• Student Supports

    In an effort to support all students during this time, we have compiled resources to help support you and your child who has an IEP or 504. These resources are meant to provide supports in conjunction with the on-line KCS resources.

    We are committed to providing our families with the necessary supports in order for all students to access the resources being provided during this unprecedented time. We are here to assist any way we can. Please know that we are eager to return to the traditional school setting just as soon as it is deemed appropriate. At that time, we will be assessing the impact the extended closure may or may not have had on your child. The appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that students receive adequate help and support needed to continue to make progress.

    In the meantime, please use this opportunity to connect with your child by making learning fun and exciting for your whole family. The resources that are being provided are meant as a review and practice for children, but they should not cause additional stress.

  • Children with IEP's or 504's

  • Student Support Resource Guides

  • Intellectually Gifted Supports

  • Additional Programming

  • Additional Resources