Practice for Spring Test
    An interactive site for Students, Teachers, ParentsPractice test items are interactive and are created by Pearson, the company that produces our TCAPs and EOCs:

    Samples released from Spring 2010 TCAP

    These Item Samplers contain questions that are representative of the types of questions from the Spring TCAP Achievement Test.  Each test item in the Item Sampler is presented with the Reporting Category and Performance Indicator.  In a classroom learning session, these questions can be used to prepare students for the actual test. An answer key for the sample questions is provided at the end of each Item Sampler.
    NAEP Samples:
    National Assessment of Educational Progress
    After each assessment, NAEP releases dozens of sample questions to the public—more than 2,000 questions are currently available. The tools featured here can be used to supplement classroom instruction, provide additional insight into the content of the assessment, and show what students nationally or in your state or district know and can do. Explore the tools or print a quick reference guide to find out more about NAEP. 

    The NAEP website features a number of applications designed to give users quick and easy access to questions from previous assessments, performance comparisons, and NAEP assessment data for quick or complex analyses. 

    Take a multi-question test:
    Click the images above to go to the NAEP site. Select from Civics, Economics, Long-Term trend, Mathematics, Music, Reading, Science, U. S. History, and Visual Arts to take a sample multi-question test and receive a score.

    Grade levels: 4  8  or 12

    NAEP Question Tool
    Want to practice taking questions released from former NAEP tests? The NAEP Question Tool lets you select
    • Subject
    • Grade levelType (multiple choice, short constructed response, extended constructed response)
    • Difficulty (easy, medium, hard)Content Area (related to subject)
    • Complexity (low, moderate, high)
    • Ability
    • Year of original NAEP test

    Answer the question, see the result and then examine the comparisons of students nationwide on the same test item or subject area.
    SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2007 Reading Assessment.