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    The Elevate Program is a recovery program for high school students. The program is designed to support students struggling with substance misuse in a supported learning environment that provides recovery, relationships, and rigor. Students will be provided the necessary wraparound services for a sober life, care and support, and a challenging academic plan. 

    The Elevate Program is a community partnership between the McNabb Center and Knox County Schools, as well as other community organizations to provide a unique program where students on a flexed schedule:

    • Receive their intensive outpatient services and academic programming
    • Learn and work on their sobriety in a stigma-free safe environment



    Elevate Curriculum

    Elevate will utilize evidence-based treatment models to provide addiction and co-occurring interventions.  It will include the Forward Thinking Series to bring consistency to service delivery while keeping students engaged and focused on their personal goals.  This series correlates intervention with the most commonly used risk and needs assessments and cognitive-behavior principles to make positive changes.

    The Elevate Program serves:

    • Students who have a history with drug or alcohol use/abuse
    • Students who are interested in attending a program with a learning environment committed to sobriety and positive behavior
    • Students willing to engage in individual counseling, therapeutic activities, and patriciate in their education through virtual learning
    • Students willing to participate in afterschool activities that promote positive behaviors in social settings with a sober mindset


    Location & Schedule Information

    Our schedule will run 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday at the John Tarlteton Campus of the McNabb Center located at 2455 Sutherland Avenue.

    Daily Schedule

    9:30-10:00 Morning Meeting
    10:00-11:30 Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) (Friday-Academics)
    11:30-12:00 Lunch
    12:00-1:30 Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) (Friday-Academics)
    1:30-4:30 Academics
    KAT passes will be provided courtesy of the City of Knoxville.


    What people are saying...

    “The Boyd Foundation remains committed to making a difference in youth education in Tennessee, and programs like Elevate will be instrumental in permanently breaking the cycle of addiction in some of our youngest victims,” said Randy Boyd, co-founder of the Boyd Foundation. “Together with our community partners, Elevate will enable us to bring our collective expertise and experiences to the table to transform lives.” 

    Randy BoydCo-Founder
    Boyd Foundation


    “Without the proper support a student struggling with addiction will have a hard time graduating from high school and may struggle with what comes next – whether that’s college or trade school or something else. Helping students overcome addiction and reach their potential should be a community priority. Every student’s success is critical to strengthening the workforce upon which business and industry recruitment rely.”

    Glenn Jacobs, Mayor
    Knox County


    “Addiction is a disease, not a chronic failure or the result of bad decision making. Our teens struggling with addiction deserve a chance at rehabilitation. The Elevate High School Program is an important step in recovery. We must all work to help break down the stigma surrounding addiction. Our students need and deserve the extra resources that the Elevate High School Program will provide to help them overcome the challenges they face throughout recovery.”

    Indya Kincannon, Mayor


    “I am strongly in favor of the creation of the Elevate Program.  It will make a large difference in the lives of our children who are seeking recovery.”

    Judge Tim Irwin


    “Research shows 80% to 90% of students who return to class following substance abuse treatment face relapse. This collaboration will provide students the opportunity to be successful at school, while continuing their recovery journey. We are excited to partner on this much needed project.”

    “Children should not have to choose between maintaining sobriety and school.  They deserve to have both.”  

    Mona Blanton-Kitts, President
    McNabb Center

  • Elevate Program Goals

    Reducing the stigma surrounding students with substance misuse issue

    • Educate all stakeholders in the 3 types of stigma: self-stigma, targeted social stigma, and structural stigma
    • Ensure all stakeholders are thoughtful about implicit bias with group accountability for students, staff, and their parents for use of stigmatic language. 
    • Educate parents and children that their child’s issue is not unique and not an issue of lack of morals/will power. Demystification is a priority.
    • Educate stakeholders regarding the stigma of reoccurrence. Recovery is an ongoing process.


    Supporting sustained sobriety, through a healthy campus environment and coordination of care with referring offsite organizations and wrap-around services

    • Identify hurdles to recovery and creating alternative experiences designed to combat those.
    • Recruit off-site organizations for support and to create alternative sobriety experiences.
    • Implement a Recovery-in-Residence program designed to mentor students.


    Providing quality education, addressing the varied learning styles of each student, and improving all students’ academic skills so they can maximize their post-high school options

    • Utilize personalized learning and ensure teachers are trained in a variety of programming to meet student needs. 
    • Utilize credit recovery programs and employ counseling support to ensure graduation requirements are met.
    • Implement project-based learning to allow for community service opportunities.
    • Create Student Learner Profiles to identify the needs, wants, and the path to achieving their goals with benchmarks and timelines.