About the Common Core State Standards

  • The goal of the Common Core State Standards is to provide students with a deeper understanding of academic content and greater skills in connecting and applying knowledge so that they are better prepared for college and career.   In today’s complex and competitive world, it is important to raise academic standards and expectations for Tennessee children, and that is precisely what the Common Core does.
    The Common Core State Standards will prepare Tennessee students with essential knowledge and skills to compete in an increasingly global environment. These standards emphasize thinking, problem-solving and creativity through next generation assessments that go beyond multiple-choice tests to increase college and career-readiness among Tennessee students.
    The transition to new standards gives us the opportunity to revisit instruction to support all students. Effective teaching requires continuous improvement and the Tennessee Department of Education is committed to providing educators with resources and information throughout this transition to support reflection and spark meaningful conversation.

Why are the Common Core State Standards important for Tennessee?

  • More than 200 organizations have joined the Expect More, Achieve More coalition, a statewide alliance of business, community, and education organizations in Tennessee that supports high academic standards in public education. The Coalition believes that when we expect more, students achieve more.

    Tennessee is currently raising academic standards through an effort called the Common Core State Standards, a set of expectations for students that will better prepare them for education after high school and in the workforce.

    To join the coalition, or to receive updates about Tennessee’s work to better prepare students for the future, visit the Expect More, Achieve More website.

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    This three-minute video explains how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what is needed for graduation and beyond.