Procedure for Locally Funded Project

  • The following procedure is established to concur with Board of Education policy FC and FCA, where a proposed project will be financed by sources outside the school system.


    Board of Education approval will normally be accomplished in a two-step process.


    1. Request board approval of the project concept. This assures the requestor that the board agrees with the project and provides a level of confidence in pursuing funding for the project.


      1. Obtain a copy of thesubmittal form(FA-100) either from the web site or by contacting the Facilities Department.


      1. Fill out the form and submit to the Facilities Department with a copy of thepreliminarydesign of the proposed project.


      1. The Facilities Department will review the design and once satisfied that there are no inherent concerns, will submit it to the Superintendent with a recommendation that it be added to the next BOE agenda.


    1. Request final approval once full financing has been obtained. 


      1. Final approval of a proposed project will be granted only after confirmation that full financing is in place.


      1. Once the School Board has approved the project, a construction permit must be obtained.


    Note: Final approval of a project may be requested if full financing is available when the original request is made to the BOE.




    The following steps shall be taken prior to any work being done on the project. The principal of the requesting school shall designate one school level employee to be the contact person for the project. That person shall be responsible for ensuring that the following steps are taken.


    1. The preliminary drawings used for board approval are generally inadequate for permitting and construction of the project.  Stamped/signed plans must be obtained from a licensed architect and/or engineer. 


    1. A copy of the plans shall be taken to the Metropolitan Planning Commission located on the fourth floor at theCityCountyBuildingto obtain a correct address form. Several questions must be answered and the project address verified.
    2. Two sets of plans shall be submitted to the Knox County Codes Plan Review Department for review and approval. This process normally takes about two weeks. Note: Please contact the Facilities Department for assistance when the submittals are ready to be made (594-1558)


    1. Both the Knox County Plans Review Department and the Knox County Fire Marshal’s office will conduct reviews of the documents. Comments and required modifications will be noted on the plans and must be addressed by the professional of record. 


    1. Once all comments and questions have been satisfactorily addressed, the Plans Review Department will issue a building permit for the project. Generally, they will notify the Facilities Department that the permit is ready.


    1. Additionally, two (2) sets of plans shall also be submitted toDoug Dillingham(Supervisor ofNew Facilities and Construction Department) along with a completed copy of the Board of Education Approval form and evidence that the funding is in place for the construction of the project.


    1. While theKnoxCountyreview process is taking place, final approval will be requested as an agenda item on the next scheduled BOE meeting.


    1. Once final approval has been granted by all parties, the permit must be picked up at Knox County Plans Review Department bya contractor licensed by the State ofTennessee(when the total project cost exceeds $25,000.00). The contractor shall be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of construction of the project.


    1. The school level representative shall be responsible for coordination of the project with the contractor and shall make certain that all required inspections occur.


    1. Additionally, a Facilities Department representative will be assigned to assist and answer questions as needed.


    1. The school level representative shall be responsible for all documentation and inspection reports that must be turned over to the Knox County Schools Maintenance & Operations (KCSMO) Department. After eachinspection,fax the inspection report to the attention of Chris Towe at 594-1352.


    1. The approved set of plans must be on the job site at all times.


    1. During the final inspection, representatives of the Facilities Department and the KCSMO Department shall be present with the school level representative. Once the project has passed final inspection and a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the Knox County Codes Department, all documentation shall be submitted to the Facilities Department for final review.


    1. Once the Facilities Department is satisfied that all work has been completed in accordance with the contract documents submitted, all documentation will be turned over to the KCSMO Department for archiving.