help.
    Online Agreement
    This page contains a short "Quiz" of six questions or statements you must agree to in order to continue the online Professional Development course.
    Using Canvas
    The Using Canvas page is a page that goes over the basics of getting started with Canvas. The page also provides links to tutorials and information about supported web browsers and mobile apps.

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