Curriculum Content Areas

  • Our content area supervisors and specialists collaborate with teachers and instructional coaches to design curriculum, resources, assessments, and professional learning opportunities that support engaging, rigorous, and relevant instruction.  We know that our collective wisdom outweighs any single person working in isolation.  We invite and encourage you to engage in this work by sharing your knowledge and expertise with colleagues.  Please contact the appropriate supervisor or specialist to learn about all the opportunities available.

Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

  • jacksonshannon  

    Shannon Jackson

    Executive Director of
    Curriculum, Instruction
    Andrew Johnson Building
    14th Floor
    (865) 594-1114
  • pdMI

C&I Support Staff

  • sikeskimberly 

    Kimberly Sikes

    Administrative Assistant to Shannon Jackson, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    Andrew Johnson Building
    14th Floor

Teaching & Learning Framework

  • Teaching and Learning Framework

English/Language Arts

  • cimore


  • humanitiesMI

Library Services

  • libraryMI

Educational Technology

  • EducationaltechMI

English Language Learners & World Languages

  • ellMI


  • mathmi


  • readingMI


  • scienceMI

Social Studies

  • socialstudiesMI