• Breakfast & Lunch for Virtual Learners/Open Sites

    Sign-up Information:

    We need your help in our mission to make delicious and nutritious meals accessible to all virtual students in our district while reducing food waste. This meal service is also available to non-KCS children aged 18 and under. Please use the form below to sign up each KCS virtual learner OR non-KCS child aged 18 and under for meal pick-up. The information will let us know how many meals to prepare. If your KCS student is learning in-person, this meal signup form should NOT be used, as they have access to meals during the school day.

    • Sign up is helpful, but not required if you miss a deadline.
    • The meal request form only needs to be completed one time, but a form should be completed for each virtual learner/non-KCS child aged 18 and under.
    • When completing the form, register your student at your preferred pick-up location from the list below.
    • The form will be open each week from Monday at 10:00 AM through Tuesday at 12:00 PM, and again on Wednesday at 10:00 AM through Friday at 12:00 PM.
    • Pickup will be available at select school locations on Mondays and Wednesdays per the below schedule. The select school locations are listed in the form below. Please note that holidays may impact the pickup days.
    • For district-wide closures due to inclement weather, there will be no meal pick-up. In the event of inclement weather, meal pick-up will resume on the normal Monday/Wednesday schedule when schools reopen.


    Pickup Each Week

    Pickup Time

    Included Meals in Each Package



    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    2 Breakfasts & 2 Lunches



    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    3 Breakfasts & 3 Lunches



    Children do not have to be present to pick up meals

    The pick-up person will need to provide the name of the child they are picking up for.

    Have Questions?

    Email us at virtualmeals@knoxschools.org.

    We are still accepting Free & Reduced Meal applications to extend benefits into the beginning of next school year. This will also qualify students for additional district programs. To apply please visit www.lunchapplication.com

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.