Excellence for Every Child

Strategic Plan Overview

  • In 2009, the Knox County Board of Education unanimously approved the Knox County Schools five-year strategic plan, which provides a detailed blueprint of ongoing instructional work. It also serves as a practical document that gives faculty and staff guidance in the myriad of important decisions they make every day to provide an effective education for all children. 

    As that initial five-year strategic plan came to an end, the Knox County Board of Education engaged the community to develop the next five-year draft strategic plan put forth by Knox County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre. Literally thousands of parents, teachers, students, principals, employees, School Board members, business leaders, community members and other stakeholders provided ideas, perspectives and input to help shape the strategic plan.

    “This strategic plan is the culmination of nearly a year of intensive public engagement and discussion,” McIntyre said. “This dialogue has been enormously productive, and has led to a five-year organizational blueprint which truly reflects the educational interests, priorities and aspirations of our community.”

    Goals for the next five-year strategic plan include:

    Goal 1
    Our passion for student learning is our primary focus and drives all of our work. When making our daily decisions – those big and small – we consistently ask ourselves, “What is best for students?” We do this for the simple reason that we want every student to be academically successful, college and career ready, economically competitive, and personally fulfilled in an increasingly complex world. To accomplish this, we must focus on every student. We promise to do everything we can to ensure that all students receive rigorous, relevant, engaging, diverse, and personalized learning experiences that propel them to reach their highest potential and become life-long learners.

    Goal 2 Our students can only achieve at their highest levels when our people also excel in their work. We are fortunate to have people within our organization who work tirelessly to do what is best for our students and we want to continuously support them by providing high quality and ample professional growth opportunities that allow them to strengthen their skills and to also learn new ones. We commit to supporting and encouraging our staff every step of the way and, as our hard work pays off and student outcomes increase, we will celebrate and recognize these accomplishments.

    Goal 3 We believe that our district is better positioned and more capable of achieving our ambitious goals when we leverage the talents, resources, and support of our broader community and all the stakeholders within it. We want our stakeholders - parents, students, staff, and community members - to feel invited, welcomed, and engaged in our district’s work. To achieve these ends, we will need to act in three specific ways. First, we must build trusting relationships with all stakeholders by always speaking honestly and interacting respectfully. Second, we will need to be transparent with our thinking so our stakeholders can regularly know the “why,” the “what,” the “how,” behind our work, and feel invited to join our efforts. And third, we will need to thoughtfully design, develop, and implement the conditions and structures that maximize meaningful and sustainable stakeholder engagement. Our students depend on us to be knowledgeable participants who work together in a coordinated manner so they can reach their highest potential.

    Culture of Excellence
    We believe that our strategy, as defined by our three goal areas (Focus on Every Student, Invest in Our People, and Partner with Our Stakeholders), will help us create a Culture of Excellence that will ultimately lead to us meeting our ambitious vision of Excellence for Every Child.