How to Use the Self Enroll URL

  • The vast major of instructors of Canvas courses will allow self-enrollment into their course. This method is not only easier on the instructor, but also on the student wishing to enroll. A student can have immediate access to the course content instead of waiting for hours or even days for the instructor to manually enroll each student. One exception to this would be a course that was created for a particular group. In this case, the instructor might send you the URL after they had verified that you qualified. Or, they might manually enroll you into their course.
    Self-enroll URL


    Instructions for Certified KCS employees 

    If you are working in a certified position, you'll find available online PD courses listed in RANDA PD. As the example in the image to the right shows, the instructor of the course will most likely list the self-enroll URL. All you'll need to do is copy the enter URL and then paste it into the URL line of your browser. 
    Classified Website

    Instructions for Classified KCS Employees

    If you are working in classified position, You'll must likely learn of online PD courses by visiting the Professional Development website's link for classified employees. In the middle of the page, you'll see a link to the complete list of Professional Development Activities for Classified employees. Please note that you will need to log into that listing page by first entering your Active Directory username and password when asked to do so.

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