Ticket Pricing Information

  • Listed below are the maximum charges allowed for each sporting event.

    Middle School Sports:                                                                                                                                                                                 Gate price $5.00, student pricing optional 


    Gate price $8.00, student pricing optional


    Gate Price $6.00, student pricing optional


    Gate Price: single games: $5.00, student pricing optional

    Doubleheaders $6.00, student pricing optional


    Gate Price $2.00, student pricing $1.00



    Gate Price: $5.00, student pricing optional

    Other Sports:

    Gate Price: $5.00, student pricing optional

    Invitational or K.I.L (Knoxville Interscholastic League) wrestling tournaments or track meets may charge $5.00 per person or $7.00 per day.

    Season tickets are optional, but must be counted in gross gate receipts when games are played on percentage contracts.

    The Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association (TSSAA) regulates tournament and playoff prices and passes.

    Knox County Schools Employees:
    Admission is free to regular season sporting events with the presentation of proper employee identification. TSSAA district, regional, and state events require payment of admission and are not covered by the employee status. Free admission is for the employee only, and does not apply to other family members. KCS employee badges are proper identification.
    2015 prices based on KCS Board Approval