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    Federal Guidelines

    FEDERAL DEFINITIONS OF LEP & OF IMMIGRANTS: Click  here to access the document outlining the definitions of LEP & Immigrant students. 
  • DISTRICT PLAN FOR HIRING ESL/ELL TEACHERS: Federal guidelines state that districts must have a plan for assessing and documenting all ELL teachers' proficiency in English. Districts must document English proficiency in all four domains of communication including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    As required by the Tennessee Department of Education (English as a Second Language Manual, March 2018, p.66) applicants for ESL must be certified, hold an ESL endorsement, and be fluent in all four domains of the English Lanuage.

    To demonstrate fluency in all four domains of the English Language, The KCS ESL Teacher Hiring Plan requires that all potential ESL teachers’ listening and speaking skills be evaluated during the interview process. Reading will be documented through the successful completion of the ESL Praxis Test and university course work from an English-speaking university. The required writing sample includes responses to a questionnaire about ESL instruction, assessments, and use of data.

    The ELL Applicant Questionnaire will be mantained on file in the Title III director's office.