Overview - Excellence for all children

  • The strategic plan is the culmination of a year-long effort to identify and assess the strengths and the needs of the Knox County Schools. The plan builds on the vision for the future, Building on Strength: Excellence for All Children, that I presented to the Board of Education and the community in December 2008.

    Just as we did with the development of the vision, we have had broad stakeholder participation and comment as we have developed this strategic plan. We have collected insights at multiple community forums and meetings with school leaders. The Knox County Council PTA, the Knox County Education Association, the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and our school principals were also represented on the strategic plan advisory group.

    This strategic plan provides a blueprint for our actions, and defines our success for the next five years. There are areas in this strategic plan that are very specific in nature, elements that are more general, and some components that will require additional research and analysis. We have clearly established goals and initiatives that will be regularly measured using a variety of methods and metrics.

    This strategic plan provides for the productive development of our instructional practices, processes, and systems, as well as an educational culture that will enable us to realize higher levels of academic success for all students, and achieve our vision of Excellence for All Children.

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    James P. McIntyre, Jr.