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    The study of music contributes to the quality of every student's life. Through singing, composing, and playing instruments, students can express themselves creatively, while knowledge of notation and performance traditions enables them to learn new music independently. Because music is an integral part of human history, the ability to listen with understanding is essential if students are to gain a broad cultural and historical perspective.

    Every KCS course in music, including our performance courses, provides instruction in creating, performing, listening to and analyzing music, with a focus on music appreciation.
  • Music Department Staff

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Lisa Hickson Administrative Assistant, Humanities Department lisa.hickson@knoxschools.org
Sarah Cummings K-12 Vocal Specialist sarah.cummings@knoxschools.org
Alison Werner Secondary Vocal Specialist alison.werner@knoxschools.org
Tiffany Kimbro Middle School Instrumental Specialist tiffany.kimbro@knoxschools.org
Megan Christian High School Instrumental Specialist megan.christian@knoxschools.org